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24 Artists Perform Voice Season 16 2019 Live Show video

Top 4 Revealed Voice Season 16 2019 video watch

24 Artists Perform Voice Season 16 2019 Live Show video

Twenty four artists in the two-hour marathon event! Yes, do not blink because you may miss something. 24 Artists Perform Voice Season 16 2019 Live Show video.

The streams of the iTunes studio track the contestants have recorded will count as votes. All Top 24 artists will perform live in front of coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton for their chance at a spot in the Top 13.

ONLY four more weeks left in the season. Votes count!




05/13/2019 (08:00 PM – 10:00 PM) (Monday): The top 8 artists perform in front of coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton for America’s vote. Plus, in a ‘Voice’ first, the Top 8 will pair up to perform competitive duets on songs from the legendary band, The Beatles. Carson Daly (“TODAY Show”) hosts.

Our roundup features links to iTunes for all the studio performances – streaming is back now.

The videos come from NBC and will be posted when made available. 

We will only post several artists the rest you can use the above link to look at!

24 Artists Perform Voice Season 16 2019 Live Show video

24 Artists Perform Voice Season 16 2019 Live Show video NBC Image

Tuesday Night Result Show – remember the time change

On Tuesday, host Carson Daly will declare 12 artists safe. Additionally, the Comeback Stage winner will perform a sing-off versus one of last week’s eliminated Cross Playoff contestants. After the viewer insta-vote, the winner will join the finalists. The Top 13 perform next week for your votes.

Some promo for a chain store with 24 people – look familiar.

Team Kelly Clarkson was the first group

Rod Stokes was the first act of the night and he did not disappoint with this rendition. That was awesome. Next to perform was Matthew Johnson, a different pace from the opening…live television is fun, Legend got two close-ups then they changed to Kelly! He showed some runs and a third Legend closeup at the end!! Rebecca Howell dove straight into it, her vocals were rushed not her best tonight! Continuing the non-stop music was Presley Tennant showed more effort and passion in her performance worthy of a save Kelly!

More, Abby Kasch took this country classic for a spin and gave herself a chance with an authentic rendition. Closing out the team Jej Vinson the vocals were so smooth, clear and authentic for a live performance and one moment for us to remember this season. He has the charm to take it to the winner’s box.

Abby Kasch – I Got The Boy (Jana Kramer)
Jej Vinson – Love Lies (Khalid & Normani)

Jej Vinson Performs Khalid and Normani's "Love Lies" – The Voice Live Top 24 Performances 2019

Matthew Johnson – Ordinary People (John Legend)


Presley Tennant Sings Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus' "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" – The Voice Top 24


Presley Tennant – Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (Mark Ronson & Miley Cyrus) – Presley is doing a stripped down version of Nothing Breaks Like A Heart!


Rebecca Howell – Wild One (Faith Hill)

Rod Stokes Sings The Allman Brothers Band's "Midnight Rider" – The Voice Top 24 Performances 2019

Rod Stokes – Midnight Rider (The Allman Brothers Band)


Team Legend performed next

Now, do we get more legend close-ups this round? The direct chose the man in the green suit during several Team Kelly performances. Maelyn is going to be in the finale with Jej! Lisa Ramey kicked off the team. This was a strong performance, a bit over the top…yellow black outfit was distracting…vocals were really strong! Jacob Maxwell took a different rendition of this classic and it most parts worked for me. Next to perform was Jimmy Mowery. He was able to carry the lyrics and vocals well and had a lot of energy on stage. Stop making it hard for America! Good job.

Celia Babini was next, with a different arrangement of this Fleetwood Mac classic. Out came the stage strut dragging the mic stand behind her. I will remember that for sure. Plenty of attitudes, she gave it all. She went for a crowd bender and rocked the crap out of it. Awesome. Maelyn Jarmon was the next act in this group. Totally believable performance, control, emotions and style with sweet moments. There are her and the rest! Finally, Shawn Sounds closed out this team. He has the vocal power to move a refrigerator and out comes the quality in this performance. Yes, we did get Legend close-ups! I did not see Kelly in the shot!

