Best Performances February 2020 Voice Global 


Best Performances February 2020 Voice Global

A compilation video from around the planet featuring 10 acts Best Performances February 2020 Voice Global.

Countries include United States, The United Kingdom, Croatia, Holland, Switzerland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Afrique.

Choose your best and add to the comments….

The boy from the Netherlands who sang ‘Halo’ is ‘the guy’ from all of me. His name is Ayoub and he won the Voice Kids<3

February 2020 was an excellent month with many new talents in The Voice! In this compilation we spotlight the BEST BLIND AUDITIONS & OTHER PERFORMANCES of FEBRUARY 2020. What is your favorite performance? 🔻

WATCH THE FULL PERFORMANCES: 1. Thunderstorm Artis sings ‘Blackbird’ (The Voice US):

2. Albina v.s. Filip sing ‘Lovely’ (The Voice Croatia):

3. Lucy Calcines sings ‘Mi Gente’ (The Voice UK):

4. Ayoub sings ‘Halo’ (The Voice of Holland):

5. Nortasha Dayang sings ‘I Have Nothing’ (The Voice of Switzerland):

6. Vladimir Ostapchuk sings ‘Fall’ (The Voice Ukraine / Голос країни):

7. Joana Sashova sings ‘Feeling Good’ (The Voice of Bulgaria):

8. Arei Moon sings ‘Miss Independent’ (The Voice US):

9. Evita Cololo sings ‘New York’ (The Voice of Lithuania / Lietuvos Balsas):

10. Carina Sen sings ‘Ekwueme’ (The Voice Afrique):

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