The Royal Commission into Australia’s Bushfire Crisis

The Royal Commission into Australia’s Bushfire Crisis is Underway

Here are several reports and comments from various sources today featuring The Royal Commission into Australia’s Bushfire Crisis is Underway.

This is a heart rendering story of destruction, death, fire, and raw power untamed. On one side there are the climate changes, on the other are people not concerned with climate change.

Most will fall in the middle of this with their own opinion. Let us hope that a commission of experts provide blueprint answers for this and the next generation.

The Guardian
Australia’s ‘failing’ environmental laws will fuel further public health crises, Nobel laureate warns. Bushfires and Covid-19 highlight connection …
9 hours ago
ABC Technology and Games
The royal commission into bushfire crisis begins hearings with focus on … Australia this year would be the fallout from the summer’s bushfires.
7 hours ago
The Guardian
Bushfires leave 470 plants and 200 animals in dire straits – government analysis
Australia’s national environment laws – the Environment Protection and … of protections has been made more urgent by the bushfire crisis.
1 month ago
Furthermore, commentary from the source media provider Sky News Australia below…

The royal commission into Australia’s bushfire crisis is underway after hearing its first witness give evidence on the impact of climate change on the bushfire season.

Dr. Karl Braganza spoke on Monday about how climate change contributed to the devastating bushfires, saying two major weather events impacted Australia directly.

He said a positive Indian dipole led to a drier winter in the south, and a negative southern annular mode resulted in higher temperatures and less rainfall across the eastern seaboard. The royal commission is also due to hear from CSIRO and GeoScience Australia on Monday about climate change.

Image: News Corp Australia

Moreover, here is a sample of comments posted on the YT channel about the clip…

JUST LIKE THE PREVIOUS BUSHFIRE ROYAL COMMISSION, this whitewash bushfire royal commission is nothing more than a talkfest like the previous ones… good money-spinners for the QC’s and the bandwagon of reporters…
climate change has nothing to do it. absolutely nothing. these were deliberately lit fires. over 200 cases of arson and you are talking crap about the climate hoax. climate activists need to be charged.
Victoria is registered to an aligned Branch, East, East Central, England, Russia, Italy, China, or friend and business partner. The Supreme Head Officials are my DADDY Francis, The Holy Father Pope Francis, my mom Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll, my husband PRESIDENT KING Putin. The International Courts my Legal Representatives, China my Friend and business partner, The Diplomatic Governor’s General Cornelius A Smith, and Team. I am not under Freeport Grand Bahama Branch. Good night. Careful attention to my Daddy Francis, Mom Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll, and husband President King PUTIN. No other PRESIDENT is my daddy or husband.
People who live in rural areas should manage their own risks. Land clearing should not be government subsidies. The insurance premium bills federal, councils and state government are just going to be bigger to ensure burn-offs can be done. To do this would result in a tax hike on people who are not a risk of bushfires. Protecting your Private property is your own matter, the government should not intervene otherwise the will start bailing out dicey builders in the CBD who screw up apartments.

Gary Norman

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