Season 8 News Contestants Voice Australia 2019

Season 8 News Contestants Voice Australia 2019

Here we cover all the latest performances without all the judging nonsense…add in some reviews and performance videos. This is our coverage of

Here is our season eight coverage of performances and contestants featured on Voice Australia. Minus all the judging nonsense…Season 8 News Contestants Voice Australia 2019 read.

Videos uploaded from sources may disappear over time…something outside of our control.

Sheldon, Jack, and Diana – Three memorable acts in review

Sheldon Riley’s Season 8 Journey and videos

Jack Vigden’s Season 8 Journey and videos

Diana Rouvas’ Season 8 Journey and videos

What The Winner said – Diana Rouvas – 35 years young, the second attempt – all-star entrant won.

“It is an absolute honour to be here, thank you Australia. It is incredible,” she said.

“Thank you to everyone on this show. All the coaches. The people have who fed us. The people have played alongside us. Everyone who has dressed us. Seriously, it is an amazing show and it is such an honour to be standing back here alongside this young man.”

Rouvas competed in The Voice in its first season in 2012 and made it all the way to the top eight with Keith Urban as her mentor.

She came fifth in the 2012 season but this year, at the request of the TV network, returned to the show as an all-star.

Furthermore, her new single – “Wait For No One” was released on her night of crowning!

Diana Rouvas sings ‘I Will Always Love You’

She truly is the best Australia has to offer. What an amazing voice! Timeless!!


Summary – and the winner was – it is from a YouTuber with their comments included.

On the night – Runner Up – Daniel Shaw

Jordan was first eliminated…followed by Zeek. Daniel was announced as first into the top two to trick us. Dirty producers! (sarcasm)

Contestants up for the grand finale this season. Coach Guy Sebastian had the role of being unbiased bystander, as he had no team member in the finale.

Read links for glamour reviews and bio from producers.

Zeek Power – newbie – Team Kelly

Jordan Anthony Rabbone – newbie – Team Delta

Diana Rouvas – All-star  – Team George,  she was only surviving female and all-star that Australia voters thought was good enough to be in the finale.

Daniel Shaw – newbie –  Team Delta

Season Bloopers tape for those who love to see a lol moment.

Season 8 Schedule (in part)

This 20-second promo confirms “Grand Finale Week” – Monday, Tuesday, Sunday.

Tuesday 2 July 2019, Live Semi Final Season 8 Episode 19 7:30 – 9:30 pm Eliminations # 5

Only four acts remain in the competition – Australia voted with their apps.

Monday 1 July 2019, Final 3 Season 8 Episode 18 – 7:30  – 9:30 pm – Eliminations #

3 acts went home Monday night. Down to 9 acts. Who went home? Use the above link.

Live Shows Monday, July 1, 2019, featured Top 12 acts.

For the first time, Australia voted in this series…and it was half expected that the three who were eliminated were no surprise.

Live Shows Featured Top 16 acts – Monday and Tuesday 24-25 June 2019!

  • The four teams will be divided over 2 episodes and will feature 2 teams each night.
  • Each team was reduced from 4 to 3 and that decision is upon the coaches.
  • You will have a vote in the show beginning in the Top 12.

Results – Live Shows – Top 16 over two nights…

Monday George said goodbye to Carlos, while Kelly dropped expected mum Rebecca!

On Tuesday, Delta let her only female Natasha go, so much for diversity, and Guy sent home Elsa. The girl who dropped Kellendria because she dropped her!

Top 16 – no victory laps for Nat, Elsa, Carlos, and Rebecca. See them all again in 2022! Adieu!


Voting overview.


How will voting work?

All voting will take place right here on the official Voice website at Voting will first open at the end of Final 2 on June 25, and you’ll get six free votes to use in each vote window.

Get ready for that first vote!

How can you get prepared before June 25 so you’re ready to save your favourite? You’ll need to be logged into 9Now in order to receive your votes. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up for one now here so you’re all set.

A more detailed summary…Tuesday Night Live Final Top 16 – this round was between Team Guy and Team Delta!

Team Guy

Top 12 – remaining acts include, Jack, Chynna, and Mitch!

