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America's Got Talent 2022 Full Episodes

America’s Got Talent 2022 Full Episodes watch

Episode Five in full with all auditions watch

Follow the link to see the individual act performances, names and comments.

Episode Four in full with all auditions watch

Here are week four auditions in one presentation. Watch for Sophia’s Golden Buzzer act.

Visit this post for the list of acts and information.

Episode Three in full with all auditions watch

America’s Got Talent 2022 Week 2 Episode 2 All AUDITIONS

Over 58 minutes of audition entertainment including judging results and audience reactions.

The links provided will take you to a full post featuring the act.

Marvin Achi watch.

Zeno Sputafuoco: appearing on both the Italian and Spanish versions of the franchise.

Aiko Tanaka: Comedian has been in “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift,” and surprised.

Jojo and Bri: Jojo has returned partnering up with his niece together they are magic.

The Bock and Roll Band: animal act ventures to train not one but multiple chickens to have a positive energy that lights up the room.

Drake Milligan: Milligan also has portrayed Elvis Presley on the short-lived “Sun Records” on CMT and exudes a star and a candidate. He also appeared on American Idol.

Funkanometry: personality dancers, who enjoy a fan base that may help their journey.

Metaphysic: Daniel Emmet, singing at Simon on the screen was hilarious and original. Las Vegas baby!

Fusion Japan: Fabulous Sisters of Japan have been on “Britain’s Got Talent” and “World of Dance” the fusion of both groups is magical! If any act screams “Vegas.”

Viviana Rossi: Dangerous Aerial act that is just undeniable. She actually seems to enjoy it! Viviana actually looks like she is enjoying herself and that makes all the difference. Hopefully a contender.

Madison Taylor Baez: happens to be part of the cast of “Selena: The Series,” portraying the younger version of the icon, and has been nominated for a Skyline Performer Award. Her voice is undeniably incredible and Howie gifted her with the coveted Golden Buzzer.

America’s Got Talent 2022 Week 1 Episode 1 All AUDITIONS

Who Will Get The First Golden Buzzer?

The first act of the season was the enthusiastic group, The Pack Drumline from Chicago.

Next up was the colorful youth AGT superfans XOMG Pop, a girl group created by Jojó Siwa and Jessalyn Siwa.

Mervant Vera brought his magic act proving that if “you can do it” on AGT, then you can do it anywhere.

Lee Collinson traveled from England ahead of his performance of Dermot Kennedy’s “Better Days.”

The first animal act was Pepino the Mini Horse, which failed to perform up to standard.

Singer-songwriter Ben Lapidus came to music following the death of his father, calling it his “lifeline” and hoping that his original song would resonate with the judges.

Thirty-six-year-old trained opera singer Celia Munoz from Spain started ventriloquism by seeing former contestants sing in the genre and learned to do it herself.

Veranica & Her Incredible Friends took the stage next, surprising Simon with the list of animal pets that twelve-year-old Veranica has, including doves and camels.

Comedian Mike E. Winfield bears the weight of his family’s hopes and dreams on his shoulders.

Admitted shy personality Shu Takada pushes himself by sharing his Yo-Yo style, breaking the preconceptions of the tricks.

The last audition of the night was Avery Dixon, with the support and encouragement of his mother to live out his dreams as a saxophonist. He explained to the judges that they bullied him as a kid because of physical and vocal differences associated with being a prematurely born child and how that led him down the path of wanting to commit suicide.

Watch America’s Got Talent 2022 Week 1 episode 1 All AUDITIONS | Who Will Get The First Golden Buzzer? Judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Howie Mandel are all back for another thrilling season. Host Terry Crews returns for his fourth season on the show.

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