Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights

Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10

When one season has four leads:10 Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10

As the finale was released to the public, a driving-off-a-cliff ending was averted, barely, this season has broken some really odd records. Initially, three times the fun engagement drama and storylines in one ridiculous season

Four men held the time on screen until Felix grew a pair and worked out Damien was let go by his lover Jess.

Other new men hit the screen a week ago, including the girl’s parents/fathers and their priceless reactions to these examples of modern-day men. However, one male lead does not want to meet the future in-laws which is a major red flag moment for any potential couple in real life. Take all these punches in the stomach Australia and let this all sink in.

Was This The Final Fling Thing For 10?

Season ten on Channel 10 may be the final iteration. In a drastic race to continue the franchise owners appeared to be open to the idea of a three-musketeer approach for fans and contestants. While it is still Summer in Australia and many fans take their annual break from work it appears they have taken a break from this broken program. Aussies, do not beat around the bush when it comes to modern culture, and this example of modern-day programs has not hit the target. No ratings, no advertisement revenue, no production money, the end. More about the layout.

Opinion. If this was the best the local producers and corporate could stitch together fans have told you, no thanks. Have you jumped the shark? Is this what your audience expected? Will big media corporate give you one more chance? Time will tell.

This post contains some spoilers and material. Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights.



Thomas chose Leah and she said Yes.

Jed chose Alesia and she said yes.

Felix chose Jess, who dropped Damien, and she said Yes.

See you next season, maybe…oops maybe not. Do we expect 6 Bachelors and 6 females or 60 females? In the meantime.

Abigail, Lauren, and Angela all went home watched the replay, and thought… I dodged a bullet…Abigail! Good luck to all the happy leads in this series. Enjoy the re-runs online for years to come.

Update post-show – The lights dimmed no cameras

Thomas and Leah only lasted “two or three months after the finale,” Thomas told 10Play.

“We had lots of love and care for each other but we weren’t compatible and compatibility is so important,” he said, while Leah told 10Play she was “devastated” it hadn’t worked out.

Jed and Alesia “We’re taking it day by day and are excited to actually just have a coffee with each other and live a normal life after this,” Jed told 10Play, pointing out that they haven’t actually been able to spend time in public together so as not to spoil the ending of the season.

Felix and Jess – not together. Jess blamed Felix’s communication skills – “We’re on different levels in that sense” – while Felix insisted to 10Play that the pair were “on great terms” despite the split.


We came into this series with an open mind our mission was to write what we found and the goal was to give the storyline and appeal to return. Sadly this mission and goal fell short. The ratings support a continued decline, poor lead characters, shameless production morals, and a formula that lacked any level of cultural acceptance. Back to the season wrap-up of this failed journey.

Abigail and Jess talk out their feelings so she has a clearer understanding of Damien, Felix, and the mysterious world they co-exist in at the moment.

They tell the story….watch the clip below.

Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights. Jess Damien Felix with Abigail.
No. That is the answer. Yet the lead has other notions. The ratings tell the story.

A broader appeal to a wider audience may equate to higher ratings.

Just Gonna Say It: Felix Is The Worst Bachelor We’ve Ever Had

Additional Spoiler Information Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights.

Pointsbet has makeup artist Leah Cummings and real estate agent Alésia Delaney as front-runners to win the hearts of their respective suitors.

Retail worker Jessica Navin is the favourite of basketballer Felix Von Hofe this season. Others predict that he is such a bad lead that he walks away single. Read the full article here.

Jed, the singer-songwriter said his stint on the Channel 10 reality show earlier this year revealed an appreciation for himself that he’d never had before.

‘So far I have definitely found love for myself and now we will see if I can bring somebody else into that equation,’ he told The Herald Sun this week.

The Herald Sun

Weekly Highlights Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights.

YouTube Channel Link is the perfect resource for this season

News Sources and Latest Updated 19/1/2023

Felix has been caught doing all the wrong things can he make up ground? Or is he just bad?

And the journeys begin – everyone counts by three…

Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights

Women to Watch Joined with Jed and Now With Another Le

Jasmine – watch the date video. She tackles her feelings for Jed and meets Tash head-on for the battle rounds in the competition.

Angela – had an early connection with the lead. Both seem very taken with one another.

