Jesse Teinaki Steve Clisby Human Voice Australia 2020

Jesse Teinaki Steve Clisby Human Voice Australia 2020

From Team Delta comes a strong battle for the season between Jesse Teinaki Steve Clisby Human Voice Australia 2020.

The last-minute song choice was featured in the battle lead up. Steve was having problems with Delta’s original choice for the performance.

Kelly called it a tough decision between the pairing…Steve was storytelling…Jesse followed up I am here too…she wanted more of a battle feeling…nods from Delta and avoided a choice.

Guy when asked responded with passion and pushing too hard losing some authenticity creeping in and then disappearing. Steve, it was messy…he confessed a little bit! Nothing like honesty! He felted it was overall a little bit disjointed.

George jumped in saying he was not doing his job…when Steve jumped back in and covered it all like a professional.

Delta went back to the path of allowing them to be the best representations of themselves in the performance. Delta acknowledged Jesse’s graciousness and more. She then talked about how prepared was Steve to be ready for the newer songs…both are all-stars for a reason…that person is in the right place at the right time…she chose Jessie!

Then she turned around and saved Steve.

Delta should not have saved Steve. Then “she” should have had to create a duet from 2 worthy contenders in her next battle.

Gary Norman

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