Chris Klafford Something Like Me AGT 2019 video


Chris Klafford Something Like Me AGT 2019

Chris Klafford – singer – winner of Swedish Idol 2017 winner watch his audition here. He presented an original song about a person’s appearance. This has to go viral! Chris Klafford Something Like Me AGT 2019 video.

Here is something else.

Howie called him stepping up…using his songwriting abilities.

Simon called the song not a risk, you made our job a little harder just by singing that song tonight.

The Swedish singer-songwriter took a gamble by performing an original song, and the gamble paid off! »

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Chris is such an amazing person! His “Imagine” cover was great, but this original was INCREDIBLE.
Yeah, I need this dudes music and covers on Spotify stat
The song sounded like something I’d be listening to on the radio. It’s even more amazing when you know he wrote it
This is the best singer this season, try to change my mind.


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