BEST OF APRIL 2020 Voice Global Compilation videos

BEST OF APRIL 2020 Voice Global Compilation videos

Here are the latest compilation video performances from The Voice Global production team. BEST OF APRIL 2020 in The Voice Global videos.

Any list has its strengths and weaknesses this month is no different. I do not believe the order is any merit to someone’s opinion at all. That is always subject to an opinion.

You can draft your own list and submit your critique below in the comments.

Since on-air showing is underway in the US during March and April, that is why many acts are featured at this time.

Other countries make the list include Ukraine, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, and Afrique.


Although April has been a very different and difficult month due to the current pandemic, The Voice talents still managed to share their exceptional singing talent with us. Whether it was through prerecorded footage, performances from home, or performances in an empty studio.

In this compilation, we highlight the BEST of these performances of APRIL 2020 in The Voice.


1. Allegra Miles sings ‘Chandelier’ (The Voice US):

2. Olga Melnik sings ‘Human’ (The Voice Ukraine / Голос країни):

3. Oyu.B sings ‘Radioactive’ (The Voice of Mongolia):

4. CammWess sings ‘Say Something’ (The Voice US):

5. Elena vs. Alex sing ‘You Are The Reason’ (The Voice of Bulgaria):

6. Cedrice vs. Thunderstorm Artis sing ‘Stay’ (The Voice US) :

7. Brian Cruz sings ‘Qué Hay de Malo’ (La Voz US):

8. Remo Forrer sings ‘Sign of The Times’ (The Voice of Switzerland):

9. K-dy VS Alyn Sano sing ‘Kedike’ (The Voice Afrique):

10. Karen Galera sings ‘Skyscraper’ (La Voz US):

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