Here is a look back at some of the standout acts this season

Elsa Clement



Our storybook princess, Queen Elsa of Australelle, who is a non-fictional singer appeared in Channel Nines Animation series and looking to sing a part in a stage show called Frozen III. With remarkable strength, she fights off the evil Kelenderia to find her way back home. Alas, she had to rejoice in a 13 – 16 number on the list of 48 names.

At age nine, Elsa was in a car accident.  Her face hit the dashboard, leaving her with such a bad jaw injury that meant she was likely to be unable to sing again.  She proved doctors wrong and at the age of 12, joined a Reggae band ‘Kool Vibrations’ and has been performing in it for the past six years.

18-year-old Elsa works in a warehouse driving a forklift and packing boxes. Elsa and her family watch The Voice together, bonding over the show, so now it’s Elisa’s time to show her family and Australia why she should be on that stage.

Check out Elsa on Instagram


Top 16 song called “Rise Up” was performed. Appears to be popular with the iTunes users.


He’s not a The Voice All-Star, but he is well known to the Australian public. Eight years after winning Australia’s Got Talent, Jack is back on our screens.

Jack found fame and fortune at age 14 when he won the 5th Season of Australia’s Got Talent, with the Australian public dubbing him the ‘Australian Justin Bieber’. His debut album, Yes I Am, was certified gold by ARIA, but after being flown all over the world, appearing at events and performing for thousands, he felt it a lonely and unenjoyable experience, which led him to resent and fear singing.

Now 22, Jack has matured personally and professionally and is now ready to share his music again with Australia and the world. He has found the passion for singing once again.

Check out Jack on Instagram

Chynna Taylor

She sang “Alone” for the episode.

American born professional singer, music is in Chynna’s soul.  She grew up playing music in church and credits church for starting her musical passions. Now living in Jarvis Bay, she’s been married for the past decade to an Australian who is in the Navy.  She is fully committed to turning a chair on The Voice as a solo artist and for the opportunities, this might bring.

Check out Chynna on Instagram

Stream Chynna’s music here

Mitch Paulsen

He sang Bad Guy for a Top 12 chance. Top 12 it is!


Born and raised on the Gold Coast, Mitch loves the water and spends as much time as possible at the beach.  Having only sung twice in public, The Voice stage is his ultimate test.

Musically, Mitch suggests his style is in the vein of John Mayer, Justin Bieber or Ed Sheeran.  His 10-year-old Blue Staffy, Zeplin, is his best mate.

Check out Mitch on Instagram

Stream Mitch’s music here


– Production decisions – divisive or affirmative – All-stars v Newbies…

All-star v Newbie argument continued and strangely the producers amplified the rhetoric featuring their all-star casting comeback.

For example, I heard one speak about the risk she took to come back. Yes, you had a choice whether to come onto the show and make it or fail. Your courage is noted, however, you do not have any more right to win the season than a newbie. Risk pill swallow!

Why? Is it fame, money, stature, revenge, or even trying to reprove a past theory. The tapestry of people in this season is all about to clash in something that has a huge risk of failure or success. Which side are you on?

Post the Top 16 Carlos and Natasha were the eliminated all-stars!

Oddities this season

Aside from the coach behavioural issues and rule-bending, we note a few issues.

  • Shining Princess Elsa, took her own fate into her hands moving from Rowland’s coaching to be under Sebastian’s guidance. That move gave her a chance to be in the live shows. The best move of the season! Although…No happy Disney ending!
  • Dropping Chriddy to the curb was not positive for many fans. He asked, Why?
  • See Team Delta…no women remain on her team.
  • Guy Sebastian left with no team on Grand Finale night…oof!

Team Delta

A few weeks earlier the producers highlighted women on her team performing together. Later there are no more women on the team.


Top 16 she performed Everybody’s Free (To Do Good) released in 1992… revealed her post-cancer treatment hairdo! Lyrically, one of the lamest songs of that decade…google it.

Delta sent home the only remaining female act on her team. No diversity here.

