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Rose Ceremony #3 (LA) 18 to 15

Group Date: This is the one group date in LA I’m unsure of what happened.

1-on-1: Sarah Hamrick. Took place in downtown LA and they did a bunch of challenges. Apparently, this was in front of people, but no pics ever got out from this date. Sarah got the rose.

Group Date: Baywatch themed where they had to compete in beach challenges. Gabby won the challenges and got extra time with Clayton and Gabby also got the group date rose. Pics from that date were spotted by paparazzi:


At the after party of this date, Shanae and Elizabeth’s feud continued and Shanae has isolated herself from most of the house.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Elizabeth Corrigan, Kira Mengistu, and Melina Nasab.

Rose Ceremony #4 (Houston, TX) 15 to 12

1-on-1: Rachel Recchia. They did the whole “small town in Texas” themed date. Not sure what city it was. Rachel got the rose.

Group Date: Tackle football game in pads at NRG Stadium. 7 on 6. The team with 7 ended up winning. Shanae wasn’t on the winning team but she ends up crashing the losing teams party and breaks their trophy.

1-on-1: Serene Russell. Went to Galvestion Pleasure Pier. Serene got the rose.


Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Jill Chin, Sierra Jackson, and Lyndsey Windham.

Rose Ceremony #5 (Toronto, Canada) 12 to 9 Eliza Isichei, Gabby Windey, Genevieve Parisi, Hunter Haag, Marlena Wesh, Mara Agreat, Rachel Recchia, Sarah Hamrick, Serene Russell, Shanae Ankey, Susie Evans, and Teddi Wright.

1-on-1: Gabby Windey. Definitely involved a helicopter ride and I have video (somewhere) of them walking in a park and sitting on a park bench. Gabby got the rose.

Group Date: 9 women on roast date hosted by Canadian comedian Russell Peters at Archeo restaurant. A lot of references made to Shanae not being liked by the group and if she was gonna somehow show up on this date.

2-on-1: Genevieve Parisi & Shanae Ankney. Niagara City Cruises at Dufferin Islands Park. Shanae was sent home on the date.


Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Hunter Haag & Marlena Wesh. Shanae Ankney was eliminated on the 2-on-1.

Rose Ceremony #6 (Hvar, Croatia) 9 to 7

1-on-1: Teddi Wright. Teddi got the rose.

Group Date: Unsure of this group date.

1-on-1: I believe this was Sarah Hamrick by process of elimination:

-It’s not Gabby or Serene because they had 1-on-1’s last episode
-It’s not Genevieve bc she never gets a 1-on-1 this season
-It’s not Eliza or Mara bc they’re eliminated at the rose ceremony
-It’s not Susie bc she has a 1-on-1 next episode
-And Teddi already had the first 1-on-1 of this episode
-Only leaves Rachel & Sarah as possibilities for this other 1-on-1 in Croatia and I don’t believe it was Rachel.

Sun 10/24 – Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Eliza Isichei & Mara Agreat.



Rose Ceremony #7 (Vienna, Austria) 7 to 4

Going into Vienna, this is the episode before hometowns. I don’t know if this was a “if you get a rose on your date, you advance,” or if they just had dates and had a rose ceremony at the end. All I know is the end result of who the 4 remaining women were once they left Vienna.

1-on-1: Serene Russell. Hofsburg Palace.


1-on-1: Susie Evans. She got the “Pretty Woman” date here and in the promo you see a woman in a long red dress in Vienna. That’s Susie.

Genevieve Parisi was sent home at some point during this episode without going on a date. I don’t know who approached who first, but it was established that Genevieve and Clayton just weren’t a match and didn’t see it long term, so he either sent her home or she left. Not sure how it’ll be shown.

There might’ve been a third 1-on-1 in Vienna to go along with a group date, but I’m not sure of the particulars since I don’t know how this pre-hometown date episode was structured. All I know is Genevieve went home while in Vienna, and then…

Rose Ceremony/Vienna Eliminations: Sarah Hamrick & Teddi Wright. Genevieve Parisi first one to leave this episode.

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