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Dustin Tavella Magic America's Got Talent 2021 video
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Dustin Tavella Magic America’s Got Talent 2021 video

Dustin Tavella Magic America’s Got Talent 2021 video

Various performance clips featuring magician named Dustin Tavella  Magic America’s Got Talent 2021 video.

WINNER SEASON 16 and all performances

90-second interview yall.

Cowell claims this act will make it to the finale.

He made the finale…no surprise here.

His background story will play at your heart strings and likely want you to follow his journey this 16th season of the show.

Check all the boxes for Dustin and his audition.

No Golden Buzzer for him this round.

Dustin came to audition for Season 16 of America’s Got Talent with his wife Kari and his adorable son.

Prior to his act, Dustin emailed a bunch of pictures to host Terry Crews. Crews did not look at the photos beforehand.


“I believe there are two kinds of magic,” Dustin started off. “The first is the kind that you see performed on stages like this but there’s a second kind and it’s the most real and it’s the most powerful magic that exists. It’s the magic that happens when one individual makes a decision that positively impacts another human life forever.”

With this performance, Dustin’s goal was to combine those two types of magic. He started by making Heidi Klum choose a random flashcard. Dustin told Sofia Vergara to mark off a random day in February on the calendar in front of her. Howie Mandel was told to think of a random last name and write it down on the paper in front of him. He chose “Smith.” Simon Cowell wrote down a random time on a piece of paper. Crews was told to think of an inspiring word that sums up his heart. He chose “power.”

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