In an emotional blind audition on The Voice, Natasha Stuart told the coaches that she’d just finished 20 weeks of chemo for breast cancer. The 42-year-old said she felt a special bond with Delta Goodrem, who also battled cancer, and ultimately picked the Wings singer as her coach.

Currently battling Breast Cancer, Natasha is a professional singer living in Bondi.  She wants to share her story to encourage young women to be vigilant with checking their breasts through regular breast examinations.  Singing is a way of healing for her and is her escape from harsh medical treatment. She’s more than ready to say ‘F*&% CANCER’ and be a beacon of light to others who are also suffering.  As a backing vocalist, she has toured with Jimmy Barnes, Delta Goodrem, Boy George, and Michael Bolton.

Check out Natasha on Instagram

Stream Natasha’s music here

DANIEL SHAW – Season 8 Runner Up and unlikely to get a deal. 

“Addicted To Love” released in 1985 by the late Robert Palmer was to his credit a unique rendition…repetitive lyrics…

He went naked, no beanie for the first time tonight! Stunning!

Daniel Shaw was part of perhaps one of the most explosive Voice Blind Auditions ever when Boy George chucked a hissy fit and stormed out halfway through. Daniel’s crime? He said “no one cares” when he plays guitar – a statement which George took umbrage at.

At age 12, Daniel toured the USA with his father who is his best friend.  It was tough, learning so young how hard you have to work to make it as a musician.

At the age of 18, he’s been busking for the last 10 years in Melbourne and whilst currently studying at Melbourne University, completing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and Linguistics, he would much prefer to be singing full-time.

Check Daniel out on Instagram

Stream Daniel’s music here

SHELDON RILEY – All-Star who had the chops to win vocally but met the vote thumbs down.

Everybody Wants to Rule The World released in 1985 by Tears for Fears… this was Sheldonfied! Finally, no mask this week. We just like to see your face and connect with you Riley!

He wants to “Rule The World” via the music charts…He just has to convince 7 billion people. Oh, no mask aka doily! He survived another week, and his rendition of Frozen remains atop the Voice Australia iTunes chart…


Sheldon narrowly missed out on The Voice crown last year, coming fourth. He’ll do whatever it takes to prove to the coaches he deserves the top spot.

Sheldon returns as an All-Star, fresh from Season 7, where he received a four-chair turn, choosing his Idol Boy George as his Coach. Sheldon takes a massive gamble, returning to the stage again so soon, but his colourful character and extraordinary voice are sure to bring a vocal to the Blind Auditions that was worthy of his spot in the Grand Finale last year.

Check out Sheldon on Instagram

Stream Sheldon’s music here

Jordan Anthony Rabbone – 14-year-old (at the time of production) finished in the top 4. Looking forward to his return in 2026.

How old will you be then?


Youngest male in the competition, 14-year-old Jordan, busks often, even self-funding his first album, ‘One World’, using the money raised from busking.

His father, Sam Rabbone, was on The Voice, Season 4, but didn’t turn a chair.  This time it is Jordan’s chance to turn a chair for the family.

Check out Jordan on Instagram

Stream Jordan’s music here

The Finals Monday and Tuesday Schedule…

Adam Lambert with his new single “New Eyes” and Karise Eden with 16 people mashup “We Are The Champions” and “It’s A Man’s World” for you to digest.

George sent Carlos home. Kelly let Rebecca go home.

Team George

LEE HARDING – rocker and all-star


Live Show #1 – Top 16 He sang Uprising by Muse (2009)!

After competing in Australian Idol, Lee was known as the third runner up of Season 3. His single “Wasabi” spent 22 weeks in the ARIA charts – peaking at #1 for five consecutive weeks.

Having a taste of fame, a label deal, having toured the country and has had number one songs, he lost it all in a flash.  Now a family man, he is doing The Voice as he is now what he describes as his ‘true authentic self ‘and wants to show the audience that he has grown into an original and deeply passionate artist.

Check out Lee on Instagram

Stream Lee’s music here


Carlos performed “One Dance” with a Latin spin! Rinse, spin again.


Carlos’ time on Team Ricky in season 3 came to an end when he suffered technical issues in his final performance. Now, he’s back to prove he has what it take to be a star.

