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Clayton Echard Bachelor Spoilers News Reviews video

Clayton Echard Bachelor Spoilers News Reviews video

Three clips released during the last week included:-

As you know the “Women Tell All” taped last Wednesday in LA… WTA spoilers right here.

Reality Steve

Other Media – Fresh

Gabby’s grandpa has a thought about the lead.


Clayton breaks up with Serene.

Her brother has some opinions about the whole moment in time.

Back to Teddi’s reveal video with producers of Bachelor Nation.

Serene was sent home! OMG… Will she be the next bachelorette…after the fearless tower walk, she has the power.


This season’s hometowns were filmed as follows: Susie – Nov 2nd, Rachel – Nov 4th, Serene – Nov 6th, and Gabby – Nov 8th, 2021.

Lots of good questions and conversations in this presentation. Definitely plenty of feelings at this moment.

Gabby’s hometown clip – emotional alert, her dad was unable to attend her hometown due to the effects of the pandemic.

However, he makes an unforgettable surprise appearance ‘Love Actually’ style, to show his support to Gabby.

Fear of heights joined by Serene on this dive!

Rachel’s dad has Clayton searching for answers to satisfy him. Another emotional family moment is shown in this clip.


-So over the weekend, there were 3 things I was told that I feel confident in reporting now:

1) Was told that this season does NOT have a traditional ending
2) Was told that he was NOT with Rachel
3) Was told that the there was no finality to the season in Iceland


there is more specific

Rachel has not been in LA once since November.

and then there is this

Even if we do see a shot of a final rose ceremony day in Iceland in future promos, doesn’t necessarily mean anyone actually shows up for it.

Reality Steve

An episode-by-episode list appears below. Other sources for video media via Bachelor Nation. Spoilers Reality Steve. Content edited.


Here is the preview clip for next week’s episode.

New Media This week


Media from previous weeks

Serene reveals the LOVE word to us all…

Clayton (silent T) drama with Sarah…

Genevieve & Clayton endures a couples therapy

Dresses for Susie and she was impressed

Eliza talks about her time with Clayton in this presentation clip from Bachelor Nation





This week

Sarah has her moment on the show in this scene…watch

Here is the Croatian Knights challenge feature clip for you.

Teddi reveals her personal story at this moment in time…recorded…

Who was despatched home? Guess!

Mara reveals her thoughts on the S & G drama

– Gabby

Week 6 preview

New media and Week 5 summary

Roast time clip

Gabby and Clayton explore Toronto clip via Bachelor Nation

Shanae offers peace to the cast and audience for the edit she is receiving this season.


This week, Mike and Bryan are joined by “The Bachelor” powerhouse and former Olympian, Marlena! Marlena details growing up as one of five children, how she got started in track and field and the path that led her to compete for Haiti in the Olympics. Then, Marlena shares more about her athleticism at “The Bachelor Bowl” date and how her HR background helped her deal with everything that went on in the house. Plus, Mike and Bryan talk “The Bachelor” drama in this week’s hot takes.

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This week on “Click Bait,” Natasha and Tia are joined by Mike Johnson as they break down all the top stories in Bachelor Nation and share their exclusive insights! Then, Rachel stops by to discuss her thoughts on Shrimpgate, the pressure on women with demanding careers, and her romantic one-on-one date with Clayton, whispers and all. Plus, Natasha, Tia, and Mike discuss the signs of an emotionally unavailable partner. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe so you never miss an episode:

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Episode 5 Preview and media during the week

@realitysteve20 #greenscreen #bachelor #thebachelor #bachelornation #bachelorclayton #bachelorspoilers #spoilers#realitysteve #fyp ♬ original sound – RealitySteve

This tweet is impressive as to the content addressing issues by Clayton directed to Elizabeth. The producers want drama and people oblige. Kudos to the man for standing up!


Episode 4 see next page

Gary Norman

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