Blood of Heroes – Official Closed Beta Gameplay Trailer

Blood of Heroes – Official Closed Beta Gameplay Trailer

A new release gameplay trailer via IGN source featuring video Blood of Heroes – Official Closed Beta


Get a look at the game in this trailer for Blood of Heroes, the game that is set in medieval Nordic arenas where fearsome warriors fight to the death in a quest for glory.

Blood of Heroes is slated for launch in 2021 for PC and consoles. A closed beta kicks off on May 4, 2021, on PC.

was expecting to hear the eponymous Megadeth’s song
The art style, the masks and armour remind me of Infinity Blade
Well that just looks like for honor with extra steps
What a great looking game to eat my dinner to! Thanks IGN!

Blood of Heroes is a PvP melee combat game that matches fighters one-on-one or in team death battles.

The game takes place in a medieval Nordic fantasy arena that brings in a huge assortment of warriors with fighting styles from different cultures.

That’s where the For Honor comparison comes in but the Dark Souls element is in the game’s combat system and abilities players can use in gameplay.

We wanted to make a game that we’d absolutely love to play ourselves: a wicked, adrenaline-pumped world, inspired by Dark Souls, with unforgiving PvP battles and warriors who show no pity or fear,” Blood of Heroes games director, Dmitry Voronov said.

“Just like in history, heroes are not always knights in shining armour who fight for the greater good. They can be relentless, sly, vengeful, or, vice versa, supporting and protective. Their essence is tried and revealed by combat.

We tried to give them personality, so the player could make a choice that fits their mood and gameplay style.”

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