Celia Babini Performs Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain" – The Voice Live Top 24 Performances 2019

Celia Babini – The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)
Jacob Maxwell – Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler)
Jimmy Mowery – Youngblood (5 Seconds of Summer)
Lisa Ramey – The Weight (The Band)


Maelyn Jarmon Sings Maggie Rogers' "Fallingwater" – The Voice Live Top 24 Performances 2019

Maelyn Jarmon – Fallingwater (Maggie Rogers)
Shawn Sounds – Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder)

Team Levine was the third group to perform.

He could not be happier with the four on his team. Kalvin Jarvis was first to perform and took some of us on a ride while not all joined in. It did not carry me anywhere. Next, Betsy Ade rocked out of the house with this classic chit for all headbangers to enjoy. Not sure if this is popular enough to carry her into the top 13. Mari was next to perform with this mountain of a song and she did an adequate performance in my book. Domenic Haynes performed last and easily was the most controlled of the four. Hands down. Adam will save him.


Betsy Ade – Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Jet)


Domenic Haynes Sings Amy Winehouse's "Love Is a Losing Game" – The Voice Live Top 24 Performances



Domenic Haynes – Love Is A Losing Game (Amy Winehouse)
Kalvin Jarvis – Mine (Bazzi)
Mari – Work It Out (Beyonce)

Team Blake Shelton performed as the final group on the night. Country fans heaven for 45 minutes (fewer ads)!

More back to back singing, only half will advance. A continuation of the cross battles and stepped up and leave it on the stage. Blake confirmed his strategy, simple, was to no to do what Adam does.

First act Andrew Sevener, his single turn act, stomped on the lyrics with authenticity so lacking in many other performances tonight. C’mon country fans! Selkii was the second act to perform, from South Africa, and came back with this strong performance from her last, control range and no screaming. Genius Blake saved her. Oliv Blu was next and tried to be sultry with another legend sneak closeup! That green coat…no Oliv…please enough thank you. Next was Gyth Rigdon with this near perfect vocal of the Shenandoah classic. He was 20 of 24 – I am overloaded! Too many at the buffet to choose from. Clap for the band.

Kendra Checketts was next to perform. She has a different swag that exudes confidence and makes for constant watching as to what will she do next! Definitely memorable! Continuing Carter Lloyd Horne goes rock n roll back to Elvis a smooth controlled with some swag that worked the stage. His vocals were solid, but I am still thinking of Kendra. LOL! Kim Cherry, first act to appear on the season opener does not disappoint with her strong vocals, with her rapping and style that is oddly inviting. Well done Kim! Last act Dexter Roberts, from Alabama, he just has the control and vocals that will stand the test of time for many of us.

That was a wrap folks! 24 songs, 24 artists and it is all over to you!

Possible spoiler!

Not officially, but everything is pointing to it being LB. Everyone else (except Kayslin) has posted from home since they were eliminated.

Andrew Sevener – Boots On (Randy Houser)
Carter Lloyd Horne – Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Presley)


Dexter Roberts Performs Brooks & Dunn's "Ain't Nothing 'Bout You" – The Voice Top 24 Performances


Dexter Roberts – Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You (Brooks & Dunn)

Gyth Rigdon Sings Shenandoah's "I Want to Be Loved Like That" – The Voice Live Top 24 Performances

Gyth Rigdon – I Want To Be Loved Like That (Shenandoah)

Kendra Checketts Performs Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" – The Voice Live Top 24 Performances 2019

Kendra Checketts – Bad Guy (Billie Eilish)

Kim Cherry Performs TLC's "Waterfalls" – The Voice Live Top 24 Performances 2019


Kim Cherry – Waterfalls (TLC)
Oliv Blu – The Girl From Ipanema (Amy Winehouse )
Selkii – Iris (The Goo Goo Dolls)

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