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Bachelor Clayton Echard Manipulates Gabby and Rachel vid

Bachelor Clayton Echard Manipulates Gabby and Rachel’s video

To fans of the show, this lead unintentionally fell in love with his final three. Bachelor Clayton Echard Manipulates Gabby and Rachel’s video.

Others disagree.

Not only did he break their hearts, he humiliated them on live TV by disclosing he was intimate with them both. I started watching the replay on Hulu and because I knew what was coming….I had to see, then when I saw it unfolding, I couldn’t watch it…too heartbreaking. Guess I was triggered, but, it’s been my experience to have had a man pick someone else over me and yeah, it hurts like Hell. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been the one not picked, this show is life only 3x crazier

What a mess this series has become with the lead and production all allowing it to occur. The mess is clear for all to see and how you and the cast are manipulated.

Manipulated out of your time and emotional investment into some often interesting people we substitute ourselves for. Our own private thoughts held in their journey.

The lead appeared to not respect each of the final three casts and let them down with his decisions. Furthermore, he let himself down as well.

Just a reminder to some of the readers, Disney owns ABC and buys this product to sell to you as entertainment every year. In different wrapping, it basically is the same package, just different humans and their faults. This time it is clear for all to see. Dating multiple people at the same time is foolish and disrespectful to many people.

Moreover, it’s time to end this garbage.

Here are several random comments made

This is utterly gross. How did he honestly think this would play out? Did he actually think telling all of them he loved them, sleeping with all of them and the next day proposing to one… would lead to the start of a healthy relationship? He knew they’d all watch it back.
I mean about sleeping, all bachelorettes and bachelirs sleep with multiple finalists right? I dont think everyone were saying that they loved or fallen in love with each of them
 @penguin0912  ya but u don’t have to sleep with all 3 . Colton didn’t do that . Sean didn’t do that . It’s possible It’s like a dumb tradition in this show to sleep with all 3.
I agree with you 100%!! I’m just wondering why these circumstances are such a big issue now since other bachelors/bachelorettes have done the same-have sex with the last 3
Maybe it’s a guy thing or youth. When I’m truly in love I couldn’t think about hurting my partner by sleeping with someone else. Sometimes I think the fantasy suites are an excuse to sleep with multiple people. Free pass because it’s “just the show”.
Thats because men think sex is a toy they can play with It should be kept for the last lady standing not test drived like a used car
 @penguin0912  lol but the point is.. if you actually love someone, you won’t even think of sleeping with other people bc you don’t want to hurt your person and all you think about is that one person. You wouldn’t go around dating around women.. or if you do.. it would be disinterested dating bc you had to complete the show. You def wouldn’t be sleeping around with others tho.
 @G•DéSiReÉ  Colten was secretly gay though…..
 @Not Your Average Joe  that’s not the point. He still didn’t string along the other two when he had feelings for cassie
 @Jireh’s Unlimited  Yes it’s a gross show alright.

Clayton Echard Tells Gabby and Rachel He’s In Love with Both of Them – The Bachelor


On the heels of Susie’s dramatic exit, Bachelor Clayton Echard decides to be as honest with the remaining ladies – Gabby and Rachel – as he can be. He tells them that he is in love with both of them, and that he was intimate with both of them as well. Both ladies are crushed as they grapple with this new bombshell that host Jesse Palmer is calling ‘The Rose Ceremony from Hell.’ From ‘The Bachelor’ season 26, episode 11, ‘Week 10, Part 1.’ Watch ‘The Bachelor’ 2022 finale TUESDAY MAR 15 8/7c on ABC. Stream on Hulu.

The way Rachel was sobbing had me in tears because I really do feel like she thought she was the one and she fell so hard for Clayton. I feel so bad for them all though. I feel like Gabby will be the next Bachelorette. I just hope they both find someone who will protect their heart because they deserve that.
Especially when she said “sorry in advance” to Susie and Gabby after she came home from fantasy suites. He really lead her to believe she was going to be the one at the end.

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