American Idol Season 18 Top Twenty Revealed videos

American Idol Season 18 Top Twenty Revealed videos

Here are the names, links to social media, recent auditions for Aliana Jester, Grace Leer, Franklin Boone, Makayla Phillips, the American Idol Season 18 Top Twenty Revealed videos

  • “American Idol” will announce the show’s top 20 finalists during the final pre-taped episode scheduled for April 5.
  • After the pre-taped episodes air, “Idol” is taking the footage from rehearsals with the top 20 contestants — about four hours worth of content — and running special episodes on April 12 and April 19 called “American Idol: This is Me,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.
  • The episodes explore the lives of the top 20 contestants.
  • This production plan helps the show buy time as producers figure out how — and when — they can proceed with the live episodes of performances and eliminations.
  • In the meantime, ABC is “monitoring the situation and exploring multiple options within statewide guidelines,” Deadline reported.
  • No new “Idol” episodes will air on Mondays for the foreseeable future.

Part one results video

Part two results video

Aliana Jester – Instagram – Youtube
Cyniah Elise – Instagram – Youtube – Facebook
Faith Becnel – Instagram – Youtube – Website
Grace Leer – (American Juniors Top 20)  Instagram – Facebook – Youtube – Website Biography
Julia Gargano – Instagram – Youtube  – Rose Record Label Group
Kimmy Gabriela – Instagram
Lauren Mascitti – Instagram – Youtube – Bio
Lauren Spencer Smith – Instagram – Viral Youtube Video
Makayla Phillips – (AGT Golden Buzzer) – Instagram – Facebook – AGT Backstory
Olivia Ximines – Instagram – Youtube
Just Sam –
Sophia Wackerman – Instagram – Facebook – Youtube Bio – Youtube


Dewayne Crocker – BET Sunday Best Winner – Instagram – Facebook – Youtube

Dibesh Rokharel (Arthur Gunn) – Facebook – Youtube

Dillon James – Sang an original song – Youtube

Franklin Boone – Maybe this guy

Jonny West – Instagram – Facebook – Youtube

Jovin Webb – Instagram – Facebook – Youtube

Louie Knight – Instagram – Youtube – Website

Nick Merico – American Idol S17 – Instagram – Youtube – Former Nickelodeon actor

*Francisco Martin – Instagram



Cyniah Elise brings attitude to the stage…

Lauren Spence-Smith Canadian on show….

Grace Leer and Lauren Mascitti

Makayla Phillips AGT Golden Buzzer winner shines

Olivia Ximines

Some Girl power


Kimmy Gabriela

Sophia Wackerman

Franklin Boone

Julia Gargano

Makayla Phillips solo

Louis Knight solo round….

Dillon James original








Kimmy on stage

Lauren Mascitti

Olivia Ximins and Isa Pena

Sheniel and Just



Makayla and Cyniah


Jonny West and Margie Mays





Faith Becnel and Jovin Webb….

Grace Leer….and Hannah

Jimmy Levy and Nick Merico…

Sophia Wackerman and Jovin Webb performance

Kimmy Gabriella.. enjoy the performance…ignore the antics…

Julia Gargano’s performance….

Cyniah Elise performance…

Makayla Phillips stars….

Louis Knight

Dillon James

Nick Merico no antics…

Aliana Jester’s audition released….

Franklin Boone with his audition….

Grace Leer appeared this week with her rendition “Crazy” and makes it through to….

Here was a younger Grace several years ago…


Demi Rae early release audition…

Olivia Ximines makes her audition debut…a full audition clip….

Montaged! Makayla Phillips – come on ABC! Cut for time…or something…former America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer act (NBC show) contestant audition not shown in full.

She makes the Top 20. Devon does not.

Faith Becnel gets the full audition treatment from producers… Top 20

Here’s a sample four videos featuring Kimmy Gabriela,

UPDATE 2/20: According to @IdolSpoilers Francisco Martin is Top 20. Either there is a Top 21 this season, or there is a  contestant on the list who doesn’t belong on it. Reportedly. there are conflicting sources and either could be true. In other words, there may be a contestant who was added to the list in error.

*UPDATE 2/20: Also, there is a minor change to the Top 40 Spoilers list. A name has been removed (again), Known contestants 39 at this time.

American Idol 2020 Spoilers: Season 18 Top 20 Contestant List



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