Thomas’ Women to Watch

Leah, 32 – date on the water and romantic notes read to him. On the group date, Thomas claimed he wanted to see her on purpose. Yet he chose her last in the first rose ceremony.

Felix’s Women To Watch Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights

Tilly, 24 – cricket mini-date, confident approach focussed on him. Not on the first group date.


Episode 11

Here is a review from a freelancer showcasing this episode.

The Bachelors Recap: Give Felix’s Mum Her Own Show Where She Just Judges Everyone

By Melissa

Melissa Mason is a freelance writer, you can find her onInstaandTikTok.

Published January 25, 2023

I feel like we’re at the point withThe Bachelors where we can safely say who wins, right? Like my predictions at this point, having watched HOURS of this goddamn show, should be pretty sound. Here goes: Jed? Alesia, no question, we barely know who Angela is. I just learned her name. Meditation Daddy? Gotta be Gondoleah if he’s proposing. Who is “Lauren”? But the wild card is definitely Felix.

Will he pick Jess even with all the flip-flopping about open relationships? Will he pick Abigail who he has shown zero interest in until two episodes ago? That’s the big question and he’s first up on meet-the-parents tonight. His mum is deffo a savage queen. Look at this harsh bob:

Jessie told them: “Love you guys,” before her and Aaron headed across the garden to make their decision. “I’m so nervous,” Jessie says, as Aaron adds: “So am I, I’ve got no idea, I don’t even know where to start.”

As they discuss what to do, Jessie discusses one boy and says: “He’s like one of my best friends in here,” before Aaron replies: “I know, I actually like all of the guys, but you can’t think like that.”

Stuck with what to do, Jessie then says: “Ok, let’s break this down,” before Aaron asks her: “What’s your decision?

Episode 10 Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights

This is a short snapshot of the episode. Starting off with who made up which group for you.

Felix – Jess, and Abagail

Thomas – Lauren, and Leah

Jed – Alesia, and Angela.

Watch the full episode below. We will be asking questions later. Unlikely!

Two women remain per bachelor, as the finale is soon

Meet the parents and future inlaws’ intersection at the crossroads in the next episode.

Felix may have grown as some fans and cast claim but he continued the poly-relationship between Jessie and Damien returned. A shoot-out of words is exchanged. What a cluster f!

Alesia’s parents are not impressed with Jed and she would say no to a proposal credited to her father. Yay back to opinionated male banter that is clear and strong for fans to hear.

Thomas met his mother and later on declined to meet the future inlaws. Drag out the red flag. End.

Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights.

Episode 9

Skip the Osher intro with the men. It is quite serious, in love with multiple women, makes a choice. He was so stoked that they remembered their roles and confusion is on the table. Australia is (not) watching this mess unfold. Maybe they are on holiday and catch it on streams.

Next a single date with Thomas and Lauren. Nature abounds with spicy margaritas and incorrectly made drinks. She smiles and laughs at his attempt. Better to watch the scene.

Episode 9 Featured Tilly, Lauren, Alesia’s dates, and three go home. Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10

Tilly, 24, is shown attempting to cuddle the 27-year-old basketball player, who awkwardly squirms away from her. Tilly then airs her frustrations in a piece-to-camera.

“I feel he’s not reciprocating the amount of physical intimacy and touch I’m giving,” a defeated Tilly says. “That was really off. I don’t know, that was really off.”

Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights.

Skip back to Thomas and Lauren, where he asks her what her feelings are. “I find it hard to talk about my feelings,” Lauren shared. “I’m a hairdresser; I talk about everyone else’s feelings.”

Thomas tells her he will be getting down on one knee and popping the question at the end of this, which, they both agree, is crazy.

For Jed and Alesia’s single date, they’re climbing a tower that houses the Bach Pad. Jed is deathly afraid of heights which is a standard operation in the bachelor house.

After his emotional breakdown, they stand at the top of the tower confess a “really, really like” each other claim. He states that he is capable of falling in love with her. That night, the men and their single dates catch up.

Tilly is feeling the distance from Felix even more and confronts him about it.

Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights

Felix admits the pair have the “best physical connection out of anyone here by far”, but that he was starting to struggle with the lack of emotional intimacy.

“The emotional connection I have with some of the other girls is something I’m starting to cherish more than what I’ve always gone for, which is the physical connection,” Felix says in a piece-to-camera. “I want to know how serious Tilly is with this. I’m not really feeling much of an emotional connection, I want to know if she is.”