An All-Star who was on #TeamRicky in Season 3, Carlos is the ultimate redemption story because while suffering from technical issues in his final performance that resulted in personal disappointment with it, he is here again to prove that he can sing and that he is a star.

Having grown personally and professionally from his time on Season 3, Carlos is now a father of two. Previously, Carlos turned four chairs, can he do it all over again this season?

Check out Carlos on Instagram

Stream Carlos’ music here

DIANA ROUVAS – Winner Season 8 2019!


It’s been a while since Diana appeared on The Voice stage as part of Team Keith in season 1. Her defining moment was her rendition of Beyoncé’s Love On Top – and we’re hoping for a repeat!

Diana returns as an All-Star to The Voice where she came fifth in Season 1 as part of Team Keith.  Her defining moment on the show was her vibrant rendition of Beyoncé’s ‘Love on Top’ but she also floored the audience and the Coaches with her raw and soulful performance of ‘Stormy Monday’, which was not only goose-bump inducing, but technically flawless. Diana is a musician’s musician and is back to prove she is in it for the long haul.

Check out Diana on Instagram

Stream Diana’s music here


Madi Top 16 song was “Slave 4 U” was it enough to convince George not to drop her?


Madi has unfinished business, having been knocked out by Aydan in the Battles last year. She was part of Team Joe – perhaps she’s hoping to work with Guy Sebastian this time around?

Madi is the quintessential pop princess who returns as an All-Star to The Voice stage from last season where she was on Team Joe, being knocked out by Aydan in the Battles.  Having turned two chairs last time, she has unfinished business with the competition. She very much has her eyes on the prize this time around.

Check out Madi on Instagram

Stream Madi’s music here

Team Kelly

Zeek drove, with Denzel and Laura in the back, Rebecca navigated.

Zeek Power – Appeared in the Finale as Rowland’s only act.

Top 16 – he earned a bold statement from Guy Sebastian! He performed “Pray For Me”

He called it, Zeek had one of those moments. “The best performance I’ve seen in years on any show like this.” He is not Zeek’s coach – just a reminder!

Growing up in a very musical family, Zeek’s grandmother taught him chords and his father played in a band.

His supportive family has no idea he is auditioning for The Voice, so this will be a total surprise to them. He recently married after an online long-distance relationship that was bonded over their common love of superheroes.

Zeek works for Youth Alive where he visits schools across QLD inspiring kids to pursue their passions. This time he is listening to his own advice, pursuing his own musical passion by auditioning for The Voice.

Check out Zeek on Instagram

Stream Zeek’s music here


Rebecca “It’s a Girl” (she is pregnant) sang “Ava Maria” from Beyonce 2008!

She competed against Guy Sebastian – who is now a coach on The Voice in the first season of Australian Idol. But when she returned to stage, he bizarrely made no mention of the fact the pair had crossed paths in the past. During her blind audition, Rebecca wowed the judges with a rendition of Jess Glynne’s Hold My Hand but it was her cute two-year-old son JJ cheering her on who really stole the spotlight.

Rebecca is a 33-year-old professional singer who feels she is at the point where she wants a new challenge.  A musical theatre star, she’s performed in lots of major theatre shows including The Lion King and The Carole King Musical.

Whilst touring can disrupt the best of families, this isn’t the case for Rebecca, as she tours with her toddler and husband.  She’s performed in front of thousands already, but nothing will be like performing in front of the whole of Australia.

Check out Rebecca on Instagram


Billed as the contestant who was set to do something “no one on The Voice has ever done before” Denzel got the crowd pumping as he performed an original rap. Although all four coaches were keen for Denzel to join their teams, the rapper eventually chose Kelly Rowland.

20-year-old Denzel is the first rapper to appear on The Voice, Australia and will be doing something never done before in the Blind Auditions.  His love for rap developed in Chemistry class at school, where while trying to remember his chemistry notes, he made a rap to recall them.

One of five kids from a very close-knit family, his father is South African, and his mother is Australian. Denzel is doing The Voice to support his hard-working parents and to move away from modelling.

