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Celestial Utai's Journey Voice Australia 2022 watch

Celestial Utai’s Journey Voice Australia 2022 watch

Celestial Utai’s Journey Voice Australia 2022 watch

Here you will experience the short path of a talented singer named Celestial Utai. Enjoy her Journey Voice Australia 2022 watch

From blind audition to her elimination.
Congrats to Celestial for her fighting spirit and sharing her musical gift. Follow her in the link below.
Better still support her music.
Celestial Utai is active on Instagram under the username @celestial.utai,, where she has already garnered more than 32k followers. Her blind audition video became a hit garnering her a big fandom overnight. Utai is truly dedicated to singing. Thus, the majority of her posts include her time with her guitar or singing.
You are amazing Celestial! Thank you for repping our country, wish you made it to the Semis but the future looks very bright for you!
 @Misa K  Guy can only choose 2 from his team to make it through for the semis, so he chose Cassidy and the other is Jordan. Its on the net

Art Of Love by Guy Sebastian who released this song for them in a not often seen event.

Guy pushes the rules…in many call the format this season as rushed.

In a nutshell all production was pre-recorded with four results ready for whoever the Aussie public votes for.

Less time for contestants to develop under the coaching and less air time. All for saving money and other factors.

Gary Norman

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