4 Chairs Kenzie Zae Avery Anna Voice Season 20 videos

4 Chairs Kenzie Zae Avery Anna Voice Season 20 videos


Kenzie Wheeler Zae Romeo Avery Roberson Anna Grace Watch All 4 Chair Turns Voice Season 20 videos.


All four contestants, artists were in their early twenties, two of the four chose Kelly Clarkson as their coach.

You can follow them on their social media links if not already. Kenzie Wheeler, Zae Romeo, Avery Roberson, and Anna Grace

Anna Grace Felten (Kelly) 20, Milwaukee WI. My Future (Billie Eilish)  Instagram | Youtube | TikTok

Avery Roberson (Blake) 20 Rutherfordton, North Carolina. “If You’re Reading This”  Instagram | Youtube | TikTok

Kenzie Wheeler (Kelly) 22 from Dover, Florida. Don’t Close Your Eyes (Keith Whitley)   Instagram | Youtube | TikTok

Zae Romeo (Nick) 21, Houston TX. Falling (Harry Styles)  Instagram | Youtube | TikTok

You can review their individual music journey on the show via the links.

Winner Cam

Runnerup Kenzie

Third Jordan

Fourth – Rachel Mac

Fifth place…. Victor


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0:00. Kenzie Wheeler 1:33. Zae Romeo 3:15. Avery Roberson 4:41 Anna Grace
Sidenote NBC is planning on producing a US version of the Eurovision show based here in all 50 states in 2022.
This is the planned replacement (lower budget show) to replace the spring Voice series and pay someone’s salary.
Or in other words, this is how in a monetary sense NBC not only paid for Ariana Grande’s coaching next season but effectively cut the other product in half all in one action.

Each of the four’s journey and exit point summary

Anna Grace – a four-chair audition winner has exited the season as part of the Top 9 mass cut episode.
Blake stole Anna during the Knockouts.
Watch her season journey in the link as well as several others as well.

Kenzie remained as the one and only four-chair winner to appear in the finale.

Avery Roberson, each coach felt the need to seek him on their team that several blind auditions were delayed to a later recording.

And yet he still chose Blake. Apparently, it was the “longest” they’d ever had to fight for.

In the Knockouts, Kelly paired Avery Roberson vs. Kenzie Wheeler was the exit point for him.

Zae Romeo (Nick) In the Knockouts, Nick paired Rachel Mac vs. Zae Romeo which was his exit point as well.