Check out Denzel on Instagram

Stream Denzel’s music here

Lara Dabbagh

Live show #1 Top 16 – Lara with Lordes’ Green Light!

16-year-old Lara auditioned for last Season but failed to turn a chair.  All four Coaches agreed that she is destined to be a star. Kelly Rowland specifically said Lara was her ‘big regret’ as her team was full before Lara auditioned and even tweeted about Lara’s talent. Lara took their feedback on board and has spent the year growing as an artist and is back to turn a chair. Lara believes she has got what it takes to turn a chair this time around because everyone says they see a star in her, but can the Coaches hear a star in her this time?

Check out Lara on Instagram

Stream Lara’s music here


The Battles Monday and Tuesday, June 17-18, 2019. Results.

The Battles broadcasted over two nights of three battles from all four teams was a lot to digest. Yet at this intersection of time, the recorded shows ended with a mixed fortune of results.

Goodbyes to several popular acts including the all-star groups were played out. The results for both nights are below.

Preview night 2. Results night 2.

Here is our preview for night 1.

Here is our results post for night 1.

Otherwise, if you just want to know names then keep reading about the battles here.

The bolded name denotes winner.

Team Delta

Sheldon vs Jordan – Praying by Kesha. Will someone tell Sheldon to ditch the lace? Oh, Guy did!

Natasha vs Jesse – Giant by Rag ‘N’ Bone…close but Natasha got her coach’s nod!

The Koi Boys vs Daniel Shaw tribute to the Christchurch NZ families – Let It Be.

Team Guy

Mitch vs Elsa – Eastside by Halsey – yep

Jack vs Chriddy – Say Something by Christina Aguilera. This was a serious battle for Guy to decide on. Either way, he loses, unless a wildcard is played. No wildcard for Chriddy!

Chynna Taylor vs Kim Sheehy performed INXS Never Tear Us Apart. Kim was curbed with Chynna advancing. All-stars battle only one winner.

Team Kelly

Henry vs Denzel – Sky fall / Lose Yourself – mashup listeners may have enjoyed this but Denzel admits he is no singer. It is all in Kelly’s and producers minds.

Zeek Power vs Lara Dabbagh – Little Lara surprised many with her performance that left Zeek without a chance. Yet Kelly granted him her wildcard save.

Luke & Tannah vs Rebecca. What a dud song…the mum won.

Team George

Prinnie vs Diana – Freedom. True battle with a hard gained win for Diana. No wildcard for all-star Prinnie.


Lee Harding v Madi Krstevski. A mesmerising performance from these two. Lee advance and George used his wildcard on Madi!

Akina Maria and Carlos C Major. Akina was kicked to the curb.

Nine posted this tweet featuring Denzel and his coach. Then came the argument about rules. No matter who was right or wrong the producers allowed for Denzel to move on.

Elsa who was in the same trio as Denzel decided to go with Guy Sebastian. She turned down an offer from Kelly to be saved. In hindsight, this was a smart move, as she was Guy’s wildcard into the finals. Well done Elsa and Guy!

Here is our coverage of round 3 of Knockouts, iTunes links and who performed.

For all videos use this link to see the other performances here.

All Stars v Newbies Knockouts Part 1 Voice 2019. More to come about this!

Within Australia video Link Geo Blocked

The Knockouts. Four coaches choose three team members to perform against each other.

Each team had 12 members, so math tells us there will be three rounds per team.

Team George

George played by the rules and set Carlos this task of singing a silly song choice. Some may like it.

Burcell vs Sellma vs Carlos. Carlos advanced into the Battles.

After the round, both Burcell and Sellma were seen trying to work out a duet deal or two for one…

Already seen last week

Loma vs Madi vs Oliver… Madi won George’s vote…Loma and Oliver went home.

Lee We Will Rock You vs Siena vs Dezi

Voli vs Vendulka vs Diana – Diana advanced. That really sucked for Vendulka fans.

Team Guy

Results – Jack advanced, while Lara went to Team Kelly. Jordy was on a bus home…

Lara performed Umbrella for her knockout song.

Jack Vidgen gave an emotional performance of Love The You Lie Part II watch.

