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5 Contestants Perform American Idol 2019 Reveal 3 watch

American Idol 2019 Reveal 4 watch

5 Contestants Perform American Idol 2019 Reveal 3 watch

Alejandro Aranda, Laci Kaye Booth, Laine Hardy, Madison Vandenburg, Wade Cota, 5 Contestants Perform American Idol 2019 Reveal 3 watch.

Next week wraps the season 2 on ABC or 17 for the rest of us…a three-hour marathon will wash the earth clean.

Happy mothers day to all!

Summary: post-show

Top 3 Results – in no particular order

  1. Laine

2. Madison

3. Alejandro

Wade and Laci were eliminated.

Before Show

Yet there was no room for last year’s winner!

Furthermore, the judges are out of saves this week, America’s true heart will reveal. Katy Perry – what will she say or do next? Lionel Richie and Luke Bryant are the bookends.

Seacrest and Bones are there to meddle with your mindset!

Get ready one goes home after 15 musical numbers. No guest this week! Two contestants will go home!

5 Contestants Perform American Idol 2019 Reveal

5 Contestants Perform American Idol 2019 Reveal

5 Contestants Perform American Idol 2019 Reveal 3 watch

5 Contestants Perform ABC via Twitter

A quick look back at the auditions for the contestants!

Not all videos are shown here…for the full coverage visit here


Bobby Bones’ Pick was the first round of song performances

Alejandro Aranda – No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley and the Wailers. Lionel called him a diamond and personalized the classic! Perry, he stepped into the power, this will be a really interesting two songs. Luke, you commanded the vocal. Watch the video yourself!

Laci Kaye Booth – The House that Built Me by Miranda Lambert. She talked about her dead dog. No pressure her sound and story! A soft heartache ballad from Laci. Luke talked about all her attributes. Lionel the song fit your story and best vocals, keep focused on what you are about! Perry fever pitch keeps turning it up. Take more chances!

Laine Hardy – Can’t You See. Bones chose it as a good fit for him. Perry wants to scare himself into the final. Luke called it a great arrangement for the night. Lionel wants the attitude!

Madison Vandenburg – What About Us by Pink. He picked this song because she can not hold back a Pink one. Luke talked about her performance and keep digging. Lionel ready for showtime, the growth, the last two notes were amazing. Perry, it is happening right now, towards the end, some crazy musical life.

Wade Cota –  You Are The Best Thing – he has to be soulful, and why not sing this the best man. Good choice for him, nice production in the house, soulful and deep! Luke called that performance as subtle. Lionel reminisced and told him to enjoy the ride. Katy, why not Wade?

The Songs of Elton John were the second round.

Alejandro Aranda – Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word – an all-time classic that was perfectly presented by @scarypoolparty! Luke asked him if he has been holding back? Wrap your head around being a giant star! Lionel, you killed that, a note from Elton should be expected, the sky is the limit. Perry, music was the language of all her feelings, something about actually playing in this competition.
Laci Kaye Booth – Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting – This has to be the hardest song to sing and she did a good attempt! Perry, you are every woman and a pop star! Just keep doing that! Luke, it livened up the place, show us a new thing. Lionel said she turned it into her song, do you!

Laine Hardy – Something About the Way You Look Tonight, was the last song in this round, his voice and range carried him well for this number. Perry told him he is shining tonight. Luke called it singing tonight. Lionel wanted to know if he had been in his closet? You have all the package – a winner.
Madison Vandenburg – Your Song – one of his best ever songs, and she did carry her rendition well. Lionel talked about bats and your journey is bright! Perry called it to “ketchup and mustard” on a burger. Luke called her voice as soulful and the range.
Wade Cota – Rocket Man – He wore some big bad glasses for the opening part, and proceeded to move through it rather underperforming this opportunity! Lionel, you have gone to the man with glasses, and playing with the character. Perry, he shared that he had five pairs of glasses, she shared that he is hilarious. Luke wanted the sunglasses on the whole song. He talked about his chill bumps.

Dedications Hero Tributes final round. 

Alejandro Aranda – Original Song Blesser
Laci Kaye Booth – Fleetwood Mac Dreams
Laine Hardy – The Beatles Hey Jude
Madison Vandenburg – Adele Make You Feel My Love
Wade Cota – KISS Hard Luck Women

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