Felix then converses back. “If I’d met you six months ago, we’d be dating straight away … But where I’m at now is, the physical’s there, can we delve deeper into the other stuff?

“Now I want to get on that deeper level because that nurturing feel is something that I want.”

A taken aback Tilly asks, “Do you not think I have that?”

The next day, the bachelors want to invite themselves over to the Bach Mansion for dinner they decide to write the word “dinner” on pieces of paper and then see if the girls would somehow look through their telescope and see them sticking the paper on the walls of their glass penthouse.

At the dinner, some strange comments from Krystal. Then Bella proposes the toast, “To food, sex, and always doing better than our ex!” and then starts a game of Never Have I Ever.

“Never have I ever thought about doing a Honey Badger,” Bella claimed

“What’s a Honey Badger?” Thomas asked.

Felix admits he is a dud and behaviour in the first half of the season was crap.

“We’ve moulded him to be the perfect man,” blinded Krystal claimed.

Abigail asks Felix how he feels about Jess’s viewpoints on relationships, and right on queue the producer flashbacks to the fourth bachelor moment with Damien. Yep got that!

Cat lady Abigail puts it plainly to us: “If Felix wants a monogamous relationship, then Jessica should go home.”

Osher pops up dumps a vase of roses on the table, says the rose ceremony has already begun and leaves.

Thomas hands out the first rose to Lauren.

Felix hands out his first rose to Jessica!

Jed of course hands out his first rose to Alesia.

Thomas gives a rose to Leah. Felix gives a rose to Abigail.

Jed gives a rose to Angela, meaning that he has Courtney and Bella left. It’s no surprise that he gives his last rose to Courtney. Exit Bella!

Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights.

Thomas is undecided between Jasmine and Kiki! This unusual season breaks the traditions leaving both women in limbo while he contemplates his decision.

In the end, he gave his rose to Kiki – Jasmine went home.

Felix sent Tilly home. She is heartbroken with all the DMs in her inbox now.

Bring on the sexologist tomorrow for some couples counselling. Jess’s open relationship is in the crosshairs only because lead Felix allowed it to be this way. She told Abigail that she wants to continue her sexual relationship with Damien. End the season now.

Episode 8 Take Out The Tash Please Honey

Tash is back and Jed has a big decision to make. Is Tash the one that got away, or is someone best left in the past? Thomas and Felix are concerned about the negative impact Tash’s re-entry could have. Toxic Tasha reappears in the bachelor’s penthouse. Jed needs to send her home asap. Stream Link

Why was Tash back? She says she missed Jed it would not guarantee her a spot onCelebrity Apprentice, or the producers wanted drama to return.

the bachelors
Tash toxic time

Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights.

No one was wanting Tash to be back for many reasons including exposing Jas’ OnlyFans without permission. This fills half the episode scene quotas this week.

Jed decides to reject Tash on national TV dumping her toxicity around the mansion and the Gold Coast public. Goodbye, Time to take out my trash. Tash.

World’s worst bachelor scenes include a date with Abigail, who he says is one of the women he MOST wanted. Sure thing mate. He does keep her around!

the bachelors
Abigail on screen

Abigail has not had a lot of airtime, otherwise, she is fun and comfortable with herself. Thankfully one good spirit in the house remains.

Through the miracle of post-editing Felix keeps his sexist remarks to himself this time around.

Talk turns to Abigail’s cat who she says loves being around people all the time. A man on a new mission and goal? He invites Abigail back to the Bachelor penthouse with a cat coat and suggests a Video call. The pseudo date is all so produced that it is the flip of all his other dates.

Jed needs help in writing a song, so he begs this hopeful, Courtney to help him satisfy the urge of the moment. Yay Courtney got air time this week.

the bachelors

No comfort, no music, and no creative skills are shown except for a possible archival recording for her grandchildren to look back on in time. Although one need was satisfied on camera in this scene. A kiss on queue.

Meanwhile, Thomas takes his date on another boat ride

the bachelors

Leah opens up about her past relationship and cries on command for the cameras. Will her fragile self endure the harsh reality of surviving this season and be the last woman standing or dumped at the end? Maybe she already knows the odds are against this. Or she has been accepted by her lead and won if you saw the spoiler betting.

the bachelors
Leah is very vulnerable and bet favourite

Both return to the penthouse and lay on some close time for the cameras. He even states he is falling in love with her.


