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Cross Battle 2 Performances Voice 2019 Season 16 videos

Cross Battle 2 Performances Voice 2019 Season 16 videos

Cross Battle 2 Performances Voice 2019 Season 16 videos

Monday Tuesday over the course of 2 weeks. Monday will have 8 cross battles, the winner is chosen from overnight voting and revealed on Tuesday’s show, each coach will have 10 seconds to use their save or steal. Cross Battle 2 Performances Voice 2019 Season 16 videos.


Seems to be slow-walking these videos tonight – go to the link if really need to see the clip!

Cross Battle 2 Performances Voice 2019 Season 16 videos

Cross Battle 2 Performances Voice 2019 Season 16 videos

Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Legend and host  Carson Daly.

will return to the show during the April 23 episode to perform her new original song!



CrossBattle 1 Premiere April 15, 2019, here

Current Team Standings

Moreover Bold means the contestant performed in Cross Battle 1.

Team Adam – Betsy Ade, Kendra Checketts, LB Crew,  Domenic Haynes, Kalvin Jarvis and Mari.

Team Legend – Celia Babini, Beth Griffith-Manley, Maelyn Jarmon, Julian King, Jacob Maxwell, Jimmy Mowery, Lisa Ramey, Shawn Sounds

Team Kelly – The Bundys, Rebecca Howell, Matthew Johnson, Abby Kasch, Rod StokesPresley Tennant, Jej Vinson.

Team Blake – Oliv Blu, Kim Cherry, Carter Lloyd Horne, Karly Moreno, Gyth Rigdon, Dexter RobertsSelkii, Andrew Sevener

Blake has the only steal remaining and two saves in play! Kelly and Legend have a save each. 

Time Change Tuesday Night Switch

-NBC is shifting two of its Tuesday series by moving “The Village” to 8 p.m. and “The Voice” to 9 p.m.

-The five-week change will begin on April 23 and conclude May 21.


4/22 – Top 17 perform – they’ve done 20 in 2 hours although it was really rushed, so maybe they could have several blocks of time with 2 performance, a la SandyRedd and Chevel in the T13 last season. 13 from PV, 14th from instant save for a bottom four.
4/29 – Top 14 perform – Slightly more faster-paced than a T13 show and three go home.
5/6 – Top 11 perform – three go home again.
5/13 – Top 8 perform – Typical bloodbath…
5/20 – Finale week, final 4 perform, winner, crowned.

The Blog

What crazy decisions will Adam make? Standby for 2 hours of nothing will go wrong! Blake has the only steal remaining and two saves in play!

LB Crew: "Wade in the Water" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019

Adam put forward LB Crew and challenged Kelly v Jej! . LB grew up in an old Baptist Church, soulful and bluesy. Jej who came to the US from the Philippines and compared to Bruno Mars by Kelly. Moreover, Wind in the Water sung by LB smooth yet somewhat controlled.


Jej Vinson: "Versace on the Floor" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019


Jej was second to perform with this awesome vocals! This performance was flawless setting up a place in the final for Kelly. Adam called them both phenomenal, bias speaking begins…blown away. Kelly called the best cross battle with different approaches, bias speaking about her man…seamless runs. Moreover, Legend called both fantastic four-chair turners. Legend went for LB…the control confidence. Furthermore, Blake called it the bar was already set high, LB surprised him…sheer he leans for LB! Vote now is open.

Kalvin Jarvis: "New Rules" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019

Second Cross-Battle, Kalvin Javis . was Adam’s choice. He chose Legend…Julian King was his block repayment long-winded response. Kalvin has a strong opinion about himself. Julian was called a formable artist on the show. New Rules by Kalvin was his song on the night.

Julian King: "Hello" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019

Julian sang Hello by Adele…in English/Spanish mix…Adam bias, Legend bias cheap talk…NBC please drop the long rant bs next season. Send me a check or use PayPal for the idea. Kelly offered some sense, was floored by the opening show…song choice. She went for Kalvin. Blake admits to taking notes and called Julian went for more…not perfect Kalvin took that one. Go figure.

