Clare Crawley Post Bachelorette Updates

Clare Crawley Post Bachelorette Updates


Post appearance on the series here is the latest news Clare Crawley post Bachelorette links and Highlight videos to keep you in the loop



Clare Crawley wears her massive engagement ring from Dale Moss in new video

Clare Crawley was seen wearing her massive engagement ring from her Bachelorette suitor Dale Moss in a new video.

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss Aren’t ‘Rushing Into Marriage’ After Reunion

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss want to make sure they’re ‘in a good place’ before they make a ‘serious commitment’ — exclusive details

Bachelorette Clare Crawley sparks rumors she’s engaged to Dale Moss again as she flashes massive diamond ring

The Sun|4 days ago
CLARE Crawley flaunted a massive diamond ring on Monday after reconciling with Dale Moss, inciting re-engagement rumors. The Bachelorette stars recently decided to give their love another go after

The third episode happened overnight and here are some of the highlights or lowlights for many…

All the videos here

Let the journey begin as this new season features Clare Crawley Bachelorette Highlight videos.

Social media was full of negative comments and like them or not they do reflect on the franchise at some point.

Directly or indirectly the audience perceives the show by the lead and the reaction that flows episode by episode.

Furthermore, people who do not find comfort, romance, or gamification soon lose interest and leave.

This is not to attack the lead but merely a summation of what generally reality shows audiences tune in or tune out.

Here is Reality Steve’s take on the episode.

“Problematic Male Behavior #1” thrown directly in our face, courtesy of Yosef. There are so many things wrong with Yosef and how he handled things. Lets start off with just the fact that Demar, who was on the group dodgeball date, says overall the guys were ok with it.


 Zach’s date, otherwise known as “Problematic Male Behavior #2.” Let’s make one thing perfectly clear for those who maybe don’t know this. Anytime someone gets eliminated on a 1-on-1 date, production already knows. Zach was getting sent home before this date ever started.

and this

Yes, we know that Dale was the front runner in Clare’s head before the season even started. And that’s because she liked what she saw on his IG for 4 months during shut down.

and this

Next week we get Tayshia coming in and, well, if you want a “Bachelorette” that’s basically a 180 from Clare,…

-The cocktail party that night was for Quality Time. And if you didn’t know already, Quality Time means Dale, Dale, Dale. And then some more Dale after that.

She pulls Dale away from the group and tells him she’s scared of him because of how she feels already. Dale returns the sentiments by telling her how much he’s into her as well. Says there’s no time to waste with anyone else. “I got you.” Ohhhh, like Wanda from “In Living Color?” “I got you, and I’m red to go.”

Jason has a date… date card was two full cards written by “Clare” to Jason telling him to write a letter to his younger self…. Well, it turned out to be an all night therapy session that I’m not sure Jason thought he’d ever sign up for.

The remaining full post details are here – Reality

Premiers tonight October 13, 2020…many in the Bachelor Nation are happy to see Clare as the lead this season.

Follow her journey here.

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Sarcasm from Bachelor Burn Book


Tweets from Steve


Cocktail party video night one

Ratings… the premiere actually was on par with Hannah’s premiere last May… Last night drew 4.7 million viewers and a 1.3 rating. Hannah’s premiere drew 4.67 million viewers with a 1.3 rating.

-We got to re-live Clare telling Juan Pablo off. Something we saw just two months ago during the GOAT episode.

-In replace of intro videos from the guys, we got to see the guys arriving in Palm Springs, quarantining, getting tested, and

Limo entrances link

When Dale and Clare spoke at the cocktail party, if you compared it to everyone else she had a convo with, you could tell it was different.

Cocktail party review

Clare had 4 months to scope out anything Dale did on social media beforehand…

-Clare gave Dale the first impression rose…

Reality Steve

Blake Moynes, Easy, Ben, Riley, Zach J, Tyler S., Joe, Jason, Demar, Chasen, Jordan C., Blake Monar, Kenny, Brendan, Garin, Ed, Bennett, Zac C., Jay, Brandon, Ivan all receive roses. While Yosef earned the final rose just for the drama.

Clare meets Dale Moss – via


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