Matt Agnew Bachelor Australia 2019 Latest Episode


Matt Agnew Bachelor Australia 2019 Latest Episode

Add another eight ladies to the mix from episode one and this is what happened. A meltdown before the end. Matt Agnew Bachelor Australia 2019 Latest Episode.

Watch the final episode in full here

Matt chose Chelsie watch

Abbie gets dropped.

Helena was dropped by the lead last night.

The health therapist admitted her time was up before last night’s rose ceremony.

“By the time the rose ceremony came around, I was pretty sure I was going home,” Helena shared.

Earlier news

A Bachelor frontrunner has quit the show and dumped Matt, only to return and dump him again. Helena ends her romance with Matt! He failed to remember her red carpet introduction in French and production adds its edits to confuse everyone.

Chelsie and Matt

Helena reveals her earlier stresss…

Abbie has a moment with Matt video

Watch episode 14 here

Watch episode 13 here

Then she is back, interrupts the rose ceremony. Watch. Heres Matt!

Matt decides to keep her in and dump Emma.

Steam Abbie Matt watch!

Watch the full episode here episode 11

Matt and Abbie move in together scene clip for about 7 minutes. He also raises the here for the right reasons conversation with her.

His erotic experiment scene clip


Elly and Abbie chat…

Helena’s date fail

Some kissing on the show. SHOCK

Chelsie and Matt climbing the walls.

A belly dance with Sogand.

Watch episode 8 here

Matt and Elly play with fire in this scene.

Rachael has to leave and the girls are confused about playing the “Where is Rach game?” Matt decides to send her packing.

Mary spills the tea for Matt.


Watch episode 7 here

Sogand was his choice for the first date of the series.

“I can see me and Matt together. It has been a while since I felt like this” said Sogand. Another waypoint comment for such an early relationship. Producers take note.


Later back at the mansion …“We kissed. Multiple times. There was a lot of touching,” she details to the group.

Emma sounds off.

“Sogand really does need to shut up at this stage. This is horrible. Like, there’s no escaping it. I’m gutted,” she shared.

Later the tour de force arrives in the Hummer… several other ladies.

“I’m f**kin’ mad!” one yells.

“There’s a huge ‘us and them’ mentality,” other tearful shares.

“Bonjour, bitches! Mamma’s home!” one of the new girls screeches down the path to the backyard.

“I think our friend over there is a bit too desperate showing her ass like that,” Mary floats about the random cheerleader.

At first, Sogand isn’t worried because she has dubbed herself “Matt’s favourite Persian princess” but that quickly changes when Danush struts in.

Nichole is pissed because she reckons one of the new girls is her doppelganger and … sure.

Back to Emma…

“I don’t want to sound like a bitch … I don’t want to sound like a bitch … like, I really don’t want to sound like a bitch, but …” adding

“I’m seeing a lot of people cut each other off and I don’t like it. They’ve taken pretty much all the time away from me. I’m absolutely pissed off. I was here first! They need to respect my connection with Matt! They need to back off so I get the happy ending I deserve!”

A lot of facial expressions.

The Rose Ceremony…

Roses for every new arrival… with a high kick in the face of another.

Six women were eliminated, their time on the show ended so abruptly with cab rides back to the local three-star hotel.

The remaining original girls are not happy and a division in the house starts.

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