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Bachelor Clayton Echard Susie Sent Home video watch

Bachelor Clayton Echard Susie Sent Home video watch

Susie Evans one of the season’s frontrunners was dumped. Bachelor Clayton Echard Susie Sent Home video watch

The season’s highlight scene was this event’s last episode.

Susie Evans is our choice for the new bachelorette…

Three random comments have been added below offering opinions on this event.

Here’s the thing I think Susie didn’t realize Clayton sleeping with other would bother her until he told her he loved her, then all of her flags went up. It’s one thing for him to still be figuring things out and need to explore those other relationships psychically to make a decision, it’s another thing for him to have known he loved her for a while(like he claimed) and still sleep with other people. That probably made her feel uneasy and like he didn’t really love or only love her. She kept saying “I believe him but I feel confused,” girl, that’s your gut, just listen to it.
Clayton is seriously a narcissist. He turned this all around and blamed Susie to make her feel so bad. It’s all his own fault! I applaud Susie, she did the right thing. I hope she realizes that and can move on quickly from this!

This video ends just before the best part of the whole episode. After getting in the vehicle Susie said “I thought he would have had more compassion for me in the end, to be honest, regardless of what kind of love at this point, I just thought we would’ve been better at getting through that conversation kindly.” She kept trying to be fair to him and to show empathy for the things he was saying, but he showed no empathy for her. Someone who just professed to love you then shows zero concern or empathy for your feelings. He is not marriage material for anyone. He has a lot to learn. Susie showed restraint and maturity. He showed childishness and arrogance.


Bachelor Clayton Echard told Susie he was in love with her on their Fantasy Suite date. But with an engagement coming up soon, Susie wanted to know if Clayton had expressed love for the other women, or if he’d slept with them. When he said that he had, the situation changed quickly, with Clayton feeling as though Susie should have told him those were dealbreakers for her. He then sends Susie home in this clip from ‘The Bachelor’ season 26, episode 10, ‘Week 9.’ Watch ‘The Bachelor’ 2022 MONDAY & TUESDAY 8/7c on ABC. Stream on Hulu.

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