Deathloop Review Gamestop IGN  Ratings videos

Deathloop Review Gamestop IGN  Ratings videos

The reviews are in and both sources credit the production with…Deathloop Review Gamestop IGN  Ratings videos

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle IGN and GameSpot both gave it a 10 hmmmmm
I’m excited about this game because it just looks fun and at the end of the day that’s all you can really ask for from a video game. Great review.


9 things to know via Gamestop

Arkane Lyon’s follow-up to Dishonored is a masterclass in open-ended action game design. It’s a game where observation and dynamic thinking go hand-in-hand with shotgunning goons in the face and snapping their necks; where throwing a grenade into a soiree for sycophants counts as

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