Jack -iTunes link vs Lara – iTunes link vs Jordy

Already decided
Kim In My Blood vs Jessie vs Tannah Lost In Japan,

Kim advanced, Tannah was stolen by Kelly to be in a duo with her husband.
Jesse vs Chriddy vs Mitch

Jesse saved by Delta, while Mitch and Chriddy were voted to advance or saved.
Chynna vs Conor vs Akina Dangerous Woman Akina Vogue

Chynna advanced while Akina was saved.

Team Kelly

Rebbecca advanced and Prinnie was saved.

Rebecca Sweet Child Of Mine vs Prinnie ABC vs Mack Moses – results Rebecca advanced and Prinnie won the final save of the knockouts.

Denzel performed his own rap song which was not in the spirit of the rules – theme based notion which will eventually be thrown out next season. If we get another season of this random acts of kindness. Rappers do not rap other peoples songs…so go figure it out for yourself. He advanced and so did Elsa. Amanuael was last seen at McDonald’s eating a big mac!

Denzel vs Elsa vs Amanuael 

Already decided in the previous shows
Kristie Nothing Breaks vs Zeek vs Jazmin

Zeek advanced

Dakota vs Henry Can You Feel Love vs Joey

Henry advanced

Team Delta

Jordan advanced as did Daniel on Team Delta. Watch the videos below.

Zach vs Daniel vs Jordan

Already decided Knockouts.

Natasha, The Koi’s and Sheldon advanced.
Emma vs Natasha vs Kimberly

Koi Boys vs Molly vs Erin
Sheldon vs Luke vs Nathan

Two names in a trio knockout suggest one was stolen…or saved

Round Two of the Knockouts Tuesday, June 11, 2019, to come

Team Kelly:

Jazmin/Zeek Lay Me Down/Kristie Nothing Breaks Like a Heart

Kelly advanced Zeek into the next round.

Team Guy:

Guy chose Mitch, saved Criddy, and Delta broke the rule and saved Jesse!

Jesse Breat’in /Mitch God is a Woman/Chriddy Almost is Never Enough

Team Delta:

Emma/Natasha Everybody Hurts/Kimberley

and Molly/Erin/Koi Boys Greased Lightning

The Koi’s moved on to the battles tonight. Molly and Erin hit the road…

Team George:

Diana Ill Never Love Again/Voli /Vendulka

No saves for Voli and Vendulka! Shocked fans are everywhere on this one…

and Oliver/Loma/Madi Smells Like Teen Spirit

Madi advanced with George’s vote tonight.

Round One of the Knockouts Monday, June 10, 2019, revealed…


Joey or Joe Dee was the first to perform this group of three from Team Kelly. Dakota was second with his guitar, George called it a bit corny, Guy called it weird to add to the drama.

Then Henry missed a word, and stopped, he relaunched into another shadow door…and walked away, “I can’t do this!” Then Kelly went to the stage…watch the video.

Updated: This will explain his situation prior to the event.

Speaking to New Idea he confirmed what really went wrong on stage.

“It was a bad week,” Henry says. “My father-in-law had died and his funeral was the day before my knock-out.”

“I also had a cold, so I was just coughing all the time. And I got this fear I was going to cough during my knock-out.”

“Then I was dealing with the emotional baggage.”

“The worst thought in my head was ‘I’m here, singing on national TV to further my career and I’m having to leave my family and my wife.”

“I felt like I got my priorities wrong.”

Surprise Kelly took Henry through to the Battles. No more chances per se! The whole theme was a set for his voice so viva last chance man.

No saves for either Joey or Dakota! Both have left the building, see you in 2023!

Dakota/Henry Can You Feel Love/Joey Dee 

Team Guy:

Akina Dangerous Woman Akina Vogue/Conor/Chynna Papa Don’t Preach

Boy George saved Akina. Chynna advanced, while Connor skated out the door. This was a strong showing by Chynna…Akina draws on her stage presence and her good vocal, while Conor was on stage for a minute stomping his foot with a song he did not know.

and Jessie/Kim In My Blood/Tannah Lost In Japan

Kelly Rowland saved Tannah wife of Luke, Daughter of Sands…

Team Delta:

Luke Pray For Me/Sheldon Call Out My Name/Nathan

Luke went to Team Kelly…

Nathan went home via Balmain…

Team George:

Lee We Will Rock You/Sienna/Dezi

Sienna and Dezi sang for dinner and asked for some more…but George the cook said no more. Bye girls. See you in 2022 when you come back!


