AGT America’s Got Talent 16 News Spoilers videos

AGT America’s Got Talent 16 News Spoilers videos

NBC presents the sixteenth iteration of their summer hit series AGT. Read and watch America’s Got Talent 16 News Spoilers videos.

Media posts are included below with a list of performers scheduled to appear this season. Links are provided where available.


ALL THE VIDEOs Season 16 and back here


Week 4 Auditions

This audition is memorable in its physicality and presence…watch Danila Bim Aerialist

Promo Alert

This act has been on in a previous season (2011 according to one) and was eliminated when the arrow went astray.

Ryan Stock, yes the same guy who accidentally got shot with a flaming arrow on stage,….

The Canadian daredevil and his partner AmberLynn Walker…

While the tension looks real to some others on the YT channel are less impressed…comments suggest that Mr. Cowell would not risk his life, no would the producers, etc.

Back Next Tuesday with more acts…




Week 3 was only a one-hour presentation.

The acts that will be featured in the third episode include:

We did see a glimpse at CZN backstage during the second episode, but we did not get to see them perform. Simon Cowell virtually chose them as the winners of Canadian Family’s Got Talent, a local contest developed in quarantine last year. He invited them to audition for America’s Got Talent this season. Their full audition is expected to air during the June 13 episode.

Week 2 of the auditions brought this memorable young lady to the stage and to our lives!

Jane Marczewski Nightbirde Golden Buzzer AGT 2021

Read her story (in part) follow the link….congrats Jane, and well done Mr. Cowell.

Les Beaux Freres Towel men are masters of moving their towels around and dancing around the stage without actually exposing themselves to the judges. The most hilarious part of their France’s Got Talent audition was definitely when they decided to share a towel.

WEEK 1 Highlights

Links and spoilers



  • Canine Stars is a team of performing rescue dogs from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, The Netherlands, and South Korea.
  • The Chapkidz is a new generation of dancers from Chapkis Dance
  • Maeve Jones is a dance student at Let’s Dance, Inc in Stoneham, Massachusetts.
  • JW’s Inspirational Singers are a group from New York City who has graced Broadway stages and come from all areas of the entertainment industry Instagram
  • The Jane family is a part of Temple London, a martial arts school that has brought the Dragon Ball Z franchise to life. @iammattjane.
  • Young dancer Breez Lily Carver.
  • ‘Delicious’ Duane Douglas is a no-contact wrestler
  • Alexandra Cote is a dog trainer with years of experience @alexandra_entrainementcanin.
  • Pink Puma Inc. This group of ladies are all pole and aerial performers from all over the world. @pinkpumainc.
  • Belle Marie is a tiny 6-year-old dancer from Miami.
  • Tess Rembetsy-Brown is a singer and pianist with an angelic voice. @tessrb7.
  • Hello Sister is a band of three sisters with an unbreakable bond. @hellosistermusic.
  • Positive Impact Movement is a team of four acrobats. The group members have previously competed on American Ninja Warrior and appeared in Cirque Du Soleil. @positiveimpactmovement.
  • The Ultimutts is a dog and cat stunt show that combines daring tricks and adorable pets. @the_ultimutts.
  • Miles Allen is a comedian voice impression with a TikTok over 1.4 million followers @smilesallen.
  • Leah Rae Shafer is a skincare business mogul by day and a singer by night @leahraeshafer.
  • Zac Taylor  TikTok star singing videos have earned him close to 1 million likes on the platform. @zactaylor129.
  • El Güero Ranchero singer and love for mariachi music. A sense of humor  @elgueroranchero.
  • Emerald Elixir drag queen and musical theater  85,000 TikTok followers.  @emerald__elixir.

  • Johnny Showcase and his pals are bringing their funky singing extravaganza @johnnyshowcase. Week 2
  • Singer Chris Weaver competed on Season 13 of The Voice as a member of Team Jennifer. Chris also performs under his drag persona Nedra Belle. @chrisweaver.
  • Jonas Woolverton is a former Cirque du Soleil performer and current director of Cinema Cirque LLC.  @zupunkcirque.
  • Mr. Cherry holds 22 world records with one of the most hilarious ones being “most walnuts crushed by sitting down.”  @mrcherry_amazing. Week 1
  • Many New Yorkers know of Buddy the Rat. With over 1.2 million followers  @jonothonlyons.
  • Crashing Cali rock band with members ages ranging from 11-17 with own original music America’s Got Talent audition  @crashingcali.
  • “Slinky Josh” Jacobs is a professional slinky manipulator. @slinkyjosh.
  • Aidan Bryant is an aerial artist with extreme flexibility. Week 1.
  • Anthony the Molar Man is a teeth musician. @anthony_molarman.
  • Professional ballerina Dr. Merritt Moore dances with a Universal Robotics industrial robot.  @physicsonpointe.
  • Sergio Paolo 24-year-old circus performer who can juggle, flip, and more @sergiopaolo.p.
  • Indonesian singer and harpist Angela July was a finalist on the second season of Asia’s Got Talent@angelajuly_.
  • Railcris a hand-balancing trio with stage experience all over the world including a performance on Tu si que vales. @rialcris_
  • Tyler Scott Hoover a Spider-Man cosplayer, acrobat, and breakdancer. @tstunningspidey.
  • Kevin Micoud a magician and mentalist, named magicians in the world at an award broadcast in 2020. @kevinmicoud_mentaliste.
  • Legendary actor and comedian Michael Winslow Spaceballs, Gremlins, and other movies and television shows. @michael_winslow.
  • Méliejade T.Bouchard  a Canadian circus performer who is completely mesmerizing on the Cyr wheel. A @mj_circus.


Korean Soul Week 2

Matt Johnson Escape artist Week 2.

Patrick Kun magician week 2

The Curtis Family C-Notes singers week 2

Gina Brillon comedian





Featuring Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell and Sofia Vergara. Hosted by Terry Crews.

Sofia Vergara video via Talent Recap

This production is one of the best affirmation series on the planet. Showcasing people’s hopes, dreams, and goals in life. Join us all season long!


Premieres Tuesday, June 1st 8/7c on NBC!


Black Widow Dance Group from Italy appeared in the earlier promo.

Watch their audition here.


AGT Judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara, along with host Terry Crews, give an inside look at what we can expect and be surprised by this season.


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