Compilation Best Of July 2020 Voice Global video

Compilation Best Of July 2020 Voice Global video


Here are several clips from across the globe featuring talented contestants Compilation Best Of July 2020 Voice Global video.

Active countries include Australia, Mexico, Korea and others.

Favorite performance this month was Masha Mnjoyan who sang ‘I Have Nothing’ from Australia.
Who is your favorite performer?


In this compilation we highlight the BEST performances of JULY 2020 in The Voice.

Wether it was through prerecorded footage, performances from home or performances in an empty studio.

🔻WATCH THE FULL PERFORMANCES: 1. Prudence sings ‘Dream On’ (La Voz Mexico) 2. Johnny Manuel & Guy Sebastian sing ‘Black and Gold’ (The Voice Australia) 3. 김예지 sings ‘Tomboy’ (The Voice of Korea): 4. Mon Franco sings ‘Stay’ (La Voz Mexico) 5. Masha Mnjoyan sings ‘I Have Nothing’ (The Voice Australia): 6. 김지현 sings ‘가리워진 길’ (The Voice of Korea): 7. Natalia Marrokin Sings ‘Higher Ground’ (La Voz Mexico) 8. Matt Gresham sings ‘Half A Man’ (The Voice Australia): 9. 박다은 sings ‘Fake Love’ (The Voice of Korea): 🔻SUBSCRIBE Subscribe now to see more amazing ‘The Voice’ performances from around the globe:

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