Loma vs Madi vs Oliver
Burcell vs Sellma vs Carlos
Lee We Will Rock You vs Siena vs Dezi
Voli I Know I am Not The Only One vs Vendulka vs Diana

Kim In My Blood vs Jessie vs Tannah Lost In Japan
Jesse vs Chriddy vs Mitch
Chynna vs Conor vs Akina Dangerous Woman Akina Vogue

Jack vs Lara vs Jordy

Kristie Nothing Breaks vs Zeek vs Jazmin
Rebecca vs Prinnie vs Mack Moses Senorita
Denzel vs Elsa vs Amanuael
Dakota vs Henry Can You Feel Love vs Joey

Zach vs Daniel vs Jordan
Emma vs Natasha vs Kimberly
Koi Boys vs Molly vs Erin
Sheldon vs Luke vs Nathan

With 48 contestants to pick from each coach has a team of 12. 

The powers that will be announced “World First” in their promos – And the All-star returnees… some who actually made the finals are on the list.

Matt Garwood attempted a return… the producers placed him at the end of the schedule and this is what happened during the audition.

Live Studio Audience called Jun 14 – Jul 7 lockup is optional!

Jun 14 – Jul 7Fox Studios Australia · Paddington, New South Wales
Music · 1,213 people

UK pop star goes undercover to prank The Voice coaches hours ago
A Grammy award-winning British singer has gone undercover to audition on TheVoice in a bizarre prank on the four celebrity coaches.
Jess Glynne “pranks” the coaches!

12 Faces of Delta (11 + 1 see final Jordan Rabbone below)

Sheldon Riley returns to the show this time taking a place on Team Delta!

The Blinds Conclude and The Knockouts Begin… except the coaches seem to be the ones throwing the verbal punches. Hype or real?

Team George 12 members…name them all! We couldn’t! Do we really need 48 people for a season?

Volki K has a smooth tone and range to power through a Sam Smith classic… George or Guy or Delta?

Elsa Clement won a four-chair turn and left Guy on the roadside.

Joey sang for Kelly and George to turn. Result below…

Tonight Elsa Clement, Josh Maynard, and others were on stage…

Our choice picks from the latest Blind auditions featured these guys and gal!

Nathan Foley rocked out Footloose!

“A lot of people don’t think I can sing adult songs” – Nathan Foley

Kim Sheehy a returnee – under All-Star banner…performed Both Sides Now. Another act that chose another coach rather than their original one.

Burcell Taka surprises with Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work” an odd choice for a man to sing. Aside from the lyrics…hmm…his voice is unique!

Vendulka Wichta sings Karma Chameleon

Making a return to the national spotlight was this female artist who chose a Boy George song. Watch Vendulka Blind Audition Voice Australia 2019.

She sang Karma Chameleon and joined Team George, appeared on X Factor Austalia in 2012. Now she is 21 years of age.

Ellen Reed fails to turn a chair on her second appearance on the show.

“The Voice fans are up in arms after the show brings back former finalists… as others claim it’s ‘unfair’ to pit amateurs against professional singers” The Daily Mail


Episode Links and Recaps

Episode 6 Tuesday 28 May 2019 here Molly Waters, Siena Fodera, Charlie Fittler, Jessie Eilers, Keenan Te, Vendulka Wichta!

Episode 5  Monday 27 May 2019 here Erin Cornell, Sophie Ann, Chriddy Black, Mitch Paulsen, Ellen Reed, and Henry Olonga.

Earlier recaps…

From nights 1, 2 and three several highlighted performances are covered by individual posts including Zeek Power, Daniel Shaw, Chynna Taylor, Tannah  Zancanaro and more.

