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Episode 4 The Blind Auditions The Voice Season 16 Recap

Episode 4 The Blind Auditions The Voice Season 16 Recap

Episode 4 The Blind Auditions The Voice Season 16 Recap

Here is a blog post covering March 5, 2019, Episode 4 The Blind Auditions The Voice Season 16 Recap.

Rather than focus on the celebrity coaches our main aim is to talk about the contestants and their songs.

Tuesday, March 5 songs, contestant names matched to lists
Don’t Close Your Eyes (Keith Whitley), Dalton Dover
Higher Love (Steve Winwood)
Hunger (Florence + the Machine) Betsy Ade
Sober (Demi Lovato) Kendra Checketts
The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia (Reba McEntire) Rebecca Howell
Waves (Mr. Probz) LB Crew

Contestant Name, age and other details about their performance.

Betsy Ade 40 years of age – single mom, and moving back into singing with her band. Hunger was her song choice. Legend turned followed by Adam. A comparison to Annie Lennox and Florence influence. Kelly suggested Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Compares To U. She chose…Legend in a flat second .

Betsy Ade's Charismatic "Hunger" Cover Cuts Through the Noise – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Dalton Dover from Georgia, who works in a factory and we meet the family. His brother in law and other family introduced him to music, with a guitar in hand he sang Don’t Close Your Eyes (Keith Whitley), a slow ballad, which eventually attracted Blake. Team Blake by default.

Dalton Dover Impresses the Coaches with "Don't Close Your Eyes" – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Rebecca Howell 18 years of age, small town, Georgia. She sang two bars, and Kelly turned. Legend hit his button, with a good solid vocal note-perfect throughout. She chose … Kelly @ImRebeccaHowell

Rebecca Howell Lights Up "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Kendra Checketts 19 years of age, from San Diego California, music started in fourth grade for her, family trauma brain surgery for her father was revealed and she tried to stay happy throughout the ordeal. She performed Sober with a lot of emotion, good breathing, and they all went to sleep. Kelly wants to hear her ache. Team Blake.

Kendra Checketts Lands an Unexpected Coach with "Sober" – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

JT Rodriguez, 28 from Chatanooga TN., he is a fitness coach and a singing niche. His mom has always been a musician and moved to Nashville TN in chasing a music career. Auditioning with a slower rendition of  Higher Love (Steve Winwood).  His tone was a bit off and sent the panel to claim he sounded to be between 70 – 90 years of age. No turns for him. He received a comeback call.

JT Rodriguez Rises Up with "Higher Love" – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

LB Crew 29, from Little Rock Arkansas – with Waves – Both Kelly and Blake went fast into his vocal, with a stronger and moving performance, then Legend and Levine move into the party for four chairs. Watch it below. Some serious pitching took place, range, depth, and tone all the boxes… Toads Suck is a place and Blake knows of it. He chose…Adam Levine. His reason was based on Adam’s fair criticism.

LB Crew Creates Magic with "Waves" – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Implied that they’d be on Social Media: Selkii Not shown tonight.

(47/48 so far – excluding comebacks)
Team Adam (9/12)
Andrew Jannakos
Anthony Ortiz
Domenic Haynes
Jimmy Mowery
Kalvin Jarvis
Karly Moreno
Patrick McAloon
Trey Rose

Team Legend (10/12)
Jacob Maxwell
Julian King
Kayslin Victoria
Lisa Ramey
Maelyn Jarmon
Matthew Johnson
Oliv Blu
Savannah Brister
Talon Cardon

Betsy Ade Episode 4


Team Kelly (9/12)
Abby Kasch
Alena D’Amico
David Owens
Jackson Marlow
Jej Vinson
Karen Galera
Rizzi Myers
Rebecca Howell ep 4
The Bundys

Team Blake (11/12)
Carter Horne
Cecily Hennigan
Dalton Dover Ep 4
Dexter Roberts
Gyth Rigdon
Hannah Kay
Kim Cherry
Lili Joy
Rod Stokes

Kendra Checketts ep4

Dalton Dover Ep 4

Team Bebe (Comebacks)
Nathan & Chesi Arnett
Kanard Thomas
Klea Olson

JT Rodriguez

Kanard vs JT video The Comeback Stage… watch

The Comeback Stage: Kanard vs. J.T. – The Voice 2019 (Digital Exclusive)


Unplaced, Pretty much confirmed to have turned chairs (6)
Beth Griffith-Manley (At least Kelly and John turned)

JD Aguilera (was at hotels during battles)

Presley Tennant (Billie Eilish photos, same as Cecily and LiLi)

5 spots left.
For those last 5 spots
Andrew Sevener
Celia Babini
Denton Arnell

Maddi Fraser
Mikaela Astel
Shawn Sounds

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