Anne-Marie Set to Release Her Debut Album Speak Your Mind

Anne-Marie Set to Release Her Debut Album Speak Your Mind on 27th April

Rarely do we ever come across a pop star singer and songwriter who is known more for her prowess as a Japanese style karate player than anything else.

Not only that, but Anne-Marie the British pop star, is a triple world champion in Japanese Karate – Shotokan. She still loves karate, and it is so much a part of her even though she is getting to be known as a chart-topping pop star. Anne-Marie Set to Release Her Debut Album “Speak Your Mind”


Anne-Marie Set to Release Her Debut Album "Speak Your Mind"

Anne-Marie Set to Release Her Debut Album “Speak Your Mind”

Karate is so ingrained into her being that she sang the single “Karate”  [] in 2015, but that is not all; she danced the karate moves as well in the song.

At The Moment

At the moment, she is asserting her presence as a singles artist since 2013 with songs like “Friends” [], “Ciao Adios” [], “Alarm” []; among others.

It is with great anticipation that fans wait for this five-times Brit Award star to release her debut album. Scheduled to be released on 27th April, the album is the fruit of two years of demanding work, “Speak Your Mind” is a mixture of our favorite songs, as well as a lengthy list of new songs.

Each song is a personal topic that can relate to all of us. Perfect is a message for us to love and appreciate ourselves and to care more about our inner self.  Machine depicts a world free of negativity and worries. 2002 is the recollection of a childhood sweetheart, she co-wrote it with Ed Sheeran. Alarm – is part of the album since it is her hit single and biggest selling debut single in the UK. Friends, the current hit that has been released earlier this month; will be part of the album. Furthermore, The Cry is the opener; it is the cry of a woman ditched by her boyfriend for another and even his regret does not wipe out the pain.

If that is not all, here is a list of the songs on the album:

•    1. Cry

•    2. Ciao Adios

•    3. Alarm

•    4. Trigger

•    5. Then

•    6. Perfect

•    7. FRIENDS

•    8. Bad Girlfriend

•    9. Heavy

•    10. 2002

•    11. Can I Get Your Number

•    12. Machine

The album has not been bound by the style of just one songwriter and producer but is the effort of several writers as well as different producers. This diversity is bound to be interesting and create an album that will cater to so many different tastes and so ensure its popularity and high ratings.

It seems that this young, playfully infectious pop star, who entwines her humor with playfulness, charisma, idiosyncratic storytelling, diversity, and light-heartedness will be able to set herself apart from her peers.

Anne-Marie has a unique ability to mix so many attributes and mingle them into a lovely song. Her debut album will define how her career as a singer is going to progress, but if the signs are read correctly it seems she will be a hit as she is also so loved by both men and women since she touches each uniquely. You can look for Ann-Marie tickets without service fees from here [] to enjoy the beautiful moments.

Anne-Marie Set to Release Her Debut Album Speak Your Mind.

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