You can check out our blog for Night 1 Sunday 19 May 2019 here

Episode 2 Monday 20 May 2019 here

Episode 3 Tuesday 21 May 2019 here

Episode 4 Sunday 26 May 2019 here The Koi Boys, Denzel M,  Kristie Mercer, Jesse Teinaki, Jemina Reina, Oliver Cuthbert, and Lee Harding.

ARTISTS = Contestants

Here are a few highlighted acts for you…

Zeek Power ‘Runnin’ (Lose It All)’ Voice Australia

A four-chair turn by this man opened the season strongly. Control and with purpose maturity all evident. Watch Zeek Power ‘Runnin’ (Lose It All)’ Voice Australia

Brisbane boy Zeek Power fronts The Blind Auditions with a stripped back cover of the hit by Naughty Boy ft. Beyonce. Stream now:

Team Kelly Rowland. A big win for her.

He is 28 years old and hails from Bizzie (Brisbane, QLD).

This guy !!! Literally, worship leads my church every week and the revolution shirt is our youth brand! Come on Zeek! Much love from us.

Chynna Taylor sings ‘Shallow’ Voice Australia video

Under the All-Star brand returnee from Texas, this audition featured Chynna Taylor sings ‘Shallow’ Voice Australia video.

29 years of age, from Jervis Bay NSW… she originally appeared on X Factor and was invited to come back to this show. What do you think about the All-stars? Was this the right song for her?

A ballad singer with a rock edge she claims. Team Guy Sebastian! She listens to powerhouse music females as Heart and many more named. Watch the video below.

The Academy Award-winning song by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper lights up The Voice stage. Stream now:

Diana Rouvas Blind Audition Voice Australia 2019

An all-star contestant for you…”I was guarded, I didn’t do my best.” has her chance to do it all again.

She wins a four-chair turn – She chose George!

Amanuael Visser Blind Audition Voice Australia

A blind audition featuring a soul singer named Amanuael Visser Blind Audition Voice Australia 2019.

Team Kelly

She sang Midnight Train To Gladys Knight…

Denzel M Akuma Blind Audition Voice Australia 2019

Here is a new release singer-songwriter Denzel M Akuma Blind Audition Voice Australia 2019 video.

Team Kelly Rowland

He performed his own song titled Akuma, the revolutionary rapper has made his mark in the sand. Does he have a serious flow? 

The Voice has confirmed a shakeup to its format this season with “All-Star” singers from previous seasons given another shot at glory, alongside new talent.

Described as “a world first for the competition” Nine confirms “the most championed fan favourites who missed out on their chance to win The Voice will get a chance at redemption when they return as All-Stars to compete against the new talent for a place on the teams of the four Coaches.”

“This year we are bringing back the All-Stars,” says Nine’s Head of Content Production and Development, Adrian Swift. “Over the years brilliant singers have been knocked out of The Voice along the way. Sometimes they weren’t confident enough, sometimes it wasn’t their best performance the day they were on stage, so this year they’re coming back.

“We think this new dimension of the show will make it really interesting, seeing people you know and love from the past seven seasons of The Voice coming back to try and turn a chair again.”

One of the higher profile All-Star entrants this season.

Jesse Teinaki – Be watching this Sunday 26th May to see his audition on the program.

X Factor contestant who, in 2013, was selected as a finalist in the music development program Telstra Road to Discovery, taking home the prestigious People’s Choice Award.

Scheduled Start Date Season 8 2019

Sunday, May 19, 2019, is the official start date.

Now they are talking about redemptions? So you are bringing back more returnees… will the audience accept that?

“This year we are bringing back the All Stars,” says Nine’s Head of Content Production and Development, Adrian Swift.

“Over the years brilliant singers have been knocked out of The Voice along the way.

Sometimes they weren’t confident enough, sometimes it wasn’t their best performance the day they were on stage, so this year they’re coming back.

“We think this new dimension of the show will make it really interesting, seeing people you know and love from the past seven seasons of The Voice coming back to try and turn a chair again.”

Maybe they want to let a vocal human win it rather than a digital voice?

Sam Perry sings Bohemian Rhapsody – The Voice Australia 2018 from Panela Séries on Vimeo.



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