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Best Performances Voice Global 2022 Videos Watch

Best Performances Voice Global 2022 Videos Watch

March 18, 2022

Best Performances Voice Global 2022 Videos Watch

Best performance, producer of video choice, details below

See our coverage of The Voice Norge here

This video features the following performances:

00:00 Doryan Ben sings “Lost On You” by LP (Blind Auditions, France)

02:45 Guadalupe Martino sings “Love On The Brain” by Rihanna (Blind Auditions, Uruguay)

04:21 Anniina Henttonen vs Sabrin Hietanen sing “Set Fire To The Rain” by Adele (Battles, Finland)

06:18 Emma Wik vs Audhild Høivik sing “Vi Lovar (Besvärjelse)” by Oscar Danielson, Eva Weel Skram (Battles, Norway)

I really love the voice of Norway.. their duet, the song they sang….Ohh it really makes my heart melt. They are chilling, cool and easy for them. Even I don’t understand the message of the song, but it really hit me deep inside me.. the coach expression feel it too.. I love it. Good job

08:54 Ikhersuvd B. vs Buyantogtokh S. sing “Dance To This” by Troye Sivan ft. Ariana Grande (Battles, Mongolia)

11:35 Walter Ramolho sings “Borbulhas de Amor” by Juan Luis Guerra (Knockouts, The Voice Senior Brazil)

13:26 Valentine Martens sings “Another Love” by Tom Odell (Live Shows, Belgique/Belgium)

16:24 WINNERS Hey! Mix sing “Sax” by Fleur East (The Final, The Voice Generations Lithuania)

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February 2022 – BEST OF

Featured acts from Australia, Ukraine, Norway, France, Lithuania, Finland, Belgique, and Mongolia.


Enjoy this compilation from across the franchise. Best Performances Voice Global 2022 Videos Watch.

00:00​ 1. Dimash Dauletov sings ‘I Have Nothing’ (The Voice Ukraine):

02:00 2. Mathilde W. Taugard sings ‘When The Party’s Over (The Voice Norway):

04:07 3. The O’Donnells sing ‘Bluegrass’ (The Voice Generations Australia):

The Generations series featured duos, trios, and other family groups competing on stage. Keith Urban was the coach being pressured to turn.

05:42 4. Charles Kaylan sings ‘Bruises’ (The Voice France):

07:48 5. Mounir Abouroh sings ‘Make It Rain’ (The Voice Belgique):

09:49 6. Anastasia Pesheva sings ‘Berlin’ (The Voice of Finland):

11:35 7. Caitlin & Tim sing ‘Say Something’ (The Voice Generations Australia):

13:04 8. Fresco v.s. Danielė ir Marius sing ‘Plyta Po Plytos’ (The Voice Generations Lithuania):

16:01 9. Emilie Omland Grimstad sings ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ (The Voice Norway):

18:09 10. Byambasuren.D sings ‘Chun Li’ (The Voice of Mongolia):

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January 2022 BEST OF

Best Performances Voice Global 2022 Videos Watch

– Rita Ora appears on the Australian edition as part of the Generations 3-night event.

The Voice Australia Generations. Our full coverage can be found here.

January 2022 featured franchises including Australia and Generations experiment. Other current countries are listed below.

2022 is already an excellent year with many new talents in The Voice worldwide!

In this compilation, we spotlight the best Blind Auditions of January 2022. 🔻 WATCH THE FULL PERFORMANCES:

00:00​ 1. Ty & Eddie sing ‘Fleetwood Mac’ (The Voice Generations Australia):

01:42 2. Jørgen Dahl Moe sings ‘Dancing In the Dark’ (The Voice Norway):

03:56 3. Hey Mix sing ‘Sax’ (The Voice Generations Lithuania):

06:15 4. Argjenda Aliu sings ‘Yours’ (The Voice of Finland):

07:36 5. Goda Levickaite sings ‘Wicked Game’ (The Voice Norway):

09:17 6. 2tone sing ‘Soldat’ (The Voice Ukraine):

11:05 7. Caitlin & Tim sing ‘Lady Gaga’ (The Voice Generations Australia):

12:36 8. Unurzul.B sings ‘Amour T’es La’ (The Voice of Mongolia):

14:25 9. Kaan Kandemir sings ‘La nuit’ (The Voice Belgique): ttps://

16:13 10. Inesa Hrytsaienko sings ‘Husy’ (The Voice Ukraine):

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