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Cross Battles 1 Results Voice 2019 Season 16 video

Cross Battles 1 Results Voice 2019 Season 16 video

Cross Battles 1 Results Voice 2019 Season 16 video

Sixteen contestants out of 32 performed last night against other teams as selected by their coaches. Here is the Cross Battles 1 Results Voice 2019 Season 16 video.

Cross Battles 1 Results Voice 2019 Season 16 video

Cross Battles 1 Results Voice 2019 Season 16 video NBC Image

One steal and one save per each coach tonight…it is again live. What can possibly go wrong?

Here is our coverage of the first night in the new Cross Battle format.

In summary, the coaches praise their own team member and are smart not to offend the opponent just in case they may want to steal one of them. Bloated bias does not make great tv, quips and takedowns do, the non-competing coach(es) tend to offer the best perspective of the event.

Surprise performances came from Presley Tennant and Rod Stokes. Both were remarkable in being underdogs and showing extreme confidence to the audience did not go unnoticed. Whether that converts into votes will be reported tonight.

All the videos can be found here


In the Cross Battles, viewers can vote for their favorite contestants via the official The Voice app and online at Apple music voting does NOT begin until Top 24 week, Monday, April 29. For those with Comcast cable, Xfinity X1 voting will be available starting May 6. For more details, check out The Voice Voting FAQ, which includes information on Twitter voting for the May 13 duet performances. Check out a quick voting guide from

The Countdown to the final

4/15 – Top 32 perform. 16 per day with live voting. Then the comeback. Top 3 from each team advances, the coach saves one for a top 17.
4/22 – Top 17 perform – they’ve done 20 in 2 hours although it was really rushed, so maybe they could have several blocks of time with 2 performance, a la SandyRedd and Chevel in the T13 last season. 13 from PV, 14th from instant save for a bottom four.
4/29 – Top 14 perform – Slightly more faster-paced than a T13 show and three go home.
5/6 – Top 11 perform – three go home again.
5/13 – Top 8 perform – Typical bloodbath…
5/20 – Finale week, final 4 perform, winner, crowned.

Remaining contestants set to perform

Adam: LB, Kendra, Kalvin
Blake: Andrew S, Carter, Gyth, Karly
John: Beth, Jacob, Jimmy, Julian, Shawn
Kelly: Abby, The Bundys, Rebecca, Jej

Last night’s log of cross battles was:

Adam vs Blake
Mari vs Selkii
Andrew J vs Dexter
Celia vs Oliv

Adam vs Kelly
Domenic vs Matthew

Adam vs John
Rod vs Maelyn

Blake vs Kelly
Kim vs Betsy

Blake vs John

John vs Kelly
Kayslin vs Presley
Lisa vs Karen

Cross Battles 1 Results Voice 2019 Season 16 video

The blog part of this post.

Results will be presented by the producers…in this new format. With this change do they have the coaches ears behind the scenes?

Legend performs “Preach” on stage…video

John Legend Performs "Preach" Live – The Voice Cross Battles 2019

Legend performs on the opening of results night. Yes, it is all about the coaches contestants. Which team will be wiped out on the first results night?


Kim Cherry v Betsy Ade…Blake spoke well about Cherry and so did Kelly to both of them…the winner was…Kim! Will Kelly use her save? Ten seconds – two steals Adam and John Legend pressed. No time for feeling sorry for her. Adam pitched that he thought she won the battle. Legend admitted rookie move…Betsy chose…Adam for the third coach! Is that a record? Kelly lost a team member.

Domenic vs Matthew…Domenic from Team Adam while Matthew from Team Kelly. Kelly told him that he is not going home and he is the range voice. Adam believes in him and will likely save him if necessary. America saved Matthew. Kelly has one act back. Ten seconds…Adam saved him!

Adam now has used both a steal and a save. No more saves or steals for him.

Maelyn vs Rod Stokes… the best battle last night. Rod has no save choice from Adam. Maelyn may have to be saved or stolen… while Legend believed in her artistry and is impressive. Adam was blown away by his performance. America saved…Maelyn. Legend team remains intact. Ten seconds…Kelly steals Rod! She now has her lost place filled. Not good news for the remaining team members. Not one act has gone home so far. Sweat it out the rest of you all.


Celia vs Oliv... Celia from Team Adam and Oliv from Team Blake. Adam has no save or steal left. He called her amazing and belief in her. Blake told Oliv he believes in fate, an incredible performance last night and honored to be her coach. America saved…Oliv. Celia ten seconds…Legend hits his buzzer…for the steal. No one has gone home. 

Kayslin v Presley… Team Legend Kayslin was the battle of the young female voices…Team Kelly Presley…Kelly told Presley was so impressed by her last night, volume and stage presence. Legend called her a special and powerful voice and will blossom into a great artist. America saved… Presley! Kayslin…10 second went down as she left the competition. Legend loses one.

Lisa v Karen…Team Legend Lisa and Team Kelly’s Karen…Legend loved her strong voice and loved being her coach…more! Kelly told us that she was a hard worker behind the scenes…and both wished them the best…America saved…Lisa. Kelly loses another one. Karen ten seconds went down and she went home.

Mari v Seikii... Team Adam Mari…Adam has no save. He spoke about his love for her, special and just getting started at this. Team Blake Seikii he will save her if needed. Blake told her and admits he was honest last night and hopes America agrees with him. America saved Mari… Seikii ten seconds, 8 seconds, used his save!! He was waiting for some drama…he believes in all his team will win through and used it to keep them all together. Bravo Blake.

Andrew J vs Dexter… Team Adam Andrew J… Adam spoke about his uniqueness, drive down to Nashville and get a record deal.  Team Blake Dexter told him he is a fan, one of the best country singers to walk across this stage. America saved… Dexter!! Andrew J 10 seconds…he went home.

Team Results

Team Adam – saved Dominic and stole Betsy. Lost Celia and was stolen by Legend. Andrew went home. Mari was America’s vote. Adam lost Rod to Kelly steal.

Team Blake – saved Seikii. Dexter, Oliv, Kim all won America’s vote.

Team Legend – stole Celia from Adam. Lost Kayslin.

Team Kelly – lost Karen and Betsy (a steal by Adam – Legend lost on the steal). She stole Rod.

Backstage performances

Kanard Thomas, Savannah Brister, and Ciera Dumas give their all to hits from Childish Gambino, Willie Nelson and Chloe Kohanski in the Comeback Stage Semifinals. Who will Bebe Rexha name as her two finalists?

Savannah got eliminated in the comeback.

Kanard won.

The Comeback Stage: Semifinals – The Voice 2019 (Digital Exclusive)



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