The scene change is the group date at the beach, Bella wants time with Jed. Time allows for a kiss on the cheek and that was the time allowed.

the bachelors

More Felix time. Cut. No comment from us as we spare you the time.

the bachelors
Friend zoned

Bella now under the influence of alcohol and cohort pressure seeks out her follow-up kiss from Jed.

the bachelors

Rose Ceremony

Lou is friend zoned and out!

Three women will be sent home tomorrow night. The scene happens while everyone is eating. No food for you!

Episode 7 Full Episode

Intro reminder to Felix’s women and the audience, that this is a television show and he will do whatever he wants in front of everyone. Got it!

Post rose ceremony Tilly snags her lead man and takes him for a chat to remind him she is still present. Krystal has the opinion that she loses time with Felix, and Tilly while Jess has the opposite opinion that Tilly deserves time with him. Tilly asks for the reassurance she needs and the validation she seeks. He offers words she wants to hear, kisses her, and tries to leave. He kisses a few of the women he missed on the way out, while Krystal coaches him to spend a few minutes. He felt her evil eye look and it resonated with him as he leaves with expletives cast into the air on his exit.

Single date chant time in the mansion echoes through the walls of the mansion. The sign through the telescope asking for the date was read by Thomas. The dynamic trio arrives to kiss their girls good morning in the usual ritual before asking one on a date. Today was for these dates.

Jed asks Angela, 25, who has had little screen time to change clothes to leave

Thomas asks Lauren, 28 who also has minimal air time for his date. She confirms her excitement and validates her parking ticket to leave the mansion.

Felix scorched earth approach turns to Tilly and asks her to gather her things for the Tilly time show.

One-on-one dates. Sex in the pool, soft porn shoot, whatever fever takes over the post-date analysis within the mansion between Felix and Tilly.

The nightclub The Pink Flamingo is featured as the venue for the three dates, with Jed trying to compare his physique after a show appears like the brand. TMI! The burlesque show commences with the Felix love myself, shoot me in the foot adding to the sexual tension date. Thomas nailed it about the passion and trust on stage between the two dancers all he can do is smile and clap his hands.

Lauren spends time with Thomas articulating her plan to find a forever and safe relationship. She would never say yes unless she knows that that environment exists for her. He feels her energy drawing him close as her words were like music to his ears he wanted to hear. Continuing the date showcased her as a deep thinker in terms of learning from relationships and how to develop a deeper understanding of herself. Thomas was thrilled with the conversation and claimed to understand Lauren better as a potential partner.

Angela and Jed step away from the three-table scene for a table in the back where the questions go deeper. She shares she has never been able to be vulnerable and share with others. Maybe she has never found the right partner. Both relate to the relationships formed by their parents as the guide. He was pleased that the conversation touched on the family splitting and believes this reveal was good for them both to share.

Felix and Tilly were simply all over each other, with little conversation and physical contact. At this point, they just needed a room together. You can watch the scenes if you want to for the sexual tension to bubble over in the club and back at the penthouse/mansion pool.

All three women return to their mansion and share some details with the cohorts struggling for the news of conquests past.

The Group Date was held at a distillery for games and more dating

Timestamp 33:20 approx.

Eboni 29, and Naomi feature in this group time. Some game time is shown for the audience, some drinking, and then comes the acidic questions from Krystal. Directed to Tilly of course. She continues to seek validation of her suspicion about a sexual encounter the previous night.

Krystal takes him aside and grills Felix, it was a full session he called it which validated her suspicions. This interaction confirmed Felix his suspicion of why Tilly was off today. Insert the moment shot of her calling him a lost cause!

Rose Ceremony and Return Package

Producers through the host drag out the insecurities of the women as others speak of their connections with the leads. Special emphasis on the Tilly Krystal frenemies.

Eight roses, ten women mean two go home. Naomi and Eboni leave.

Drop the door exit with the return of Tasha’s on-air screen time. Read the spoilers below.

Episode 6 Full Episode Damien Jess Felix

This is all about the fourth bachelor and his gf Jess, who happens to be on a dating show called The Bachelors, 3 of them, are all dating multiple partners.

