BIGGEST BATTLES in Voice 2020 Worldwide videos watch

BIGGEST BATTLES in Voice 2020 Worldwide videos watch


Here is a compilation presentation from across the world this year. Some you may have not seen. BIGGEST BATTLES in Voice 2020 Worldwide videos watch.

Rating these in any order of preference is subjective and we leave it to you to make comments as to the best. Collectively, this seems a good sample from the various franchises.

Be safe and enjoy the video.

2020 is almost over. We’ve seen amazing Battles this year, but together with you we selected the biggest Battles of 2020! What’s your favorite Battle? Let us know in the comments below

WATCH THE FULL PERFORMANCES: 00:00 1. Albina v.s. Filip sing ‘Lovely’ (The Voice Croatia): 02:40

2. Carter Rubin v.s. Larriah Jackson sing ‘Like I’m Gonna Lose You’ (The Voice USA): 05:04

3. Ayoub v.s. Kes sing a mashup ‘Menak Wla Meni’ & ‘Verleden Tijd’ (The Voice of Holland): 07:12

4. Sapphire Tamalemai v.s. Chris Sebastian sing ‘Titanium’ (The Voice Australia): 09:01

5. Ana Canhoto v.s. Douglas Ramalho sing ‘Lovely’ (The Voice Brasil): 09:40

6. Eugene Anishko v.s. Indira Edilbaeva sing ‘House of the Rising Sun’ (The Voice Ukraine): 12:06

7. Oliver Henrich v.s. Lorena Daum sing ‘Enjoy The Silence’ (The Voice of Germany): 14:32

8. Lucy Calcines v.s. Alia Lara sing ‘Bounce Back’ (The Voice UK): 16:17

9. Krystian Ochman v.s. Weronika Szymańska sing ‘Lovely’ (The Voice of Poland): 18:38

10. Pilar Bogado v.s. Juan José Alba sing ‘Perdóname’ (The Voice of Spain):

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