Bachelor In Paradise 2019 Previews Reviews Spoilers read


Bachelor In Paradise 2019 Previews Reviews Spoilers read


Each week we bring you the highlights leaks and other gossip covering the new Bachelor In Paradise 2019 Previews Reviews Spoilers read.

Moreover, three engagements announced -- leaked news from Reality Steve. Check out the latest news on our full season page.

Katie is emotional about her relationship post-Mexico and talks with Chris Harrison. Watch.

Katie Breaks Down (Paradise Reunion Show) Bachelor in Paradise 2019

Our full-season coverage can be found here.

The end of the series is near, and it is decision time for the remaining couples. Then, the reunion show, drama, love, and a proposal? Watch.

Chris and Katie scene release video to watch and or read the spoilers below.

Chris & Katie Overnight or Over and Out? - Bachelor in Paradise 2019

Finale & Reunion Show Preview - Bachelor in Paradise 2019

Recent clips from the show… Katie and Chris talk…

Katie Needs More from Chris - Bachelor in Paradise 2019

Caelynn says she’s “Falling” for Dean scene.

Caelynn Says She's "Falling" for Dean - Bachelor in Paradise 2019


Dean drops Caelynn scene and no one is surprised… except Caelynn.

Dean Breaks Up With Caelynn - Bachelor in Paradise 2019

Roses handed out by the men scene


Full episode 3 here

Episode 3 preview

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 (Episode 3) Preview

New extended BIP video for you.

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Extended Preview

Hannah G and Blake swap spit for the cameras.

Blake & Hannah Kiss, Leaving Dylan Upset - Bachelor in Paradise 2019


A New release preview featuring Demi and Derek…yup

Demi & Derek Season Premiere Preview - Bachelor in Paradise 2019

Here is the first full preview for BIP 6 and all that remains is to watch the drama unfold.

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 (First Look)


Hey, my site is blowing up…it’s Tea Spilling Tuesday…why not give you guys the BIP rose ceremony #1 results!!!! Keep in mind, just bc these were the people who gave and received roses at 1st rose ceremony does NOT mean this is who is still paired up. Some are, some aren’t

With that said, here are rose ceremony #1 results from “Bachelor in Paradise”… Clay to Nicole Kevin to Sydney Blake to Tayshia Cam to Caelynn JPJ to Onyeka Wills to Katie Derek to Demi Chris B. to Kristina Dylan to Hannah G. Eliminations: Bibiana, Annaliese, & Jane Aver


Chris recast…who does this dude know on the show? If anyone can answer this question feel free to take a swing!


More cast details

  • Kristina isn’t on that list because she’s not technically considered original cast since she didn’t arrive on the first day.

Blake Horstmann is the talk of the show, is an original cast member. So is Tayshia. Blake gets the first date card of the season and asks out Tayshia.

-Kristina arrives on Day 2 with a date card. She asks out Blake and they go on a date. They dated a few months back that was pretty public. Both have spoken about it in interviews and Blake said it just didn’t work out.

Now for the rest of this other relationships, people finding out about the other girls go to this page!

what he did with Tayshia, Kristina, Caelynn, and Hannah and his reputation has taken a major beating -- RS

Then the other cast news…

Demi is bisexual and she comes out on “Bachelor in Paradise.”

In the above video with Hannah B, Demi talked about not using labels to identify her sexual preferences in relationships she has. Watch for her exact words.


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  • Watched this show for years, not this year- two women swapping spit is not bachelor in paradise. Make that a show on its own. XXX

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