We have covered the episode in the earlier notes.

Jed brings his band. Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights.

Jasmine has a one-on-one with Thomas, which displeased Lauren 28, who has had little air-time this season.

Dropped here for anyone who wants to watch it.

At the rose ceremony, Zara is eliminated.

Next episode, Tara is back for a moment.

Episode 5 Preview and Lowlights (Highlights occasional)

Felix invited Jess on a one-on-one date in a basketball arena and talked about her boyfriend.

Chaos As Jess Brings Her Boyfriend on A Date

“The whole group date was essentially about Damien, Jess, and Felix – it was not what I expected, to be honest,” Zara says. Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights

Jenae The Bachelors Australia 2023 Channel Ten Australia

‘Thomas 100 Percent Doesn’t Know Who I Am’: Why Jenae Wasn’t Shocked To Leave The Bachelor Mansion

“To be honest, I didn’t really fancy any of the guys,” she said. “I was open to it, but I didn’t feel that instant romantic connection other girls did.” Instead, Jenae found her instant connection with the other Bachelorettes, forming fast and lasting friendships.

But looking back on her time in the mansion, she admitted that if she had her time all over again she would have tried to swap Bachelors.


Not Sure If I Regret Leaving’: Marjorie Reflects On The Mass Exodus From The Bachelor Mansion

“Usually if you don’t accept or get a rose you walk out and leave,” she said, adding that a “majority of the girls were angry” and wanted to bring it up with producers the next day. “Everyone cowered and put their tails between their legs and didn’t want to speak up. It was just me, CJ and Tash.”

CJ then had the idea to leave, to which Marjorie and Tash agreed. “We said if we didn’t get a proper explanation as to how that all unfolded, we would take a stand and would leave together as a group.”


MASS EXODUS that’s about to hit The Bachelors 2023

ICYMI: So Dramatic! previously reported that Tash Candyce, Marjorie Griffiths and CJ quit the dating series due to being “p*ssed off with how production handled things”.

Now, as revealed in episode 245 of the So Dramatic! podcast, we can exclusively reveal that The Bachelors’ mass exodus was the result of Thomas Malucelli giving Jasmine Absolom a rose over Marnie Klippelt.


Then, the producer allegedly realized that after Tash had left the show all the drama left as well. Rumour has it she was offered extra money to return. However, Jed had other ideas.

What happened when Tash Candyce returned to The Bachelors Australia 2023?

According to The Bachelors insiders, Jed “flat out rejected” Tash when she returned to the show.

“When she came back, the other girls had told Jed things about her and he believed them,” one contestant said.


Claim(s) that one or more of the contestants were planted by producers surfaced. Check this post out.

Two of the exiting women were Team Thomas and Tash Team Jed.

Thomas and Kiki had a one-on-one date by being catapulted into the skyline. Following up with the massage in the penthouse was the evening relaxing part of the date. He said he has dropped his walls around Kiki being a mother.

Later on the group date, Thomas and Jasmine spend some ‘interview’ time together on the beach.

Jed spends his one-on-one date with Alesia beating drums in a forest. Does anyone connect with this besides another musician? She seems to even though it may be politeness on her part. Then came the emotional connection reveal of the series for Jed. He revealed more about his bullying as a child due to his unique characteristics in the form of his appearance and dress. Alesia related her brother’s unique issues as she tried to support him through many school settings. Bravo. A connection reveal has been shown. And with that said, we have a new front-runner for this two.

Felix has time with Krystal and Naomi the other girls react to his constant kissing in front of them.

Episode 5 in full

Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights

Episode 4 Summary

A switch of camps? Watch the full episode 4 here.

The three leads meet to discuss the women and note the friction between Jessica and Tash. Felix is open to the situation to find out more details about her other open relationship. He signals to Jed that he only wants to have one relationship with the potential partners in the house. Thomas stays out of the conversation wanting his me time.

Meanwhile, Jasmine and Yuri find time in the air to drop their intention to explore another bachelor. Will the change happen in this episode?

Tash tries to make peace with the Jessica group in one scene. Will this peace last?

Naomi, adds her screen time by continuing her views on the Jessica, Felix, and Tash reveals.

