All Five Unexpectedly Prank Audition The Voice video

All Five Unexpectedly Prank Audition The Voice video

Five Superstar singers, namely Jessie J, Rita Ora,  Iveta Mukuchyan, Aurea, and Jess Glynne, all  Five Unexpectedly Prank Audition The Voice video

Jess Glynne pranked the Australian edition recently. You can see all five pranks on this one video. Sometimes the acts outperform the guest stars on these shows. All five in this video simply have the power in their vocals to outshine nearly everyone. Listen, shut your eyes and see how you react!

In conclusion, do not believe that the producers arranged not to have these auditions set up for recording. Not sure if any of the panel(s) were in on the audition or not. As mentioned in one of the comments about how bad it would have been if no one turned.

Enjoy the video and comment.

Omg Rita just amazed me. It was hard for her to break out here in the US bc they were comparing her to Rihanna but I NVR saw her perform and she did amazing!
Imagine how bad it would be if chairs never turned.

Superstars PRANK The Voice coaches with unexpected Audition

1. Jessie J sings ‘I Have Nothing’ (The Voice Australia):

2. Rita Ora sings ‘Your Song’ (The Voice Germany):

3. Iveta Mukuchyan sings ‘Running’ (The Voice of Armenia):…

4. Aurea sings ‘When I Was Your Man’ (The Voice Portugal):…

5. Jess Glynne sings ‘I’ll be there’ (The Voice Australia):…

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