The Bachelor or The Bachelorette

Colton Underwood The Bachelor Episode 2 Preview video

Colton Underwood The Bachelor Episode 2 Preview video

Fans react to the new clip featuring Demi on a group date with Colton Underwood The Bachelor Episode 2 Preview video.

Were Demi’s actions unacceptable? Are the “life experience” to be Colton’s wife, as Tracy states a good argument?

What she did was childish but I don’t think it’s worth the ladies time to fret over it. Rather use the time to get to know Colton than scold a childish person. Plus the women don’t know what Colton wants or needs so no need to dictate for him. He’ll decide for himself what he wants that’s what the show is about, so they should just let her be.

Demi is a bit aggressive and she is also being disrespectful to the other girls..not that mature of trying to explain to her that it was wrong is futile and will end up in a fight mostly

I don’t really care if she did that. Clearly, it was a bad joke but its honestly not a big deal. How about you ladies grow up and like focus on your relationship with Colton not her.

The Bachelor 2019 Colton Underwood Season 23 (Episode 2)

Demi Does The Unthinkable on a Group Date – The Bachelor (Episode 2 Preview)

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