The continuing group dates, end with someone going home this episode is filmed on the Gold Coast, with the three leads each hosting a separate function for their women. The host tries to sell them the swamp for these women to enjoy the date(s) to ask questions from each lead.

Thomas and Kiki share the eye gazing time on the group date while the other four girls are shown paired up for the scene. Leah sees, feels, and shares the connection between her lead and Kiki.

Felix is with his five women at the water park. Yuri is not feeling the vibe from her lead and is wanting more.

While Jed, Tash, and Jasmine all share time at a nail painting event, with two others in a high-rolling location. From the fan’s account for Jasmine straight into him enquiring about Tash all in the same breath cements the production drama thread continuing in the show.

Adding to the drama, the leads return for a pool party with the other women pushing the drama around the house. Alecia, Jessica, and Tilly have some more airtime. Felix has no control over her triggers Krystal and the others in eyesight. The women confront Felix and he tries to remind them he is on a show dating multiple women and has desires he has to feed.

Thomas kissed Kiki on the balcony couch and he claimed it as a beautiful moment reflecting on the date. At this point, she reveals she has two daughters to her lead. Was that a deal breaker? It was not his vision that was revealed in one of those notorious in-the-moment scenes.

Meanwhile, Jasmine, questioning her lead’s values, makes her move to talk with the more behavioral mature Thomas. Is he open to her switching to his camp? The first reaction was denied. Yet this is still early for her, and he thinks it is too late. Confusing right?

Rose Ceremony – two groups, one safe and the other confused and about to go home.

The host interviews the cast, specifically to draw out the drama for all the heart or remind the dwindling audience of the connections or lack. Jasmine, Kiki, Tash, and Tilly were all able to share their reflections on their situations or comment on others.

Fifteen women, twelve roses, and a few swaps are all on the cards tonight

39:18 – 12 roses in a vase.

Ten seasons highlight Yuri, 21, stopped Felix as he held a rose in his hand stepped forward, wrapped up her experience with a no vibe statement, thanked her cohorts, with some mild applause from the other group, and then walked out. Classy and determined. Ballsy move.

41:55 – Jasmine and Jed.

Watch as she dismantles her lead in front of the group! Thomas makes his decision. Marnie or Jasmine.

The post-mortem with all the characters is mixed. Simple to say the leader’s reaction is diverse in behavioural responses. Jeb is fine with Jasmine’s decision while CJ who is 30, proclaims she is pissed off with circumstances or rose allocation and loss of a competitor. Overall, Yuri is the smartest in the crowd for leaving this production and should run for CEO or politics!

More next time.

Episode 3 Summary

Here is the full episode, Tash is in the cross-hairs in this episode.

Full episode 3 Season 10

Jessica’s secret is revealed. Does she have an open-ended boyfriend in the outside world?

That is the hinted storyline. Tash knows and is about to spill the beans.

The rose ceremony is one to remember with the pre-leads appearing. Two groups and lots of exchanges taking place. 15 women 12 roses.

Abbie, Emma, and Kylynn were eliminated.

Episode 2 Rose Ceremony Elimination

Rose Ceremony – Two groups – three women will be sent home this episode while the non-group date watches on in the seats.

Felix picked Jessica first, and she accepted, Niomi, Abagail, and Yuri all accepted.

Thomas chose Kiki first, Marjorie, Marnie, Angela, and finally Leah! The drama is so predictable!

Jed picked Bella first, Tash, and Jasmine were the drama’s last announcement in his group.

Nikki, Kayla, and Jacinta were eliminated.

Episode 2 Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights

The bachelors, all three of them, mini-dated each potential partner prior to the invitation to the Gold Coast mansion. Handing out a rose to invite them on the date.

Producers have chosen selected girls to be highlighted with names, and ages to remind the audience who they were, which in the scheme of things is helpful.

The mansion welcoming party was edited into the three bachelors’ perspectives as a process to bring some perspective to this whole predicament of the three leads.

Did the process work for you?

Some of the edits show several of the women’s insecurities and the multiple leads effect has not revealed itself to the audience yet. Whether it happened on the night is a good question. The smart ones worked out there was more than one lead, some went critical of the number, some accepted the challenge and that left the ones who were invited by one lead looking at another lead. I hope that is clear.

Open rules made the women experience all the emotions, including time with the lead, kissing, and others watching the connections from a close vantage point. One of the first casualties to act on their emotions was Ella, 21 who shared with a producer that this was not for her.

