Matt Agnew New Bachelor Australia 2019 Review

Matt Agnew New Bachelor Australia 2019 Review


A new male lead, another bunch of hopeful women seeking his love and fame. Matt Agnew New Bachelor Australia 2019 Review.

We cover the highlights of the season for you. Starting with a spoiler or two…widely leaked already in mainstream media.


Matt Agnew New Bachelor Australia 2019 Review

Meet Matt Agnew New Bachelor Australia 2019

Watch the final The Bachelor AU 7 – Episode 16

Matt chose Chelsie watch

Abbie gets dropped.


Matt and Chelsea’s final date on the show.

Helena was dropped by the lead last night.

Helena Sauzier, 25, was sent home by Matt Agnew during last night’s episode, paving the way for Abbie, 23, and Chelsie McLeod, 28, to battle it out in the finale.

Chelsie and Matt

Helena reveals her earlier stress…

Abbie has a moment with Matt video

Watch episode 14 here

Watch episode 13 here

Watch episode 12 here

Watch the full episode here episode 11

Five girls face the rose ceremony, four will have hometowns, and one goes home. Shock elimination!

A showdown between Abbie and Elly is not an effective conversation as you will see. Watch.

Matt and Abbie move in together scene clip for about 7 minutes. He also raises the here for the right reasons conversation with her.

His erotic experiment scene clip

Two new scenes from the latest series

Elly and Abbie sas!

Helena’s fail date

Some kissing on the show. SHOCK

Chelsie and Matt climbing the walls.

A belly dance with Sogand.


Watch episode 8 here

Kayaking with Kristen, foot rubs, girls talking about other girls and a friend intervenes with the group.

Watch episode 7 here

A kiss between Matt and Kristen scene.


Lipstick for Matt via Helena scene.


Abbie confronts Sogand scene.

Food fight and fun.

Monique was kicked to the curb by the lead.


The intense rose ceremony of the season!

Abbie Spills the tea on Monique… this always ends well.

Wednesday’s episode saw chaos erupt when Abbie Chatfield told Matt Agnew that Monique had called him a “dog c**t” and “disrespectful pig”.

Monique denied saying it when confronted, however, Rachael Arahill later weighed in and claimed she had only said it as a joke.

When Matt asked Monique about Abbie’s claims, the 26-year-old said she “would never, ever say that”.

“I don’t speak that way at all,” Monique continued. “I never talk about Matt negatively. It’s obviously something some of the young girls have said and made up to get me out of the house.”

Making juice with exercising of the feet toes and bacteria…

Abbie wins a kiss for her good conversations between edits and cuts and nonsense scenes. Watch the video below.

Episode three highlights or lows… Nichole ends with cheese, no kiss, and a faulty rose.

Producers pair the late arrivals v the original cast in AFL football, watch.

Elly and Matt’s date video


Episode 2…First kiss Sogand and the lead…

The new girls shake it up and make great television. Ready, set, go!

Emma is in love with Matt video

Episode one.

“As a kid, I remember looking up at the stars, and now I’ve turned that passion into a profession,” he shares with us.

Nichole, a cafe manager from the Gold Coast.  “Obviously I’m not the ugliest person you’ve ever seen,” she says while flicking her hair. “Just the other day I had four guys chasing me down — they were in a car, filming me on their Snapchat.”

“Emma’s clingy. There’s a stage five and I’d say Emma’s a stage 10 or 15 …” reveals the girl in the wedding dress. “If I had feelings for Matt after the first night it would actually be insane.”

Matt gave the nurse Elly the Jetstar ticket to his hometown.


This year will be the first to introduce intruders early on in the season, with eight girls crashing the mansion on The Bachelor’s second night.
According to a TV guide description for Thursday’s episode, the unexpected intruders will leave the 20 contestants who arrived on the first night unhappy, with some “not willing to take the news lying down”.

Traditionally, intruders — normally no more than three or four contestants — are brought onto the show in the final weeks of The Bachelor.

Also, there is this somewhat not so shocking reveal, while not a spoiler, can assure you that the lead does choose someone in the end. Read more…

This year’s Bachelor Matt Agnew has confirmed he hasn’t pulled a Honey Badger and is happily in a relationship with one of the show’s contestants.

“Yes, I have. I’m delighted with how the process worked out for me, and I’m very, very happy,” he told The Courier Mail over the weekend.

“I went into it (the show) pretty confident in myself and that I would make the right decision for me.”

Matt Agnew New Bachelor Australia 2019 Review

Meet the new Aussie Bachelor, Astrophysicist Matt Agnew. He’s a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Swinburne,  who loves to travel and describes himself as “a secret weapon in the kitchen.”

Furthermore, Agnew raised in a big family and is relatively unknown. He grew up in Adelaide and Perth with his siblings and his parents, who have been in love for 30 years (a relationship he’s looking to replicate).

Osher Gunsberg, The Bachelor Australia’s host, confirmed he is “kind, he’s very smart, he’s very handsome and he’s got a real humility about him”.

In the clip, we meet Abbie, whose first words to her potential soulmate are “I’m a Gemini” (strangely, in response to Matt telling her his job title…), a woman who rolls out her own red carpet and one who thought it was BYO rose

Meet Matt Agnew New Bachelor Australia 2019

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