Bella Taylor Smith Performances Voice Australia 2021

Bella Taylor Smith Performances Voice Australia 2021


Here is the winner of season 10 of the franchise featuring Bella Taylor Smith Performances Voice Australia 2021.

Read this link – good season summary

Link to finale

Another video link

Her winner’s song is called “Higher” and seems to suit her vocals…more listening is required.

Winner Links

Alternative video link try these URLs…latest lot

This audition was by a singing teacher and the Hillsong Church worship leader.

She chose Guy as her coach after his heartfelt pitch.

Watch the clip and enjoy this presentation. Read the following selection of comments from YT.

Bella Taylor Smith – Ava Maria – 4 CHAIR TURN, Jess BLOCKED – @bella.taylor

bella.taylor • Instagram photos and videos

bella taylor smith my debut ep “tell me how you really feel” is out now on all streaming platforms!!!
Awww Poor Jess. Guy is being Savage this year hahaha
she has an amazing head voice, she was “picth perfect”, shes a real “”Bella” cant wait tull see more form her
Damnnn she is Just something special. Its like a perfect mix of adele and Beyoncé… And she is so beautifull…


Go Bella she is part of the Hillsong church worship team in Sydney
She was actually my singing teacher, not even kidding
Wow magnífico adelanto de lo que se verá este 8 de agosto !!! Gracias

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