Group date twist

Only the ladies on the group date are at risk of going home! Naturally, most think they are on the chopping block to go home.

Three leads Gather to Reflect

Felix appears to be breaking all the previous rules, heavily spending time with Tilly romantically in front of the others causing trouble and the departure of Ella. He asked the question did he just cheat on nine other girls? Yes, you did! After all, these women all had their mini-dates with each lead, so they have some emotional connection and time to form an anticipation moment in their heads. All to be shattered by Mr. Felix right in front of them. A new low?

Jed preached back that this was like the second date, and they need more time to get to know them all. He is 25 years old by the way. Silly Thomas all he could do was smile at the rookies.

Yuri, 21 summed up one of the leads. “He is so shallow….” Featured during the pool party in the penthouse group date. This lead breaks the rules and keeps kissing the girls in front of the others.

Watch the full episode!

Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights

The Bachelor AU S 10 Ep 1

This episode showcased the mini-dates where the leads either made a connection in the 20 minutes or just ended it and left. While this is a new concept in handing the lead(s) the opportunity to select their ten women each, the process was awkward and may not appeal to all the previous hardcore viewer base. However, the base has shrunk in viewership so this is an all-out attack to grab headlines and a new audience.

Did it work for you? How did it work or not?

Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights

Speed Dating clip

Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights

Earlier Introduction to Season

Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights
Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights

We will update this post with links.

Three men and endless storylines, endless tears, drama, and an unclear relationship

Three men and endless storylines, endless tears, drama, and an unclear relationship status all appear to be a recipe for a hot mess. I wish you good luck in following the storylines. I can not say that this appeals to me in covering three male leads. Expect short highlights and or links to media to watch. Legacy media is trying to recover some trust and entertainment value. Are you prepared to watch this or find better values?

Meet the cast: Felix Von Hofe, Jed McIntosh, and Thomas Malucelli.

Bachelor Australia: Jed McIntosh

Jed is a 25-year-old music artist and session drummer. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, he’s recently moved to the USA with the hopes of expanding his music career and has released seven songs just this year.

The punk singer currently has 609 monthly listeners on Spotify. Jed reportedly secured a deal with the international record label ACTS to launch its rock and alternative division, and is planning on moving to LA in April of 2023.

Thomas Malucelli on The Bachelor 2023 cast

Thomas is a 35-year-old transformation coach who runs LYV Wellness Simplified. The company’s Instagram bio states it has “100% science-based biohacking products for the high performers that value their health and longevity.”

The well-being enthusiast and master NLP practitioner began his wellness journey in 2014 because he “wanted more vitality and was curious to try most holistic practices and products.” Now, he’s on the search for a new partner.

Felix Von Hofe joins The Bachelor

Felix is a 27-year-old marketing manager and basketball player who stands at 6ft 5in. He is a small forward who most recently played for Melbourne United in Australia – NBL, having grown up in the city.

A two-time team captain, Felix was interdisciplinary studies and liberal arts major. During his basketball career, he has traveled to Spain, Lithuania, Africa, China, the Czech Republic, Germany, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, and the USA.

Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights

Episode: Bachelors: Felix, Jed, and Thomas With the glitzy backdrop of the Gold Coast, there will be an exciting world first with triple the bachelors, triple the romance, and triple the engagement rings.

And, of course, some great drama. As the temperature heats up this January, so too will the Bachelor’s journey for true love. Join Bachelors Felix, Jed, and Thomas as they begin their quest for their happily ever after in The Bachelors Australia.

16 views Dec 16, 2022 #TeamFelix#TeamJed#TeamThomas Which team are you on? 🌹 #TeamFelix#TeamJed#TeamThomas 👉 Subscribe to The Bachelor Australia: http://bit.ly/BachelorAu

More Than One Choice and Plan

How confusing is this setting to each character, viewer, and contestant?

This clip may help us all understand the theory and samples in this unique study.

Will confidence outdo the producer’s plan? Tash has her theory. Will she have relationships with all three and dump them all? The storylines are endless…mindless…love soaking wetness never seen on any telly around the world.

New media releases promoting this season are well underway. Here are a few highlights.

Felix Jed Thomas 3 Bachelors Australia 2023 Season 10 Highlights

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