Thando's Journey Voice Australia 2022 watch

Thando Sikwila’s Journey Voice Australia 2022 watch

Thando Sikwila’s Journey Voice Australia 2022 watch

Here is our coverage of the new season featuring returning Thando’s Journey. On the Voice Australia 2022 watch.

Grand Finale was released and unfortunately Thando was not announced as the voted winner of this season. However, in many minds she remains a winner on many levels, including her motivation, dedication, vocal gifts and approach to the journey. Congratulations Thando, you won many hearts across the world and keep motivated to release new music for us new fans.

A message to her fans, you know what to do! Support her music and social media!

The Other Side finale original song release
Thando and Keith duet ‘Oh My God’ by Adele

Semi final performance

Thando – ‘POV’ by Ariana Grande 4 chair turner talked about her artistry and mum mindset. She has to harness her inner self and surprised by the song choice. The lyrics meanings hit her from her childs perspective and Keith believes she will be hard to beat. Her pitch perfect rendition moved the audience and all the coaches out of their chairs. She smashed it! An epic performance claimed Rita. Keith called it a breakthrough moment and inspired him. Again she has to explain her want to reach the final to Keith and the audience.

RESULT – Keith advanced Thando over Lane.

Thando appeared in this battle against Shaun. She advanced.

Then she had to sing again for a place in the semi final.

  • Chriddy performed first with “Talking To The Moon”
  • Thando performed second with “Chandelier”

Keith chose…Thando with that range OMG, “one of the best performances on that stage” called by Keith.

The full release video will be available soon. Delays depend on the producers’ discretion.

Returning to the production with a 4 chair turn after performing “I’m Every Woman” She chose Keith as her coach.

Thando's Journey Voice Australia 2022 watch
Thando’s Journey Voice Australia 2022 watch

“And you’re balancing it all, trying to make sure that you don’t miss out in the process.”

“I think that whatever you do, and wherever you go, it’s gonna be spectacular,” Rita Ora adds.

There’s no shortage of inspirational talent ready to take on the “blind auditions” in the upcoming season of The Voice Australia, as mum and singer Thando Sikwila proves.


becoming a mom and everything, her life/perspective definitely changed a lot since Season 3.

Thando Sikwila’s performance from 2014 with over 2 million views.

Thando (

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