Elon Musk – Interview Next Big Technology video

Elon Musk – Interview Next Big Technology video


This is a ten minute presentation forecasting a future out to 50 years….Elon Musk – Interview Next Big Technology video.

What will be the next big breakthrough in technology?

 A ten minute duration features the future and what might happen after 10, 20 or 50 years.

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Elon seems to measure things by how much they will help the future of humanity.
Elon is working on so many things it’s hard to keep track!
Great, honesty right on point.
If only we had more forward thinking.
STEM – Learning is key of my two children. One went to elementary school in the North( focused on hooked on phonics learning style).
The second child went to a public elementary school on the South.
Guess which one excels in all complex problem solving and social skills….. Point being Physics, Computer Science and The Arts are key for development.
Both my children are in there twenty’s today doing very well in all they apply themselves too.
They lean on and encourage each other along the way.
Humanity is key in life.

Elon Musk Shares Painfully Obvious Idea About the Difficulty of Self-Driving Cars

Gizmodo|2 days ago
Elon Musk, one of the wealthiest people on the planet, sent a tweet Thursday night about the real problem with self-driving cars. And as you can probably guess by now, it’s one of those things that sounds profound until you stop to think about it for three seconds.

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