Jack Vidgen’s Journey Season 8 Voice 2019

Jack Vidgen’s Journey Season 8 Voice 2019

He starred in several episodes of this season and summary of Jack Vidgen’s Journey Season 8 Voice 2019.

It is really awkward when an act is perceived a winner and then got kicked to the curb…Jack Vidgen You Are The Reason Voice 2019

Jack gives a touching performance of the emotional song by Calum Scott.

He got Jenifer Hudson’d. I love Jack and can’t wait to see what he does next.
he is a vocal powerhouse and he completely deserved to have a shot at the title
this was a stunning performance. jack will go far, im so glad he had the chance to reintroduce himself to australia and i cant wait to see what he will do from here
He’s just so good vocally and all… I think he was sabotaged by whoever chooses his songs… And again he was so emotional here I miss all the smile and energy he had on his blind audition..


Jack Vidgen – All-star

Jack had never sang this song before, Guy guided him to sing it slowly as reading it…but that did not happen. He did pull back on some of his vibratos to reveal some of his strength…

He should advance to the final…” Jack the Vig” will stick!


The Finals: Jack Vidgen sings ‘Rise Up’ | The Voice Australia 2019
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Jack Vidgen – All-star

Top 16 song called “Rise Up” was performed.

In an emotional battle on stage, tonight featured two from Team Guy Sebastian. Only one was chosen. Chriddy Black Jack Vidgen Say Something Voice 2019.

Sebastian went with Mr popular Jack Vidgen over Chriddy…and he asked why. A good place to be in any decision process. Why is a powerful word!

One of Nine’s frontrunners this season and promoted male vocals appeared Hello Jack Vidgen Blind Voice Australia 2019.

Team Guy!

Now Jack is one of the All-Star returnees and came prepared to sell his own performance from the get-go. All four coaches could not resist the vocals.

This guy comes with huge press interest which should trigger both positive and negative behaviours from outside camp #VoiceAu.

If you are sold on the idea of the All-stars then you should be happy. If not then…

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