Jimmy Nicholson Bachelor Australia 2021  Highlight videos

Jimmy Nicholson Bachelor Australia 2021  Highlight videos


Here are several highlight presentations this season watch Jimmy Nicholson Bachelor Australia 2021 Highlight videos.

Jimmy’s season continues as fans experience various states of lockdown, watching the lead and others being normal looking for love. Oh, the memories this show creates.

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Lily in shock scene

Ash puts Jimmy in the hot seat scene.

Set the record straight…scene

Drama scene Never have I ever…

Ex’s and leads never mix well…scene

Carlie and Jimmy scene…

Steph meets leads mum… and four minutes takes forever to pass…

Jay is in the crosshairs…

Meet the parent is always a fun time for fans and lead roles

Awkward first date video warning..

How to Exit 101

Going down!


Group date rose for one special person

Jimmy and Carlie Thrust about this episode… with glowing hoops to hips…real life

Someone mention heights…

Shock elimination happened in front of many eyes…

Four minutes is nauseating to debrief time on the box…

Four minutes of television time for a family dinner is exhausting…

Lily and Jimmy under the stars clip scene…

Friendzone pilot talk…Ash left on the tarmac…no gate for you.

Who is the 2021 Australian Bachelor? Meet Jimmy Nicholson …

https://www.vogue.com.au › Culture › Features
Jul 18, 2021 — 5 things to know about Australia’s 2021 Bachelor, Jimmy Nicholson · He’s 31 years old · He’s a pilot · He’s of New Zealand and Fijian descent · He’s …

Moreover, the producers roll out the lead, add plenty of drama-filled non-scripted actors chasing one man over several episodes.

Join us as we try and find the two sane people in the crowd in this new season.

Each of the clips released tonight will premiere over the next days into the season…check back after the release time to find our missing wise pair.

The Bachelor Australia Season: 9 Episode: 2 Bachelor: Jimmy Nicholson


Not all heroes wear capes, some wear wigs. On today’s group date the girls try their best to catch Jimmy’s attention, despite the outfits.


Can someone get us some water, it’s getting hot in here!  👉 Subscribe to The Bachelor Australia: http://bit.ly/BachelorAu The Bachelor Australia Season: 9 Episode: Bachelor: Jimmy Nicholson Full episodes available on 10 Play 📺➡️http://bit.ly/BachelorTenPlay Check out Bachelor Nation ➡️http://bit.ly/BacheIorNation

If you didn’t do a box step… did you even dance? Dance teacher Ash uses her skills to win over our Bachelor Jimmy, and even bags herself a rose.

For today’s group date, the girls try to impress Jimmy as their (hilarious) superhero alter egos. Who do you think wore it best?

It’s all business in the business class lounge, and it seems like Jay is writing the rules as she goes… and it’s kind of genius!


Jimmy brings his furry doggo, Billie, on a fun-filled date with Holly. The trio takes to the water and go paddle boarding.



Holly tries to find out the truth about the pilot life, and the potential future lifestyle with Jimmy. Seems like Jimmy just turned on the seatbelt sign for this connection.

I think we may have found a winner in this scene. Why would any single person question the work role of their potential partner in a relationship?

Holly wins the merit award for questioning his lifestyle. Bravo Holly!

Who is the second choice?



After completing the garden maze, Brooke wins some one-on-one time with Jimmy. The pair use a card game to get to know each other better. Brooke even reveals she likes medieval reenactments!




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