Anna Grace Felton’s Performances Voice 2020  video

Anna Grace Felton’s Performances Voice 2020  video

Here is the latest leak performance from the powers that be featuring….Anna Grace Felton’s Performances Voice 2020  video.

Anna Grace and Gihanna Knockout performance….

Latest performance aired showcased the battle between Anna and Ainae!


She appeared at taping show 5 singing my future (Billie Eilish).

Do not blink during the blinds – these people are rare this season. Only four from the source were rewarded with the 4 chair prize.

These are some of the names we have not yet seen audition this season 20.

Anna Grace Felten Instagram | Youtube | TikTok

In her battle she faces…..

In the knockout…..she …..

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Anna Grace Felten (Kelly)

Savanna Woods

Rio Lana
Zania Alake

Denisha Dalton

Rachel Mac

Lindsay Joan


Aaron Konzelman

Savanna Chestnut

Jordan Matthew Young

Keegan Ferrell

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