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Alessandra Mele's Journey Voice Norway videos watch
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Alessandra Mele’s Journey Voice Norway videos watch

Alessandra Mele’s Journey Voice Norway videos watch

Enjoy the season’s new artists from Blinds to finals featuring Alessandra Mele’s Journey Voice Norway videos watch

@LE-TURQUAIS Titouan  Øyvind, Sebastian, André and Kirsti qualified.

Sadly she did not receive enough votes following this performance. Thank you for following along with us.

Alessandra Mele | One Night Only (Beyoncé, Sharon Leal, Anika Noni Rose)

Alessandra Mele | The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (Jimmy Webb) | Battles | The Voice Norway


Made me cry.. and that is rare for me. First time this time around on the Voice. Last year it was Maria’s Lonely. However it made me mad he paired her with Emma. Emma is also a finalist… come on Espen. You could have paired Emma with one of your remaining who isn’t as good as these two… shrug
The song is one of the best country music of all time from the One of the American Country Legends Jimmy Webb. I didn’t expect her to pull it off but she did. She’s amazing! What a wonderful performance of an insanely beautiful haunting song!
What a shame two of the best performances were in the same pairing. Mixed emotions – so happy for Alessandra but incredibly sad for Emma at the same time. Still can’t wrap my head around Emma’s gone.

Låt: “The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress” Artist: Alessandra Mele Komponist/tekstforfatter: J. Webb Band: Hugo Risdal, Ole Morten Sommer, Eiolf Ødegård, Henrik Hilmersen

I Just Can’t Stop Loving You…

Låt: “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” Artist: Chris Lund, Alessandra Mele

I Will Pray cover during the Blind Auditions


Låt: “I Will Pray (Pregherò)” Artist: Alessandra Mele Komponist/tekstforfatter: A. Keys, A. Romdhane, G. Todrani, J. Larossi, V. Hansen

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