Max Ostler Lyrical Dancer AGT 2022 Journey watch

Max Ostler Lyrical Dancer AGT 2022 Journey watch

Here is his audition that recently aired in several countries. Max Ostler Aussie Teen traveled to America to perform on America’s Got Talent.

Max Ostler is an 18-year-old dancer from New South Wales, Australia. He was part of the Dream Dance Company, and he told the judges he had been training for the last eight years. He also performed at the Australian Dance Festival in 2018.

When asked what he wanted to accomplish in his career, Max said he wanted to be one of the most sought-after dance choreographers in the world. However, Max also said he often has a case of self-doubt, even though his parents have always been supportive.

His audition featured a musical track titled ‘Falling Like the Stars’ by James Arthur.

Congratulations to Max for his dedication, hard work, and leadership in presenting his talent to the world. Good luck.

18-year-old Max Ostler on stage on NBC’s AGT 2022. Credit AGT NBC owns rights/via Talent Recap YT channel.

And the praise, support, and comments appear below with several examples provided.

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Leonie Mills

15 hours ago Go darling you are very talented and an amazing dancer Lots of love from home in Ausie We are cheering for you xxxx


3 days ago Hi, I’ve been doing dance for 10 years, competitive for 6. The control in this dance was beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Lyrical is very ballet based, which makes it harder when it comes to technique. His technique was great, I didn’t see a moment where his feet were sickled (slang for turned in feet), and I liked how he also incorporated breakdancing/acrobatics into his routine. He’s definitely taken some sort of gymnastics class, considering he was able to easily flow from the front tuck into a back walkover. The best thing about this dance, is that he makes it look easy. It’s hard to nail a routine, it’s harder to make it look easy, like you’ve been doing this routine since you’ve been able to walk. Great job to you, Max! Definitely going places!

Ren B

2 days ago (edited) I’m Australian & I’m super proud of this humble yet enormously talented & sweet, young guy. He’s comes across as so authentic in his performance & both his technical & artistic abilities were just great. Congrats on following your dream & going so far away to pursue your goals. You’ve got that indefinable “it” factor & people can feel that. Keep going, Max & well done!

Allison Querze

2 days ago (edited) The secret weapon to Max’s dancing is to make his dramatic moments look as if he is moving in slow motion. It is almost as if we could go into a dream state while watching him.

Shari Jones

3 days ago I hope his dreams come true! He’s extraordinary and I applaud him for heading out to a new country at 18 to find his dream.

Samantha Lee

1 day ago Lyrical dance is so incredibly hard, and the way he showed the most moving, and compelling, story through his dance was beautiful. I’ve rewatched this nearly twenty times now, what a beautiful man. I hope so much to see more from him.

Francisco Salas

2 days ago He doesn’t only dance beautiful he is a beautiful soul. How refreshing to see such a humble and kind kid

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Katrina Web

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