Best Performances The Voice 2020 Compilation videos

Best Performances The Voice Compilation videos

Several contestants from across the planet are showcased here…Best Performances Month 2020 The Voice Compilation video

JUNE 2020

Delta Goodrem, Australian singer-songwriter, has appeared on all nine seasons as a coach…with 150 episodes on the local franchise. In this clip you will see talent from Australia, South Korea, Mongolia and other countries. Enjoy.

If you want to see more of the Australian edition then here is the link.

WATCH THE FULL PERFORMANCES: 1. Johnny Manuel Sings ‘Home’ (The Voice Australia):

2. Kristina Doncheva sings ‘Never Enough’ (The Voice of Bulgaria):

3. Sapphire Tamalemai Sings ‘Runnin” (The Voice Australia):

4. Kim Young Heum sings ‘내 사랑 내 곁에’ (The Voice of Korea):

5. Oyu.B sings ‘All by Myself’ (The Voice of Mongolia):

6. Yadam.Kh sings ‘Always Remember Us This Way’ (The Voice of Mongolia):

7. Clarissa Spata & Virginia Lillye sing ‘Call Me’ (The Voice Australia):

8. Diyanne sings ‘Sibam’ (The Voice Afrique):

9. Ivan Lazarov sings ‘No Good’ (The Voice of Bulgaria)

10. Kim Ji-hyun sings ‘제발’ (The Voice of Korea)

How does George react to this blind audition?…watch…enjoy!

MAY 2020

The Australian franchise represented here in this compilation as well as our continued coverage here.

The first girl is the best!!! The Voice Australia is the best!
Man Voice Australia is so loaded with talent. The diversity of singers is so incredible, especially the amazing man that is Mongolian. Here in the states they would never let talent like that shine through.
Adam Ludewig coming in giving out goosebumps and chills for free! get it bro!

In this compilation, we highlight the BEST performances of MAY 2020 in The Voice. Whether it was through prerecorded footage, performances from home, or performances in an empty studio. 🔻WATCH THE FULL PERFORMANCES:

1. Masha Mnjoyan sings ‘All By Myself’ (The Voice Australia):

2. Thunderstorm Artis sings ‘Summertime’ (The Voice US):

3. Adam Ludewig sings ‘Leave A Light On’ (The Voice Australia):

4. Йоана Сашова sings ‘Mamma Knows Best’ (The Voice of Bulgaria):

5. Gyovanni sings ‘Souffrance d’amour’ (The Voice Afrique):

6. Evita Cololo sings ‘American Boy’ (The Voice of Lithuania):

7. Chris Sebastian sings ‘Jealous’ (The Voice Australia):

8. Dorjpagma.B sings ‘A Woman’s Worth’ (The Voice of Mongolia):

9. Todd Tilghman sings ‘I Can Only Imagine’ (The Voice US)

10. Елена Сиракова sings ‘Best Part’ (The Voice of Bulgaria) 🔻SUBSCRIBE Subscribe now to see more amazing ‘The Voice’ performances from around the globe: 🔻OTHER CHANNELS @La Voz Global @Best of The Voice Kids @Best of The Voice

Since on-air showing is underway in the US during March and April, that is why many acts are featured at this time.

Other countries make the list include Ukraine, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, and Afrique.

APRIL 2020


Although April has been a very different and difficult month due to the current pandemic, The Voice talents still managed to share their exceptional singing talent with us. Whether it was through prerecorded footage, performances from home, or performances in an empty studio.

In this compilation, we highlight the BEST of these performances of APRIL 2020 in The Voice.


1. Allegra Miles sings ‘Chandelier’ (The Voice US):

2. Olga Melnik sings ‘Human’ (The Voice Ukraine / Голос країни):

3. Oyu.B sings ‘Radioactive’ (The Voice of Mongolia):

4. CammWess sings ‘Say Something’ (The Voice US):

5. Elena vs. Alex sing ‘You Are The Reason’ (The Voice of Bulgaria):

6. Cedrice vs. Thunderstorm Artis sing ‘Stay’ (The Voice US) :

7. Brian Cruz sings ‘Qué Hay de Malo’ (La Voz US):

8. Remo Forrer sings ‘Sign of The Times’ (The Voice of Switzerland):

9. K-dy VS Alyn Sano sing ‘Kedike’ (The Voice Afrique):

10. Karen Galera sings ‘Skyscraper’ (La Voz US):

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