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Cadence Baker's Journey American Idol 2022 videos watch

Cadence Baker’s Journey American Idol 2022 videos watch

Cadence Baker’s Journey American Idol 2022 videos watch

Now Top 20 new performances featuring Cadence Baker on American Idol 2022.

Alabama’s Cadence Baker covers “Train Wreck for fans. This was her best performance to date by far.

The top 14 Result Was not good for her or the fans

Cadence’s journey ended at this moment and time. Sadly she did not garner either the top 10 votes from American viewers.

Moreover, she did not gain support from producers using Lionel, Katy, or Luke in reaching the end of her journey.

Your fans should continue to support her with messages, follow and purchase her music.

My reflection on this journey is to learn from the positives and negatives to growing stronger inside and out.

Never give up Cadence.


I don’t subscribe to the notion that she fell down in the past weeks, no indeed.

Run back through all the clips on the post y’all!

Moreover, she has the style gift, and spirit to continue past this competitive experience.

Never accept no! Congrats to you Cadence!

Opening slot is an encouraging placement in gaining public voters every season. Vote Cadence y’all!

Updates this season with Hollywood Week and Show Stoppers.

Stand by for some tough love!

The duet was “How Sweet It Is”

Cadence Baker’s Cover Of Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight” Is AMAZING! – American Idol 2022.

From a musical family, Cadence makes a memorable audition impressing all the panel.

She is 18 years old from Muscle Shoals Alabama.


Hollywood Week on-stage performance from Cadence and fellow local Tristen.

Her rendition of Whitney’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight” covers most audience ages.

WOW, her father was in the pocket and lead her to shine in this memorable audition.

Maybe she is the winner. That’s if you all vote.

Look for all the results and spoilers here

Cadence wants to go beyond her family’s musical legacy — her grandfather Shane Baker wrote “I Swear,” and her father Gary Baker, a professional guitar player, accompanies her in front of the judges.

After a standing ovation, Luke goes as far as to say she may be the winner after a stunning cover of Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight”! See more of American Idol 2022 on our official site: Like American Idol on Facebook:

She’s a WINNER. I agree with Katy, she has a lot more to give. With the right coaches and right songs she will be successful in the competition. She’s TOP 5 quality.
Her dad is a really talented guitarist; Lionel couldn’t keep himself from jamming to him playing. Cadence took a risk with a Whitney song, but you can clearly see she was nervous and holding back a little. She’s got pipes, though, that’s for sure!
Her intonation is bonkers! I loved that she let her tone, vibrato, and little yodels and breaks lead the first half, then she started throwing some beautiful runs and mixed belt notes in there and brought the performance to another level! She has some soul!

Gary Norman

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