Discovery Channel’s The Day I Ran China series

Discovery Channel’s The Day I Ran China series

Here is a new release reality series featuring international apprentices and their journey in China. Watch Discovery Channel’s The Day I Ran China series.

If you are a business entrepreneur or contemplating creative problem-solving using modern technology then this show may appeal to you. Subtitles in English for the Mandarin language make this a unique experience for a worldwide audience. It may simply inspire you with the cast, host, coaches, and masters from various segments across China.

Leaders, teachers, students and business in one series makes for a rewarding experience for many viewers.

The Day I Ran China, is a show co-produced by Discovery and Mango TV.

Discovery’s newest program, The Day I Ran China, focuses on nine major industries in China, and relates the career experience of foreign apprentices. The show tells the story of China in simple words.

On Discovery’s new show, viewers can find the answers to many questions including how sustainable materials are being used in the real estate sector; what are the mysteries of the Mars simulation; and what’s so special about the new profession of ‘tourist policeman’?

The Day I Ran China – EP01 (HD)


A new series “The Day I Ran China” is coming! International apprentices will have in-depth experience in 9 unique industries in China, and fully display the core of traditional Chinese culture from the “first perspective” of foreigners through practical and in-depth participation. They will witness China’s development, changes and achievements in various fields over the past 70 years.


The Day I Ran China – EP02 (HD)




In the last 20 years, the world’s green area has increased by 5% dramatically. The growth of vegetation in China accounts for 25% of the total in the world. In the second episode, the apprentice comes to the Kubuqi desert, a Chinese example of “desert into an oasis”. They will feel the life of the seeds in the desert, understand China’s sand control technology and achievements, and feel the oasis miracle brought by desert technology.

The Day I Ran China – EP03 (HD)



In the third episode, apprentices come to Liuyang to learn the whole process of making fireworks, understand the technology behind the production of fireworks, and experience the combination of traditional and new fireworks. How will they design their own customized fireworks show?

The Day I Ran China – EP04 (HD)


This time our apprentices will spend time in the headquarters of Iflytek which is the largest provider of intelligent speech technology in China. They will learn the high-tech developed by Iflytek in intelligent voice technology, and experience Iflytek’s c-terminal intelligent products. What kind of challenges will they face this time? And who will be the winner of this game?

The Day I Ran China – EP05 (HD)



What would a smart future look like? It seems to be at your fingertips. Scenes that can only be found in movies are gradually approaching reality in China. In National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Changsha) Testing Zone, Hunan, the first 5G smart bus demonstration line has been shaped. This week, six apprentices will experience smart buses here and try to obtain a stronghold in a fierce competition. #TheDayIRanChina

The Day I Ran China – EP06 (HD)



As one of China’s leading manufacturers, Broad Group has built “Environmental protection and energy saving” into its corporate DNA. Broad’s core board technology is leading a new revolution in the construction industry.

The Day I Ran China – EP07 (HD)



In the 7th episode, our apprentices arrive at a Mars survival simulation in the Gobi Desert, before being divided into two groups and each leading a team of teenagers. They will design a series of activities with the goal of increasing young people’s awareness of the need to protect our environment and resources, as well as to encourage scientific and technological innovation. Let’s see how they get on!

The Day I Ran China – EP08 (HD)



The apprentices are heading to the Shenzhen-based DJI, the world’s leading drone-maker and producer of aerial imaging systems. With its cutting-edge technology, DJI’s products are popular worldwide and are used for all sorts of things, including filmmaking and agriculture. Our apprentices will learn about the latest drone technology and take on new challenges.

The Day I Ran China – EP09 (HD)



Hainan, a tropical island in south China popular with tourists, has established a special police unit to help tourists deal with disputes with local businesses. The apprentices will come to Hainan to see the work of the “tourist police,” who help safeguard the local tourism industry.

The Day I Ran China – EP10 (HD)



The final episode of The Day I Ran China! Based on what they have already learned; the apprentices will recruit leading performers from the previous programs to help them draft a theme park plan for Hainan. They will also present it to China’s key partners to seek international cooperation. Will they be successful? Let’s find out!


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