Bachelor in Paradise 2021 News Spoilers videos

Bachelor in Paradise 2021 News Spoilers videos

Here are lists of potential names to feature this season’s Bachelor in Paradise News Spoilers videos.

Time to bring you the latest succinct news from BIP early production and eventual reveal this season.

Who will pair with who?

Who was sent home?

Best bad behavior award winner?

Most struggling contestant?

Does anyone miss Chris?

Bachelor in Paradise 2021 News Spoilers videos

Bachelor in Paradise 2021 News Spoilers videos


They will film for 3 weeks in June and it premieres on Monday, August 16th.

Pairings reported

The caveat about this information is that it is incomplete…there are likely more pairings as the cast comes and goes over the recording time frame.


  • 4 of the 5 earlier pairings are no longer the case (as predicted)

  • Plenty of self eliminations already

  • One love triangle reported.

  • 32 participants appeared through the rose ceremony 3.

  • Noah and Abigail are the main couple this season.

  • No reconnection with Joe and Kendall, with roses given to other people.

  • Contract signed by each participant for another person to control their social media while on the show.


Your full potential list of names and social accounts appears below.

These pairings are subject to change and not necessarily conclusive…just a snapshot at one particular time

 …early pairings from the 1st and 2nd rose ceremonies …I don’t know the extent of how serious these relationships are, so report accordingly:

Noah Erb/Abigail Heringer
Tammy Ly/Thomas Jacobs
Ivan Hall/Jessenia Cruz
Demi Burnett/Kenny Braasch
Brendan Morais/Natasha Parker

Source Credit…Reality

You can listen to all his podcasts and full reports on his site. Please check it out as well.

Hosting Update

Chris Harrison is being replaced by  Lil Jon, David Spade, Tituss Burgess, Lance Bass, and more,

Bachelor in Paradise usually starts with roughly 16-18 contestants, 2-3 more of one gender than the lower amount of contestants, and are first to hand out roses.

Contestant Pool


Tia Booth (Colton’s season, BIP season 5)
Becca Kufrin (Arie’s season, Bachelorette #14)
Alayah Benavidez (Peter’s season)
Demi Burnett (Colton’s season, BIP season 6)


Thomas Jacobs (Katie’s season)
James Bonsall (Katie)
Karl Smith (Katie)
Ed Waisbrot (Clare/Tayshia’s season)
Riley Christian (Clare/Tayshia’s season)

I don’t have every name yet, but, that’s over 30 I’ve given you so far, so that should be most of them.

Becca and Demi …both are there as contestants to date. Which makes Becca the first lead to ever go on BIP to date after they were the lead.

I’ve heard rumblings of one couple so far, but don’t know how serious it is.


There are over four seasons of contestants to pull from who’ve never been in Paradise before. There is Peter’s Women, Clare/Tayshia’s Men, Matt’s Women, & Katie’s Men.

Expect the cast to be released sometime in the next couple weeks.

Producers release the original cast after filming begins, leaving

out names of the current season airing (Katie’s Guys), until they are eliminated on her season.

Remember, this is a show that by the end of the season, 32-35 people will have made an appearance at some point.

And the names will change

 The names I’ve heard up to this point, June 8th, are all listed below.

Reality Steve

Peter’s Women:

Kelsey Weier (@kelsey_weier)
Victoria Paul (@victorianpaul)
Tammy Ly (@tammykayly)
Deandra Kanu (@deandrakanu)
Maurissa Gunn (@maurissagunn)
Mykenna Dorn (@mykenna)
Alexa Caves (@alexaraecaves)
Natasha Parker @natashaparker

Clare/Tayshia’s Men:

Noah Erb (@noah_erb)
Chris Conran (@chrisconran)
Ivan Hall (@ivanbhall)
Chasen Nick (@chasennick)
Joe Park (@josephparkmd)
Kenny Braasch (@kennybraasch10)
Demar Jackson (djfromsocal)

Matt’s Women:

Mari Pepin (@mari_pepin)
Abigail Heringer (@abigail_heringer)
Jessenia Cruz (@jesseniaa.cruz)
Alana Milne (@alanaamilne)
Chelsea Vaughn (@chelseavaughn_)
Serena Pitt (@serena_pitt)
Serena Chew (@serenerz_)
Victoria Larson (@victorialarson_)


Some other “Bachelor in Paradise” notes:

-I have not heard if any “Listen To Your Heart” contestants will be appearing this season.

-I’ve heard that exes Kendall Long and Grocery Joe will both be down there.

Bachelor In Paradise news broke

A story broke yesterday about BIP that they were going to have rotating celebrity hosts, with one of them being David Spade, as Chris Harrison will not be part of BIP this season. For those that aren’t big on social media, I can tell you this hire makes sense. Spade is obsessed with this franchise. He covers it every Monday night on his IG stories, he’s friends with people in the franchise and invites them over for watch parties, and I know he’s contacted some contestants “personally,” – make of that what you will. He’s a super fan, so this makes sense on many levels. We don’t know who the others hosts are going to be, but I’m sure their names will be getting released soon.

As for who’s going down to Paradise, I was out of town this weekend so I wasn’t paying attention to which contestants posted anything about heading out of town or going off the grid. But I know people like Victoria Larson, Kelsey Weier, Victoria Paul are a few of the names. There’s obviously plenty others since the show starts with 16-18 people on it. This weekend I’ll try and get more of a list of names who I’m hearing are down there and post them on Tuesday.

One person who won’t be there is Kelley Flanagan, even though during her Q&A on IG stories yesterday, she gave people reason to think she might be. However, once she realized what she said, she then posted another story saying that yes, she will be in Mexico in 2 weeks, but not for BIP. She’s just going for vacation.


Reality Steve


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