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Clayton Echard Bachelor Spoilers News Reviews video

Clayton Echard Bachelor Spoilers News Reviews video

Clayton Echard’s Bachelor Spoilers News Reviews video


The journey as far as the show concludes this week for our lead. Clayton Echard’s Bachelor Spoilers News Reviews video.

The final part two episode aired Tuesday, March 15, 2022!


Post-show media via Bachelor Nation


This is how the producers sum up the latest season, while many of us claim foul play. You can read and make your own decision about the outcome.

However, were you played by the producers and lead?

Susie and Clayton leave together – boyfriend status.

Rachel and Gabby have their say.

Bachelorette announced…GABBY AND RACHEL both to be bachelorettes – twice the fun and drama. After this chit of a season. YES, please.

The finale needs to cover these end pieces of the season’s puzzle and set up next season’s bachelorette…

-His talk with Susie convincing her to stay
-Her agreeing and then meeting his parents
-His talks with Gabby and Rachel separately in their rooms to tell them…

one quote from Gabby

“You kept me because you’re pride was hurt because Susie left. When I was leaving you didn’t like it but now it’s okay because it’s on your terms.”


“None of these emotions are for you and there are no lingering feelings.”

Rachel talking to the lead and audience…

-The final rose ceremony with Susie where Clayton declares his love for her but she tells him in return she’s not in love with him and leaves.

-The live ATFR where we get to hear from Rachel and Gabby, then bring out Clayton with each of them… then Susie to get an update on if anything has happened with them post filming.

-Our “Bachelorette” announcement and, you would think, introducing us to her first 5 guys like they’ve done in the past.



Media and other correspondence will appear here.



One theory for you to consider… another for a contestant on the show could have considered…



Bachelor Finale – Down and Done

In addition, probably getting the announcement of our “Bachelorette” at the end of tomorrow night’s episode. Then the reveal of all the possible men on her season on the “Bachelorette” Facebook page is probably coming early Wednesday morning…

Clayton tells both of them that he’s in love with them, and that he was intimate with both as we’ve seen numerous times all season in the promo. Both of them walk away crying to make you think they’re leaving. They don’t. Clayton practically begs each woman to stay and they do. He ends up giving a rose to both of them.

Both Gabby and Rachel then meet Clayton’s parents.

-After Gabby and Rachel meet his parents, Clayton makes the decision that he wants to talk to Susie still. This I believe is when we saw in the promos of Jesse knocking on a door. That’s him going to Susie’s room to tell her Clayton wants to see her.

-They meet up, Clayton apologizes for how everything went down when they last saw each other, and he asks her to stay. She agrees.

-Susie then ALSO meets Clayton’s parents.

-After all 3 women have met Clayton’s parents, Clayton decides that he’s in love with Susie and makes the decision to send the other two home.

-Clayton speaks with both Rachel and Gabby separately in their hotel rooms, telling them that he wants Susie and that he’s in love with her.

-Been told that Rachel was more sad at this, and Gabby was more angry at him. We kinda see a glimpse of that in the promos. He pretty much just begged each of them to stay at the final 3 rose ceremony, to then only turn around and let them go a couple days later because he’s in love with Susie.

-There is a final rose ceremony day. Clayton has a ring, and Susie arrives in a final rose ceremony dress like a regular final rose ceremony we’ve seen in the past.

-At this final rose ceremony, I had reported two weeks ago that Clayton proposed and Susie rejected the proposal. That did NOT happen. However,…

-Clayton did tell Susie he was in love with her. Susie tells Clayton in return that she is NOT in love with him, and she walks away.

-Clayton leaves Iceland single.

I guess that’s where the “nobody knows the endng yet” comes in. Because he definitely left Iceland single, so I guess it’s just a matter of where any relationship with Susie stands now.


Rose ceremony from Hell is the title. How about the season from hell…

Here is Shanae’s exclusive Tell All for hardcore fans…via Bachelor Nation…

WTA is MONDAY. Fantasy Suites is TUESDAY.

Applauding Susie for this stand she has taken in all of Clayton’s roles this season. Bravo. Watch this clip.

Susie for the new Bachelorette, please.

The lead sends home Susie in this clip. Time to shut down his social media!

Media clips Rachel has her turn…

Gabby’s turn

We’ll get the overnight dates (Rachel first, then Gabby, then Susie) and on Susie’s overnight, this conversation gets things going:

Susie is convinced to stay, and at the final rose ceremony, she rejects Clayton’s proposal, and Clayton left Iceland single.

The Susie rejection of his proposal at the end was not a “F you” from what I’ve heard…. But we’ll have to wait and see how that all plays out.

Which then begs the question, “Where are Clayton and Susie at now?”

Once Gabby and Rachel are eliminated/left on their own, how do they fill Monday and Tuesday’s episode with only one woman left?
-When and how does Susie return? Does she return that night of the rose ceremony? The next day? What does she say to him as the reason she decided to stay?

…based on the ending…, it certainly seems like Susie has a perfect built-in storyline for “Bachelorette,”

Reality Steve (Edited)





Clayton claims he has no regrets and the fantasy suites are airing Tuesday night. STANDBY

She said she said, then she said, they all said, then she said! Oh dear, what a mess.


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