Cami Clune vs James Pyle Voice Battles 2020 video

Cami Clune vs James Pyle Voice Battles 2020 video

Here is the sneak peek preview for Monday nights battle round featuring Cami Clune vs. James Pyle – Boy & Bear’s Cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” – Voice Battles 2020.

John has an impossible decision to make…you can hear all the post-performance coaching comments in the video.

Both prepared acts prepared and arranged this contemporary version of the well known classic. It was really a revelation of the song like I have never heard before. You can read several comments below. Caution one comment has a spoiler included. It may be correct (or maybe not)!

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You know it’s a goodie when you see “WICKED GAME”. This song was made for battles.
I wasn’t expecting James to be better than her but he was, Cami is good but James just was more interesting
Cami Clune wins the battle, Blake steals James Pyle and Moushumi from season 10 is shook
Cami Clune got a very beautiful tone. I didn’t expect her to be a superwoman. I bet she’s gonna be on the finale.
” This world will only break your heart ” so , go live your life the way you want, the way it makes you happy. Be who you are, be what you wanna be, Be unapologetic, Be happy
This was AMAZING. Cami is a definite front runner. James voice is so unique. The battles this season are so good.

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