Carter Lloyd Horne: "Way Down We Go" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019

Blake was caught chatting with Kelly. Carter Lloyd Horne was his choice and he challenged Legend. Legend talked about heartthrobs, Jacob Maxwell was called on. Blake talked about Carter’s youth at 20 years of age. Furthermore, Legend talked about Jacob’s beautiful tone. Way Down We Go was performed by Carter has a rich tone to his vocals.

Jacob Maxwell: "You're Still the One" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019


Your Still The One from Jacob was somewhat of a surprise this end…he reminds of David Cassidy in looks and was a bit under the note for a good part of the ballad. They admit to being great friends. Moreover, Blake went to the need the vote, his progression…Legend bias…Kelly called them mysterious, she did not want to pick. No Adam due to time!

The Bundys: "The Letter" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019

Moving on, Kelly up next! She chose The Bundys trios takes on Blake! Andrew Sevener is called on. Three siblings versus a southern born rocker! A Joe Cocker The Letter classic was their song. Neat three vocals in some harmonies and solos!

Andrew Sevener: "Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019

Andrew sang Modern Day Bonny and Clyde…perfect for the country lovers out there! Strong and in control. Kelly was praising both,…then bias. Furthermore, Blake, bias…Adam is obsessed with Blake…waste of time asking him.

Shawn Sounds: "Lay Me Down" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019




Legend had three Shawn Sounds and went to Blake.

Karly Moreno: "Down" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019


He chose Karly Moreno . to match him. Sean performed first and has that magical control voice with a deep register to throw into the lyrics. She performed Down…and some notes under the key. Legend bias… baritone runs… Blake bias…a breath of fresh air…WTF category…Adam wounds his soul to agree with Blake! Kelly called it a unique Cross…shoulders went to him. Yes, this is live!

Kendra Checketts: "Cold Water" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019

Adam’s last contestant was Kendra Checketts , went to call on Legend. He chose Jimmy Mowery , who was on Adam’s team in an attempt to haunt the coach. Kendra has a good register vocal with that Adele feel in some notes…



Jimmy Mowery: "Mercy" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019


Mercy was Jimmy’s song and he took it for a solid performance to lift his chances into making the vote come his way! Adam bias, Legend bias speak… Moreover, Blake was talking about Kendra as was Kelly!

Rebecca Howell: "Any Man of Mine" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019


Moving onto Kelly she chose… Rebecca Howell . challenged Legend’s Beth Griffith-Manley . Rebecca sang Any Man of Mine… she has that country music strut with vocals to support her stage presence.

Beth Griffith-Manley: "I Put a Spell on You" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019

Beth sang I Put A Spell on You for her battle tonight…rich tone and a good range with a control that will appeal to her audience. Kelly and Legend…bias gets painful…pitching forever. Moreover, Blake called Rebbeca a shock in a good way. He talked to Kelly for bad at letting Beth go! Adam called Rebecca the strongest country singer in the competition.


Gyth Rigdon: "Goodbye Time" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019

Blake’s Gyth Rigdon and Kelly’s Abby Kasch were the default final pairing for the first round of Cross Battles. Gyth strives to hit the big notes with lots of Blake promises. Abby Kasch is Kelly’s fiesty, country girl and showed the hell up. Furthermore, he sang Goodbye Time for the battle…strong and dynamic voice that matches his appearance.

Abby Kasch: "Cupid's Got a Shotgun" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019


Cupid Has a Shotgun…outcomes the stomping kind of female performance that wants to outshine the others. Moreover, Blake bias…old school country nail…in the finale. Kelly bias floored this is her home…feel the song in your whole body. Adam… crushed it…Gyth will be in the finale. Ok.


That’s a wrap for the first and maybe last Cross-Battle.


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