Grand Finale Sunday July 7 Voice Australia 2019

Grand Finale Sunday July 7 Voice Australia 2019

Goodbye to the eighth season of a show that was full of all-star controversy…Grand Finale Sunday July 7 Voice Australia 2019.

Tonight many can say adieu to Guy Sebastian, Delta Goodrem, Kelly Rowland, and Boy George for another season. If there is a season 9, then we can all wish for some new blood on the panel.

Grand Finale Sunday July 7 Voice Australia 2019
Grand Finale Sunday July 7 Voice Australia 2019

Terrible format this year where the season is really short and most of the shows were pre-recorded.

Summary – three were eliminated

Winner announced – Diana, she deserves to win! Congratulations

Runner Up – Daniel

Jordan was first eliminated…followed by Zeek. Daniel was announced as first into the top two to trick us. Dirty producers! (sarcasm)

Contestants up for the grand finale this season. Guy Sebastian has the role of being unbiased tonight, well he can try to be, as he has not team member in the finale.

Zeek Power – newbie – Team Kelly

Zeek got to duet with his coach performing “Earth Song” to end their season 8 together.

Editor’s note: Zeek’s solo performance video has not been released…will post when available.

Jordan Anthony Rabbone – newbie – Team Delta

A memorable moment for Jordan duet with his coach Delta Goodrem on the finale night.

The 14 year old sang Walk Me Home for his final solo performance… this time around. See him in 2026 when he comes back at 21! How old will you be?

Diana Rouvas – All-star – Team George, only surviving female and all-star that Australia voters thought was good enough to be in the finale.

Her new release “Wait For No One” may have been for Lee Harding rather than her. OMG ———– WTF Good luck with this release.

Diana and George duo with “Send In The Clown” to end the season.

Classic, timeless rendition from Diana Rouvas… true winner (vocal master class giver).

Daniel Shaw – newbie – Team Delta

Duet and twin pianos at fifty paces for Daniel and Delta who performed “Bitter Sweet Symphony” on stage one last time.

Daniel Shaw had one last song to sing… “The Scientist” a good way to end the season for him and his fans.

I like 5SOS’s Easier but I can’t say that was a great performance

Zeek Power ‘Pray For Me’ The Voice Australia 2019

Gary Norman

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