America’s Got Talent Live Shows Season 15 video

America’s Got Talent Live Shows Season 15 video

The Live Shows continue with the finale highlights all without Simon Cowell present. America’s Got Talent Live Shows Season 15 video.

The finale for season 2020 is in progress…the performances added from sources. Refresh post for the latest clips.

Finale Winner Season 15 was…

Watch full performance videos here

ALL the videos are here

Finale September 22 and results

Daneliya Tuleshova sang Alive for her finale performance.

Broken Roots perform in the finale watch commentary in each clip.

Roberta Battaglia sang “Scars To Your Beautiful” for the win.

Bad Salsa performed on stage.

Kenadi Dodds performed a Carrie Underwood song.

Brandon Leake – poet

Bello Sisters dance in the finale.

Archie Williams sings for the win…

Alan Silva Aerial performance…

Semi-Finals September 15 and results

Colin Cloud returns

Bottom three


Daneliya Tuleshova singer

Voices of Our City Homeless Choir

Cristina Rae’s performance

Bad Salsa dancers







Bottom three shocks…

All clips include judging commentary…please watch.

Double Dragon, Dance Town Family, Broken Roots, Spyros Brothers and more

Thomas Day, Alan Silva,

Shaquira McGrath

Brandon Leake

Archie Williams

Malik Dope

Quarter-Final 1 – Results


To be posted

Cam and Duo Transcend perform while the results are drawn out over the show…



These videos are the full-length edition (unless not available) and contain the panel commentary…

Brandon Leake message…

Bello Sisters

Broken Robots comeback act…

Lightwave Theatre Romanian Puppetry group performance watch…

Howie Mandel compares this group to V.Unbeatable…

Kenadi Dobbs performance


Alex Hooper roasts panel

Week 3 – Results and performances watch

Cristina Rae


Dance Town Family

Usama Siddiquee

Nolan Neal

Waffle NY

Annie Jones

Malik Dope

Max Major

Bonebreakers perform

Sheldon Riley


Alan Silva




Kelly Clarkson will step into Cowell’s position on the panel.


Archie Williams

Brett Loudermilk

Double Dragon

Feng E


Michael Yo

Pork Chop Revue

Roberta Battaglia

Shaquira McGrath

Simon and Maria

Bello and Annaliese appear again…

watch the clip!

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