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Amara Valerio American Idol 2023 video watch

Amara Valerio American Idol 2023 video watch

This is not your typical audition Amara Valerio American Idol 2023 video watch

You decide if this is how appropriate for a contestant to be treated Amara Valerio American Idol 2023 video watch.

What is the motivation for this type of information to be released? Is there a reason that was not stated in the 2:47 seconds? ABC and American Idol seem to have made a huge leap of faith here. Not the place or time for this type of communication.

This is published only on the basis of her entering the competition and progressing to the next round.

Good luck Amara in Hollywood Week!

All the direct comments from YT audience about this contestant’s viral moment and audition

6 hours ago So much soul in her voice. I can’t wait to hear more from her.

Dan’L Marlow

5 hours ago She has a really pleasant tone and maybe she was just trying to keep her composure but I think she should work on putting way more emotion into her performance. She didn’t seem that upset when talking about the girl who took her mike.


7 hours ago I get they were trying to be funny, but I found it disrespectful they were calling out names while she was singing. They could have did all that after her performance smh

Angel T

7 hours ago (edited) Why did the judges yell out names?? They basically interrupted her just like the graduation girl did too. When will she just sing!! Goodness!!


140,309 views Mar 10, 2023

Revenge is the best SUCCESS for Amara from Yonkers, who got “Kanye’d” while singing the National Anthem at her high school! Katy, Luke and Lionel watch the viral video of this infamous Yonkers Montessori Academy catastrophe and they are OUTRAGED.

American Idol production ABC

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